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::Name:: ::Description::
Jin vs AzN 2 easy!!!...(quick game)
MevsParanoie Easy Zerg vs Zerg game


::Name:: ::Description::
2v2 lings Saved his ass wif lings(quick game)
SaYin Jin.KoD vs 2 An eventual 2v1 which he $%#@ed both of em up
2v2v2faggame Good game wif NERV but its BGH...aaah:(
2v2quickchop!! Very easy win 4 NERV


::Name:: ::Description::
Jin's Carriers He won wif carriers...but it was BGH...:(
2v3 Win My ally dropped & we still cained
Lucky Win All 3 rushed me & I survived...and won!!!
3v3 Jin_Mass_Drops Good game wif Jin doin drops
3v3bghfun Fun game wif NERV...but BGH!!!


::Name:: ::Description::
7 comps Zerg How 2 beat comps as Zerg on a suicide map
7 comps Toss How 2 beat comps as Toss on a suicide map
If u can do it wif terran...pls email it 2 me

Note: Dese r only replayz of individual KoD memberz. 2 c KoD memberz playin 2gether go 2 KoD Replayz.