Christ is All & All is In Christ

Our message is simply "Christ Is All & In All"

Proclaiming a Christ centered Inclusive Universalist faith revealing the Ultimate Reconciliation and Oneness with God of All people. There are discussions about The Mystery of Christ, Universal Salvation, The Comings of the Lord, The Restoration of All Things, and unique Cross Reference Study Tools. You will also find poetry, audio, and articles in several languages.

Quakin Friends suggests an attempt at moving increasingly to less structure hoping to gradually mirror more closely the early New Testament Church. It enourages a Christ centered, Independent, Unprogrammed, Non-creedal, Inclusive Fellowship, revealing that "Christ is in All & All is in Christ". Meetings are Open and Participatory. Other meetings will start up anywhere two or three can meet with Christ in their midst. Spread the Word

House Church is people meeting in homes, keeping it simple. No name, no titles, no property, no corporation, no salaries etc. - just believers gathering simply, in His Name

URfriendly_Reflections is a New Personal Blog considering cherished values and practices. Walking in harmony and spiritual reality, we are able to pursue love and peace, value community, advocate equality for all, promote simplicity, and encourage cooperation and mutual respect.

The Mystery of Christ is an examination of the biblical basis for the belief that all creation will be united within Christ. The paper then concludes with a discussion of the implications of the tension that exists between this belief that God makes "all things new" and the doctrine of  eternal punishment.

Will All Mankind Be Saved questions the doctrine of Eternal Torment, and clearly explains why I eventually embraced the Ultimate Reconciliation of all mankind. Knowing that the journey to truth can be difficult, but worthwhile, I humbly present this paper to the reader. May our search be an honest one and full of truth.

Jesus and the Apostolic Writings: Presenting an interesting interpretive tool: It is almost like Jesus and the Apostles left us a Cross Reference Study Bible. Examine the very interesting Key Word Connections.

The Gospel of Thomas - Corinthian Connection
The Gospel of Thomas - Galatians Connection
The Gospel of Thomas - Ephesians Connection
The Gospel of Thomas - 1 Thessalonian Connection
The Gospel of Thomas - Hebrews Connection
The Gospel of Thomas - James Connection
The Gospel of Thomas - 1 Peter Connection
The Gospel of Thomas - 1 John Connection
The Gospel of Thomas - Revelations Connection

The Gospel of Christ: Could The Gospel of Thomas be Christ's Teaching on Complete Reunification Or Ultimate Reconciliation Hidden in a Skeletal Structure? Is it an ancient Step by Step Introduction into The Great Mystery? Could this be the message of Christ?

And could this be The Key of Knowledge unlocking these mysteries?

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