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Here is some information on the Human Hero's.

::Hero:: ::Brief Description::
Arch Mage
Wearing down enemy groups as well as keeping friendly units charged and supported is a task the Arch-Mage knows how to fulfill. Whether you like to back-up combat units with Blizzard and/or Water Elementals, OR enjoy using a lot of magic units and keeping their Mana levels up with Brilliance Aura; the Arch-Mage is always a good choice. Plus he looks like a modern Gandolf, making him even cooler.
BlizzardWater ElementalBrilliance Aura
Mass Teleport
Mountain King
This hero knows how to slam individual enemy targets, and weaken enemy groups. This hero is a barroom brawler on steroids, and is a great pointman for just about every combat situation. You must keep an eye on him while in combat if you want to make effective use of his abilities. He is a great against enemy heros, and should be used for damaging/killing heros whenever possible.
StormBoltThunder ClapBash
The Paladin is a wonderful support hero. With his healing and devotion aura he can really keep your forces alive for much longer. Paired with the archmage and brilliance aura, he can non stop heal. His ultimate ressurection is one of the best in the game. It can turn a losing battle into a winning one very easily.
Holy LightDivine ShieldDevotion Aura
Note: Pictures and information courtesy of Warcraft 3 Strategy.