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Here are da rulez of da klan, all memberz follow dese rulez and if u wish 2 join den u must read dis first. We r a manner klan based on fun and friendship, we play 2gether based on our pure enjoyment of da game.

1. Dere r no leaderz in dis klan so u must respect dat fact. Dont think ur better den any1 else and dont boss ppl around, we work as a team.
2. Be serious bout dis, if ur here 2 waste our time den dont even bother.
3. We would need u 2 b as active as possible.
4. We are not a $$$ map clan, we dun mind BGH or a few $$$ modified maps, but u need 2 b able 2 play maps like 'The Hunters' or 'Lost Temple', if u r unable 2 do dis den dis is not the clan 4 u.
5. Gosu manners should be exercised. Dont complain about a game, for watever reason, accept the situation. If u get rushed, dun bitch bout it, accept da defeat, if dey hack, dat is dere problem. Whether winnin or losin, say 'gg' and leave wif pride.
6. U hack, den get out. Dun waste our time, we are a legit clan, if it means we will lose 2 hackers, den so be it.
7. Dun b cocky, if ur good, den ur good, if ur crap, u can only get better. Always remember, its just a game, play it 4 fun.
8. We r all a team, respect each other and work 2gether. U respect me, and i will respect u.
9. If ur a PK den plz leave. We r not interested in ur type or ur cheap gay wayz. We play fair & legit.
10. Dis is da most important rule of all, if u disobey dis, den u r not wanted in dis clan........


Note: Grey highlighted rulez r designed 4 a specific game.