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Welcome 2 da Kiss Of The Dragon Klan. We r a manner klan based on friendship an fun. We r not hackers nor do we tolerate hacking, we r restricted against $$$ modified maps and shared bases.

Dis site is made by me(MuShU.KoD) and is not copied from anywhere. Click on da copyright below 4 details and credits.



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18-02-02 sick of da fuckin gay asses dat r olways in our im callin 4 an official move 2 another chan...most of us hav olredy changed but 4 those of u who r unaware of our new is now Public Chat Dragon Now if u got any ideas 4 da site den pls email me.


Just added 2 new memberz, Xenomorph and Ident_Crisis. Sorry guyz i didnt add u sooner but now we r officially ful in regards 2 membrship. However, klan may b a lil inactive, well not really inactive but wont be online as much as we used 2 due 2 skool but still play when u can and enjoy!!!

01-02-02 Well...we hav a new member, ExCaLiBeR. B nice 2 him and make him feel welcome. I hav added some new replays and made a few minor changes. dont 4get 2 email me some good replays if u hav any.
21-01-02 It's been a while since i touched da site...sollies...been a lil' busy and preoccupied, im gona b addin some new replayz and i gotsa fix up our topsites thingy coz i hav 2 add Diablo and i think one of em is b workin on dis site 2 make it better...dun 4get 2 vote.
09-01-02 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! y'all doin??? Its been a while since i updated dis site and i think we lost our position in da topsites list so pls vote 4 us...I hav updated da site...slightly...and i hav added some new members. Dey should hav been added ages ago but i just havnt added em until now...sollies...check back soon, more 2 come.
10-12-01 Well...still workinon da new stuff so da site aint fully upgraded yet. I have done da new memberz page and added all ur detailz in. If is not what u want den plz tell me. We also hav a new member of KoD, KhAn.
03-12-01 New version of KoD is up [KoD ver 2.0] as we r now a gaming klan, not a starcraft klan. Added new stuff 4 Diablo and im gonna make a new memberz page up wif new detailz. New version update should b finished within a week.
22-11-01 Added a memberz section. If u need the login pass just email me, the memberz section is designed for memberz and allies. I also added a public forum so post a msg on, i hav made a disclaimer. Im tired of the stupid shit about stealing other peoples codes, so i made a dislaimer. Click on the copyright below to view it.
18-11-01 Just finished wif da new layout of da site...Relinquishd all of da old news as I am goin 2 be doing it dis way now due 2 its ease. I hav added some minor changes 2 da site and added some new pages. I hav made my own USA on da above banner 2 access it...I hav added a link dat provides u wif Gosu replays and I hav also added some of our new replays so check dat out.