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::Name:: ::Description::
MevsGohan Got slaughtered by Gohan
MevsNerv00 Good gam where we were right next 2 each other
MevsNerv01 OK game...not much though
MevsNerv02 I got chopped...hardcore
GohanvsNERV Gohan use


::Name:: ::Description::
2v2Kill OK game...Jin only used
2v2Fun Easy quick game
2v2SaYinNERV Good game wif carriers
2v2SaYinMuShU Supposed 2 be 3v3 but 1 dropped so NERV watched...Ownage
2v2NervGohan NERV got raped...but Gohan chopped all
2v2chop Easy Terran vs Zerg


::Name:: ::Description::
3v3Zerg Ownage wif Zerg!!!
3v3owned Cained em, dis proves dont rush if u cant handle it
3v3cheapdc Da guy d/c himself in dis game because he didnt want loss(sad)...and he had over 1000+ wins.
3v3Crap Our position in dis game is questionable...we all seemed 2 be lost
3v3GohanNERVMuShU Dis is funni coz dere was a guy in here trying 2 recruit(Deathscyth[9])...he was sayin dat he was da leader & he was only recruiting elite
3v3Slaughtered I rushed dis guy & he acused us of hacking cos he thinks we didnt scout which we did...u be da judge ...Ownage
3v3Ownage Gohan & NERV did everything...i was tryin 2 stay alive


::Name:: ::Description::
Droneage Attempted 4v4 but was guy was intentionaly lagging ppl left and we droned da guy(FUNNI)


::Name:: ::Description::
FFAMuShUNERVJin We all played kinda crap Good game
KoDFFA Good FFA where we used da whole shows dat expansions can save u(MUST SEE)
FFAdc I wouldve won but i got d/c
FFAreaverwin Won da game wif reavers...hahaha
FFAGohanNERVMuShU I destroyed both their bases...& still lost(MUST SEE)
FFAholyground Weird map, was hard 2 get $$$...but Good game
FFANervMushuGohan Damn