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We have a bunch of pages that tell about us. And even a few that show us. But there are absolutely none that allow you to hear us. Well, that is about to change.

The bottom of this page has a soundboard with soundbites from Berke (couldn't get Quinn to say anything on mic).

"A soundboard?" you ask.

A soundboard is a graphic showing buttons with short phrases written on them. When you put the mouse over the corresponding button, you hear that phrase. In order to hear one phrase at a time, it is a good idea to rest the mouse on the adirondack chair.

So what. How do I use that?

There are many, many ways to entertain yourself and others with the proper use of a soundboard. For instance, you can prank call your friends and neighbors. Ring them up on the speakerphone by your PC and pretend you are Berke. I imagine the conversation would go a lot like this:

Your Friend: Hello?

You: Mush Joe.

Your Friend: Who is this?

You: Airplane.

Your Friend: Oh, hi Berkeley!

You: Bless you.

Your Friend: Not much, you?

You: My shoe. My shoe.


I'm sure you can imagine how well your friend will be fooled!

Well, on to the fun.