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Soul Drop Codes/Tricks

Soul Drop Resta:
Its easy just make this:
1) Make your HP 1/1
2) Make your MST(TP) 32716
3) Use as the last line of savable techs (BB), and for unsavable techs use (F09D) as the last four digits.
4) Now enter online and cast resta, now you r sd.

Soul drop method:
Equip a wepon then frame then unequip wepon go to nurse and heal yourself then when u enter area your stats will be above the bar then cast resta and your soul droped.

New Soul Drop:
1) Use Super Stats and put "32" at the end. Equip and Uneqip and armor/frame to raise your hp and tp. anything higher then 18,000 hp/tp will work for sure. 32 to play it safe if you want. Then quit and save. IMPORTANT:Make sure you have nothing equipped when you save
2) Now just simply go online, equip an armor, then equip a mag, now unequip armor. Then cast Resta. This will Kill you. Make sure you don't have a scape doll on hand either or this wont work.
3) Then go to the nurse to heal and you will see your HP and TP go across the screen. Now just simply cast Resta again and you will be Soul Dropped. Simple as that.
Note: This does not work if you us a God/HP to raise your hp you need to use super stats. I will work for your TP but not your HP and you need both to go up in order for this method to work.