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Preserved F-4 Phantoms

    As with many of the F-4 pages, this one will be a work in progress for some time.  I will upload photos to begin with and then at a later time add comments.

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The prototype F-4J, YF-4J 151479, preserved at the Pima Air and Space Museum.  (2001)

F-4B 149421 masquerading as an F-4C at Lackland AFB.  Maybe not too far off the mark as the F-110As were F4H-1Fs (F-4Bs).  What looks like silver fuzz on top of the tail are nails with the points facing up to discourage birds from perching on the tail. (2000)

153812, an F-4J is displayed at the Cleveland Lakeside Airport in Blue Angels colors. (2001)

F-4N 153915 was displayed at the Champlin Fighter Aces Museum in 2001.  When this museum closed this aircraft went to the CAF wing at Mesa where it is now (2005) displayed.

The San Diego Air and Space Museum has a very nice display area in a courtyard at the museum, F-4S 157267 is displayed among other aircraft.  The aircraft is mounted in such a manner as to appear to be chasing a MiG-17!  (1992)

F-4B 149408 mounted outside of the (then) NAS Mirimar in the mid 1980s.



The park located at the USS Alabama memorial in Mobile, Alabama includes several aircraft and armored vehicles.  Guarding the entrance is F-4C 63-7487.  (1999)

F-4C 63-7519 at now closed George AFB in the early 1990s.  Is it still there?

An unidentified F-4B on a hill top overlooking NAS North Island.  The airframe was assigned to the Naval Ocean System Center (NOSC) and was mounted on a turntable to allow movement.  (1981)

63-7537, an F-4C, painted as -7535 and displayed at Holloman AFB, New Mexico.  The actual 535 was lost in South East Asia.  (2000)

F-4C 63-7555 on display at the Yankee Air Museum in Belleville, Michigan.  (1996)

The museum at March AFB, California displays several F-4s, including 63-7693, wearing very faded 196th TFS markings in this 1990 photo.


F-4C 64-0673 shortly after arrival at Pima, still wearing Oregon ANG colors, and as it is displayed today.

Close up of the MiG kill applied to 673.

111th FIS Phantom 64-0712 nicely displayed at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas.  (1996)

F-4C 64-0741 displayed in front of  the Tracor building at Mojave, CA.

63-07411 on display at Luke AFB.


 The Seattle Museum of Flight's F-4C; 64-0776 and the MiG kill markings carried.  (1999)

64-0829, Robin Old's F-4C on display at the US Air Force Museum in 1990.

After the 196th TFS went through F-4Cs and F-4Es, they were re-equipped with RF-4Cs to become the 196th TRS.  One of their mounts, 63-7746 is displayed at March AFB.

F-4D 65-0735 at the Hastings, Nebraska airport.  (2000)

Displayed next to the F-4J at the Cleveland Lakeside airport is F-4E 66-0284.  (2001)


66-7483, one of several F-4Ds operated by TRACOR Flight Systems in the 1990s.

Another TRACOR F-4D, 66-7505.

66-7518 preserved at the Tinker AFB airpark.  (2003)

The Mid America Air Museum has numerous aircraft on display, among them this 127th TFTS F-4D 66-7746.  (2000)

F-4D 66-8812 at the Pate Transportation Museum in Cresson, Texas.  By early 2005 many aircraft were gone from this museum.  8812 is now on display at the Historical Aviation Memorial Museum in Tyler, Texas. (2001)

One of several aircraft displayed at Luke AFB is F-4E  67-0327.  (2003)



One of the many great things about Texas, New Mexico and Arizona is that you never know what awaits around the next corner.  A strange site in the middle of no where, 49th FW F-4E 67-0384 at the Sierra Blanca Regional Airport outside Ruidoso, New Mexico.  (2001)

68-0366 on display at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Midland, Texas.  (2002)

Another March AFB Phantom, in this case F-4E 68-0382.  (1995)

Big Spring, Texas has an impressive Viet Nam Memorial Park with an AH-1G, UH-1H, M60A3 and This F-4E 66-0368 displayed.  The displays are well maintained and placed in an thoughtful setting.  (2004)

Hidden away in Corona, AZ is an ex Thunderbirds F-4E (66-0294) displayed at American Legion post 109.  Another well done display even down to the "smoke" stains on the tail!  (2005)

Peterson AFB, Colorado has a very well thought out airpark.  One of the many aircraft on display is an F-4C 64-0799, which is dressed up to look like 63-7589 when she was serving with the 57th FIS.  The actual 589 is illustrated elsewhere on this website.  (June 17, 2005)

Denver's Wings Over the Rockies Aerospace Museum include F-4E 66-0287, a rather plain looking F-4 that had served as an instructional airframe at the now closed Lowry AFB.  (June 17, 2005)

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