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Information written by David A.k.A Ghettocrxsi

DISCLAIMER!!! If you mess up your car in any way. You are liable for what ever happens dont blame me or my webhost for what you did to your car.. now on to the fun stuff


This guage cluster gives your stock dash an all new look.


90-91 Civic/crx


Guage cluster with plugs, Soldering iron, Electrical tape,and a little bit of time :) Took me about 45 mins


The new gauge cluster does not directly bolt into the Civic or Crx. All you have to do is sand off one of the ears on the sides of the cluster. And then remove your stock mounts from your old guage cluster since they are in the way and you have to force fit it in. Then put a screw through the ear on the top of the gsr cluster through your cluster cover. Now Get to the wiring.

The wires in the plugs are different so you need to remove your old plugs and solder on the new gsr plugs to the old wiring single wire at a time so you dont mess up.


In the USDM CRX, factory manual, the dash connectors are labeled C709 (12P) and C710 (8P).

>Electronic Vss

There are 3 wires. If you look at the plug and have the snap facing away from you it goes. power signal ground. So run the power to any switched power sorce like radio or pin b9 or 10 on the cluster. Ground to any bare metal area. and then run the signal wire to pin b11 and also hook up b6 from the integra cluster to there also. so u have 3 wires there .


PIN 94-99 Integra COLOR FUNCTION 90-91 CIVIC/crx
Connector B / 16P
B1 Red/Blue Fuel gauge C710 #3 Yellow/white
B2 empty
B3 Yellow/Black Seat belt light Empty
B4 Green/Yellow Low fuel light Not used unless you use a 90-93 integra fuel level guage
B5 empty
B6 Orange Speedometer Splice in with signal from vss in the tranny
B7 Blue/Black Trunk/hatch open C710 #5 Green/Black
B8 empty
B9 Red Brightness C709 #9 Red/Black
B10 Red/Black Gauge lights C709 #8 Red
B11 Black/White color varies VSS Run the electronic Vss to here and also attach to the orange where b6 is ran..
B12 empty
B13 Green/Red-1 Silver Stripe Left turn signal C709 #12 Green/Blue
B14 Green/Yellow-1 Silver Stripe Right turn signal C710 #1 Green/Yellow
B15 Red/Green n/a not used
B16 Green/Red Emergency brake C709 #6 Green/Red
Connector C / 13P
C1 empty
C2 empty
C3 empty
C4 Yellow Dimmer C710 #2 Black/Yellow
C5 empty Cruise control empty
C6 empty Empty empty
C7 Black Black Ground C710 #8 Black
c8 Yellow/green Brightness C709 #10 Yellow/Green
C9 White/Blue Battery C709 #2 White/Blue
C10 empty
C11 Yellow/Red Oil pressure C709 #5 Yellow/Red
C12 Green/Orange Check engine C709 #4 Green/Org
C13 Blue Tachometer C710 #2 Blue