F-4F Phantom II
German Air Force

1st German Training Squadron

    From the early 1970's, the German Air Force has trained F-4 pilots in the United States through a contract program with the USAF.  This was performed by the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing  at George AFB until 1992 when it was moved to Holloman AFB and placed within the 49th TFW (later simply 49th Fighter Wing).  The German pilots are assigned to the German Air Force Flying Training Center with the actual flying performed by the 20th FS, though for a short time in the early 1990s the 9th FS was also equipped with F-4s.  Most aircraft used are F-4Fs, however the GAF has also contracted the use of F-4Es and owns several very late model F-4Es (serials 75-0628 to 75-0637).

F-4F 72-1116 at George AFB in the 1970s.  The aircraft remains in the Luftwaffe camo scheme with US insignia and tail codes.  (German Air Force)

F-4F 72-1133 at the annual Amigo Airshow, El Paso, Texas,  October, 1999.  The 49th FW emblem is visible on the right side aft of the intake.  (CB)

F-4F 72-1163 cooking in the sun at the Davis-Monthan open house in April, 2002.  The left side of the F-4s carry the 20th FS emblem.  (CB)

F-4F 72-1179 Amigo Airshow October, 1998.  A GAF Tornado is partially obscured by the F-4.  (CB)

At its home base of Holloman AFB, 72-1257 displayed some added artwork: on the right side is a "Phantom Man" dressed in a great coat and adorned with a WWI "pimple head" spiked helmet.  The right side carries a sticker commemorating 25 years of joint training.  (CB)

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