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The Quiet Ones

12/28/01- HI! Kayu here. I updated the links page and added the About Us and Dedications pages. Lyssa and Missy should really update this site more often. Whatever. I'm sure they have their reasons! ^_~

12/22/01- Sorry we haven't updated in a while. There's so much stuff going on. DC doesn't now how to work the website thing and Missy has a boyfriend now. She talks to him all the time. My sister has a couple sites that she works on, too. And I concentrate on art, music, and look foreward to getting my eyebrow pierced. My dad said that if I get my ears piered first and take care of them, I can get my eyebrow pierced. I know some of you may think I'm crazy or whatever, but I think that they look cool and different and show open-mindedness, so I want one. I added "a little bit" to the story as an update. See ya'll later. ~~~Lyssa~~~

10/28/01- Welcome back! We have a few more things up. For example, we have a cool banner now! If you have a site, please link to us! ~~~Lyssa~~~

10/16/01 Heh heh... Sorry, DC can get a bit carried away sometimes. But don't mind him. Anyway, I've put up another page. We also have a new affiliate who linked to us. Check out his site, Mid-Evil Realm, at the links page. DC really enjoys it. If you take a look you can probably see why... Just to let you all know, we might be side-tracked for a while because of school, so don't expect a lot for a while. I have a final draft due for English soon, a history project, and a science report on minerals coming up. Missy has to do a mineral, too, but I don't know what else she has. Whatever... enjoy what's up so far. ~~~Lyssa~~~

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