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Here are the rules of the klan, all memberz follow these rules and if you wish to join then you must read this first. We are a manner klan based on fun and friendship, we play together based on our pure enjoyment of the game.


There are no leaders in this klan so you must be able to respect that fact. Dont think that your better than anyone else here and dont boss people around, we work as a team.

2. Be legit, if your here to waste our time then please dont bohter.
3. We would need you to be as active as possible
4. We are not a $$$ map klan, if money modified maps are what you play, then maybe this isnt the klan for you.
5. Good manners should be exercised. Dont complain about a game, for whatever reason, accept the situation. If you are defeated, dont bitch, accept it. If they hack, then that is their problem.
6. If you hack, get out. We are a legit klan and if that means that we lose to hackers, then so be it.

Don't be cocky, if your good, then your good, if your crap (excuse the description) then you can only get better. Always remember that its just a game and play it for fun.

8. We are all a team, respect each other and work together. You respect me, and i will respect you.
9. If your a PK then pease leave. We are not interested in your type or your cheap gay ways. We play fair & legit.
10. No bitching!!!
11. This is the most important rule of all, if you disobey this, then you are not wanted in this klan........


Note: Grey highlighted rules are designed for a specific game.