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Here is some information on the Night Elf Hero's.

::Hero:: ::Brief Description::
Demon Hunter
Demon Hunters make excellent pointmen for just about any melee combat situation. His abilities deal out considerable damage to both melee and magic units, and practically becomes a wall of moving punishment when using Metamorphosis. He is also easy to control; his abilities are easily put to use while his speed and power make it real simple to keep him on the front line of your battle group.
Mana BurnImmolationEvasion
Keeper of the Grove
The Keeper has two extremes: 'very strong' and 'very weak'. Strong, when you focus on keeping him away from the frontline and using his Force of Nature and/or Entagling Roots. Strong, when you use Force of Nature constantly for assaulting enemy work operations. Weak, when you keep him near the front lines of battle. Weak, when you don't protect him, gain levels, and put his abilities to proper use.
Entangling RootsForce of NatureThorns Aura
Priestess of the Moon
The Priestess is a good hero with many talents. Her Scout ability is useful early in the match for rushing, and for scouting opponents. Her Trueshot Aura and Searing Arrows make her a great support for nearby, friendly, ranged units. Once she has aquired Starfall, she can do heavy damage to multiple units and structures. Her weakness is that she has no abilities that hinder powerful enemy units and heros. She also lacks having a pure strength in any particular kind of combat. To sum up the Priestess, she makes a good 'all-around' hero that can be used near the front line or behind it, but don't expect too much 'pure power' out of her until she has leveled up.
ScoutSearing ArrowsTrueshot Aura
Note: Pictures and information courtesy of Warcraft 3 Strategy.