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Here is some information on the Undead Hero's.

::Hero:: ::Brief Description::
Death Knight
A hero meant purely for the front line on the battlefield. While he may be good in melee combat, the Death Knight has a lot of glaring weaknesses making him a better support element until he can reach higher levels of experience.
Death CoilDeath PactUnholy Aura
Animate Dead
The Dread Lord could almost be considered a blend between the Lich and the Death Knight. He works as both a fighter and spellcaster, doing excessive damage in melee combat and/or as a support unit. He becomes a deadly brawler at level 6 by putting his Inferno ability to use.
Carion SwarmSleepVampiric Aura
The Lich is the hero of choice, and is a terrific support unit who makes life very difficult for the enemy throughout the game. When used in combination with one of the other undead heros, the enemy forces will pay dearly. The Lich does have 2 main weaknesses: 1. He isn't very quick and 2. He needs to be guarded as often as possible.
Frost NovaFrost ArmorDark Ritual
Death and Decay
Note: Pictures and information courtesy of Warcraft 3 Strategy.