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Mag Codes

Black Ragol:
Have someone cast a normal PB blast, then 2 sec after the PB blast, just cast a Freeze mag PB, and the Stage (Forest) will turn black.

How To Make Lvl 999 Mag:
1) Get a weapon with very high % like haveing 2 catagories with 125%.
2) Put it at the top of your inventory with (2) Trimates or Monomates etc. below it and save game.
3) Load up your GS/Xploder with the Item Mod code with the digits for any mag, and youll have a lvl 999 mag.

How To Make Lvl 999 Mag:
1) Load up your GS/XploderDC with these codes:
a)God Of Equip
b)Give Mag 1 Item For Max Dex etc.
c)Super Item Duplication

2) Now with these codes on, you may feed yer mag until Maxed
Note: For the best results in making 1 stat the highest, say you want power to be your highest. what you do is turn on give mag 1 item for power then turn on other mag item codes, dex, mind and def. but go to these codes and modify 1 number (except pow, or whatever 1 you want to use). The reason why we do this is because it messes up the codes so when you use item on mag, it only raises power or whatever stat you want because you modified the codes.

How To Make Freeze Mags:
1) Overwrite a weapon with a high/positive %, with the Item Mod code, with digits for any mag.
2) Then use one of the Max codes (for mag) to get the mag to lv 50 in 1 area. This will make it so it learns Grants. To give it different tech's just increase lvl.

How To Make A Freeze Mag:
You Need the following codes on:
a) Item mod
b) Inf item usage
c) Mag always hungry
1)Start a game with no codes on, and buy a weapon with positive %'s. Put it at the top of your item list so it is in slot ONE, now Quit and Save.
2)Turn the GS/Xploder codes on, and for the Item Mod code (digits) make it a "MAG". Just a regular mag, any 1 will do.
3)Start the game and you should have/see a Mag in slot 1, its level will be different depending on the percents of the weapon, but that shouldnt matter.
4)Now start feeding it items to evolve it. Its first evolution should evolve with a photon blast, but it should be the symbol of a technique. Now you have a freeze mag.

PK Mag:
First you need a level -241 mag. Here is the code to make that

Once you have a level -241 mag, then use infinite items code and feed it monofluid (maybe different item depending class and ID, Blac B). Now make sure when you feed it the first item u do it at the same time u are using the -241 code. After giving one item that is what puts mag to that level. Ok, now after it is -241 power off and activate codes give mag 1 item to level up def and infinite items. (maybe the always feed mag code too but he didn't say, so it may or may not mess this up, but I doubt it would, blac b). Keep feeding the mag (I am guessing the monofluid, Blac B) until it reaches level 60 on DEF or TP is 0/0. While feeding you should also have gotten Leila blast. Use Leila to PK. (Maybe you should have 1 hit, photon blast on for that leila pk, but he didn't say if it was ok. He said this always works for him. It may not work for some others. I am guessing it has to do with current hacked stats and/or section id's and classes. One last thing. At the beginning of this process, when you level the mag, he said to use a baby mag, level 5. I though baby mags were 0 not 5. So to make -241 you may have to try a mag at 0 and 5.

Negative Mag Def:

Negative Mag Mind:

Note: Gives your mag a negative level value. Your mag will have a level of -241. With this evil level your mag will be able to be used to PK, freeze (if applied correctly), and, best of all, your photon blast will charge up really fast. Each hit you take will charge it up by ten points.

Negative Mag Dex:

Mega Def Max:

Mega Mind Max:

Note: Basically, this is a more powerful mind max. When fed any sort of fluid your mag will increase up to level 85, with 80 in mind.

Mega Mag Pow Max:

Mega Mag Dex Max:

Mag Status:

Note This gives you incredible powers. Without your mag equipped your character is automatically maxed out. When you equip your mag your character power increases twenty folds. Things such as HP and TP will increase to over 20,000 each. Others like the ATA, DFP, EVA, LCK, ATA, and resistance will go up to over 15,000 each. The best part is that when this is done you can hide your powers. If you want to go into another room online youíd just simply take off the mag. To Segaís detection it would look like youíre just a normal maxed character.

Mag Lvl:
New stats code for mag that makes it go up to lvl 326 on any of its stats all it is, is last line of any of the above codes is
70880900 or 70880090

Double Time Mag:
1)Turn on the max power code for mags and add 9999 as the last digits
2)Put mag in bank and save.
3)Turn on item mod and infinite item usage and then take your mag in the bank and dupe it a few times.
4)With infinite item on go to the shop and (with the god mind as the slot 1 item) sell your mag that's in the bank.
Note: with 9999 as the last digits this will put the mag's power over 300 this is important.
5)When you sell the mag, although you expect it to turn into a god mind. It turns into a nothing. Nothing meaning a mag that can't be seen on your item list. It can be selected but there isn't any name under it.
6)Equip this invisible mag and go to the bank. At the bank withdraw your high power mag and equip it. You will notice that the invisible is still on you. When you go into an area you will notice that BOTH are equipped.
Note: With this you will notice that one mag's colors flux around and shift also, with this trick, if applied correctly, you can have a PK mag and freeze mag equipped at the same time or you can just show off with this.

Easier Double Time Mag:
1)Enter E3001 in the item modification code.
2)Turn on God of Equip
3)Turn on Super Item Duplication, or, Infinite Item Usage (Just pick one, Iíve done with both)
4)Get a mag from your bank and make sure you dupe it first so you have a spare copy.
5)Go to the store and sell the mag, when you sell it you will see that the item that replaces it is actually NOTHING. The item wont have a name.
6)Go into the Item list and find this NOTHING item and equip it, via God of Equip.
7)Go into the bank and take out a mag.
8)Equip the mag you just took out of the bank.
9)Now go into an area, or just look if you have the seeing stuff in town code, and you will notice you have two mags equipped at once.

Note: The NOTHING mag seems to always turn into one of two things with this method. It either turns into a mag that glows like a rainbow; or, it turns into a dark black mag, which I donít know the name of, it looks a bit like a deformed Tapas or Nandin. Also, I have yet to figure out a way to make the NOTHING be whatever you want with this method. By that I mean making it so you can have two Pianís or two Chao mags on at a time.

Black Skies:
1)Get an invisible mag ready using the Double Time Mag trick (above)
2)Dupe the invisible mag and put on a normal mag, any kind will do. I've used Robochao, Bana, Bhrivia, and Soniti the normal mag.
3)Save and Quit
4)Turn on the instant Photon Blast code and god of equip.
5)Go into an area and take a hit while wearing your "invisible" mag and your normal one. When your PB does the jump to 100 use a Photon Blast.
6)While in the process of doing a Photon Blast press start and use Resta in your technique menu then quickly get back to your character and use another PB blast while the first is in progress.

Repeat this about 12-14 times without having any lapse in rythm or having the Photon Blast stop eventually you will see the blue ring rotating but no Photon Blast. You will also note other crazy things such as the enemies are frozen and the skies usually turn dark. Below is a list of other cool things that will happen

If done outside the normal area of the area your character will shift up, not flying but shift up. If you have another in the room and you pipe them in their character will see your character's feet because you will be shifted upwards.

You can generate the freeze mag effect and even if your victim ur target has GS or Xploder they WONT be able to unfreeze themselves. The ONLY way to unfreeze is use a PB boost (hit the person w/ grants).

This is by far my favorite effect, it's rare though. You can disable the other player's chat with it. they will have to open up the log window to chat

Mag Build Up Codes:
This next codes can be used on any of the lvl 50 up mag stats, use it on the last line.
MAG POWER LVL 326 70880900
MAG POWER LVL 245 F0885044
MAG POWER LVL 121 F0889022
MAG POWER LVL 48 50889001
MAG POWER LVL 82 F0889000
MAG DEF LVL 82 F0885044
MAG DEF LVL 48 50889001
MAG DEF LVL 326 70880900
MAG MIND LVL-240 F0889000
MAG MIND LVL 258 F088D044
MAG MIND LVL 48 50889002
MAG MIND LVL- 61 F088D088
MAG MIND LVL-299 F0889022
MAG DEX LVL 245 F0889001
MAG DEX LVL 48 50889001
MAG DEX LVL 121 F0889022
MAG DEX LVL 326 70880900