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Thank you for your interest in joining the GetGames Network staff. Please note that we can always use people to make games for the network. But first, please consider the other positions you can hold.


Description: What you need to know:
Page designer Seeing as no one likes outdated information, the Page designer updates pages, and also tries to make them more interesting. You need to know HTML, or a program such as Microsoft's FrontPage, or Netscape composer, so you can edit the pages.
Game Designer The GetGames Network was created to facilitate the spread of free RPGs over the internet. Of course, this will only happen if there are games to spread. The Game Designer will create games to be hosted on the GetGames Network. You need to download the RPG Maker 2000, and be able to make games with it. You can download it here.
Material Creator Most RPG players get bored after a while if the games they play look exactly the same. The makers also get irritated because they cannot make an original game. The Material Creator solves this problem by creating new original material to use in these games. You need to have a picture editor, and a version of the RPG Maker 2000 RTP so you can get different sizes of the pictures.