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-=]Here is a list of B.Net commands 4 y'all[=-

Displays a MESSAGE to users who whisper to you. To disable, use the /away command again with no MESSAGE
Prevents all whispers from displaying on your screen. To disable, use the /dnd command again with no MESSAGE
Moves you to a different CHANNEL
Displays your name and MESSAGE in another color
/squelch USERNAME
Blocks future messages sent from a USERNAME
/unsquelch USERNAME
Allows a previously squelched USERNAME to talk to you normally
Sends a private MESSAGE to USERNAME
Displays the list of users in a CHANNEL
Displays where you are on Battle.Net
Displays where a USERNAME is on Battle.Net
(Channel Operators Only) Bans a USERNAME from the channel, and prevents him from returning
(Text-Bots Only) Enable BEEP characters in messages
/designsate USERNAME
(Channel Operators Only) Selects an USERNAME to become the new channel operator when you are no longer the operator
(Channel Operators Only) Kicks a USERNAME from the channel
(Text-Bots Only) Disable BEEP characters in messages
Removes your status as the channel operator
Displays an USERNAME's Brood War Win/Loss record
/stats USERNAME star
Displays an USERNAME's StarCraft Win/Loss record
Displays the current Battle.Net time (GMT - 8:00)
(Channel Operators Only) Allows a banned USERNAME to return to the channel
Displays the current ammount of users connected to Battle.Net