USMC RF-4B PhantomII

      This page will take several weeks to complete.  In the meantime I am going to load mostly photos with little text until such
  time that I am able to add pertinent detail.  The first group of RF-4Bs are the earlier version with the narrow main tire and non-humped wing.

VMFP-3 Eyes of the Corps

  (L)151978 undergoing maintenance on the ELP ramp.  This aircraft carries the "Fox head" tail marking.  This was
  discontinued   when some loser thought that it looked  "obscene".
  (C) 151981 carries the later "Phantom man" on the tail.
  (R) 153093 with the final "Lightning bolt" marking.

  153102 and 153106, both during fueling stops in El Paso.

  Two RF-4Bs from the final block of RF-4Bs.  These aircraft were based on the F-4J and had the larger main wheel and
  humped wing.  157342 has the Phantom Man marking on the tail.  Note the very evident decal film.  How much would that
  count off in a model contest?

  Three different tail markings.  The left photo shows the earlier "Fox Head" while the one on the right is the later
  "Phantom Man".  The last photo is of the final "Lightning Bolt" tail marking.

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