USN F-4B/N Phantom II

    This page will take several weeks to complete.  In the meantime I am going to load mostly photos with little text until such time that I am able to add pertinent detail.

     F-4B 149421 masquerading as an F-4C at Lackland AFB in September of 2000.

VF-14 Tophatters

     F-4B 149460 in faded VF-14 Tophatters markings, MASDC 1981.  The Tophat is faintly visible in the red delta on the tail.

VF-21 Free Lancers

      153016, a VF-21 F-4N at NAS Miramar in 1982.  The Lancers had flown F-4S Phantoms until about 1980 when they were
  forced to convert to F-4Ns due to the inability of the USS Coral Sea to handle the higher landing speed of the S model!
  The same aircraft at the Champlin Fighter Aces Museum in 1989.  Note that the second (and later) photo shows a return to

VF-51 Screaming Eagles

      F-4N 152310 at MASDC on a cold December day in 1978.   The Screaming Eagles unit patch is visible on the splitter plate.
      F-4N 152326 at the same location being prepared for drone conversion in 1981.

VF-111 Sundowners

      F-4N 151510 at MASDC in 1981.   Part of the sun burst has red, white and blue rays, which were carried as Bicentennial markings in 1976.

VF-154 Black Knights

      Black Knights F-4N 152281 at ELP in 1982.
      151431 at Miramar in 1984 and at AMARC in the late 1980s.  Again, a return to color before phase out.

VF-161 Chargers

      150524 in storage at MASDC in 1979.  

VF-171 (Key West)

      152317 of VF-171 (Detachment Key West) on the ramp at El Paso in 1980.


      The single YF-4J (151497) at the Pima Air Museum in 1987.  This aircraft was used to test the F-4J Radar system, but for all other purposes is an F-4B airframe.   The second photo shows the same aircraft in February, 2005.  1497 is also in the background of the VF-161 photo above while still in storage at MASDC.


      F-4N 151504 of the Pacific Missle Test Center, transient at El Paso in 1980 and QF-4N 153034 , Point Magu, California.

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