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God Operates All For The Good
Featured Author: Kenneth B. Visscher

Prophecy Fulfilled - God's Perfect Church
This featured book considers the Comings of Christ

The Reconciliation Of All... Kingdom Ministry

Gary Sigler Ministries

Kingdom Resources: Music, Audio, Ministries

Greater Emmanuel International: Kingdom Resources

Light Of His Glory Ministries

Dean Johnson Ministries


Unveiling Life Ministries: Canada

Christian Universalism Audio Messages

Audio by Gary Sigler

The Gospel Of Inclusion Series: Jesus,

The Savior of The World, by Carlton Pearson

Gospelogic: Mike Williams

Audio Files by Kingdom Ministers

Dean Johnson Ministries - Old Audio Readings

The Jesus Film

Listen To the Bible

A New Breed of Traditional Universalist

True Grace Ministries

Concordant Publishing: A Literalist View

Concordant Publishing Concern: Bibles, Books, Audio, Hymns

God's Truth For Today: The Word of The Cross...Concordant Publishing

Other Sites Of Interest

Saviour Of All Fellowship

The Sharon Star: Canada

Thoughts From Friends

"The Quaker Universalist Fellowship"

"Is there HOPE for ALL?"

A 19th Century Quaker writes about her faith in Universal Salvation

The Unselfishness Of God By Hannah Whitall Smith

The God Of all Comfort By Hannah Whitall Smith

Quakin Friends: The All In Christ Network - Quaker Styled Meetings

God's Perfect Church: The Kingdom Now

Prophecy Fulfilled: God's Perfect Church

The Infinite Grace Community

Pantelism - Fulfilled Grace

Preterist Universalist Archive

The Realized Eschatology of Valentinus

A Novel About Simple Church
And the Ministry of Those Who Renounce All

The Gate Seldom Found

Written by a personal friend of mine, many believe this historical novel extolling a simple Christianity is destined to become a classic. Though it does not advocate UR it does suggest a simple church philosophy that is very attractive. A great read.


Sadhu Sundar Singh (1889-1929)
A Short Biography of a Christ-centered Universalist Worker
Who Forsook All to Know Christ

"I am not worthy to follow in the steps of my Lord," he said, "but like Him, I want no home, no possessions. Like Him I will belong to the road, sharing the suffering of my people, eating with those who will give me shelter, and telling all people of the love of God."

Ultimate Reconciliation

Dean Johnson Ministry Links

My Blog: URfriendly Reflections

The Mystery of Christ

Mystery: Condensed

Will All Be Saved

Universalist Thinking

Christ is All Links

The Knowledge of Christ

Knowledge & Oneness

The Bridal Chamber

The Perfect Man

Seeing The Resurrection of All

Seeing the Christ

Christ is All and in All
Aionios: Time, Eternity, & the Ages

Jesus Joy of All

Restoration Scripture
Universalist Texts

Greg's Response

Aaron Defends Torment

Psalter Salvation


See The Light

The Jesus Parable

Quakin Friends

Talk Grace

Find Friends Form

UR Networking

Discussion Boards

We Are All One

Enlightenment And Oneness

Oneness Universalism and Gnosis

The Bridal Chamber - Becoming One

Peace: Two Are One

House Church

The Comings of Christ

Statements of Faith

Becoming Non-creedal

Letting Go of the Chains that Bind Us


Ultimate Reconciliation and Complete Reunification

In The Gospel of Thomas


The Gospel of Christ

The Key of Knowledge: An Introduction

The Joint Body

The Joint Body Chiasm in Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas Audio

The Gospel of Thomas Movie

The Gospel of Thomas: On Mobile

The Mystery of Christ
In Thomas and In Scripture

The Gospel of Thomas - New Testament
A Cross Reference Study


1 Corinthian

2 Corinthian





1 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians

1 Timothy




1 Peter

2 Peter

1 John

2 John



The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of John

Ultimate Reconciliation

In Other Languages

Other Languages




Other Links To Universal Salvation Provided by
Kenneth B Visscher

Posted with Permission

Aion Link Page
All in All Body of Christ
Systematic Reconciliation
Assoc. For Biblical Christianity
Associates For Scriptural Knowledge
Bible Studies for Growth in God
Bible Study Net
Can This Be True?
Charles and Paula Slagle
An Analytical Study Of Words
Concordant Expositions
Happily After Ever
URBA   UR in Amorillo
Gary Sigler Ministries
God's Plan For the Ages
Greater Emmanuel
Gospel Of the Kingdom
Greater Emmanuel International
BecomingOne Church
The House Of The Lord
600 Ultimate Reconciliation Scriptures
Kingdom Bible Studies
Martin Zender
Kingdom Resources
Letters of Truth
Light of His Glory Ministries
Light of His Glory Ministries Site #2
Allen Steinhauer
Ultimate Reconciliation
Studies and Debates

My Father's House and the Kingdom of God
Present Testimony Ministry
Promised Seed Ministries Site
Wikipedia UR
Writings By
Jonathan Mitchell
Translations by
Jonathan Mitchell
The Savior of The World
Hell is Not Endless
T. Talbotts Religion & Theology Page
The Call of the Kingdom
The Living Word
The Good News About God
The Shofar Letters
The Pathfinder Site #3
The Purpose Of Life
Kingdom Light Ministries
GoodSeed Publications
The Pathfinder Site #5
Christian Fellowship Ministries
Wider Universalist Fellowship
The Bible Hell
Words of Truth {Dutch}
Imago Dei
Sovereignty Series
Hope In Hell
All Creatures Do Go To Heaven
Writings of J. Preston Eby
Grace Evangel Fellowship

Rob Bell - The Time Magazine Article

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