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"The Home Church Movement"
House Church is people meeting in homes, keeping it simple. No name, no titles, no property, no corporation, no salaries etc. - just believers gathering simply, in His Name

Are You Looking For
A Christ centered, Inclusive, Non-creedal, Unprogrammed, Participatory Home Church movement?

You can start a meeting.

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Christ is All and In All


A Form for Finding Likeminded Friends

Do you believe in
Ultimate Reconciliation / Universal Salvation?

Too many of our likeminded friends are Isolated or Alone
Our desire is to help connect likeminded believers

May we Post your Name, City, and/or Website on our "Finding Friends" Page.

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Others in your area may contact us looking for likeminded fellowship.
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Would you be interested in Organizing or Participating in a meeting
of likeminded believers in your area like the one described at "Quakin Friends"?

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Tell Us About Yourself

About Yourself

I am a Christ centered believer                I believe in Universal Salvation
I prefer participatory meetings                I prefer a non-creedal fellowship
I prefer a non-denominational fellowship I look for an inclusive fellowship
I prefer a simple meeting such as in a home


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