F-4G Phantom II
"Wild Weasel "

35th TFW

When the first F-4Gs entered service they were assigned to the 35th TFW.  The first shot in this series is 69-0251 at a Red Flag  in 1980.  Note the rather cool cobra on the tail (CB

69-0254 at an Amigo Airshow, late 1980s .  (CB)

69-0257, again at Nellis. (CB)

69-0231 at Biggs AAF, late '80s. (CB)

69-7270 at Holloman AFB's 1980 open house.  (CB)

69-7560, again at Holloman.  Probably about 1985.  (CB)

69-7574 Amigo Airshow.  (CB)

69-7582 at the El Paso International Airport in November, 1979.  This is the scheme I like best on USAF F-4s: SEA with white belly, white codes and tons of stencils.  (CB)

37th TFW


For several years the 37th TFW took over Weasel dutuies from the 35th.  Both were based at George AFB.

69-0245 at Nellis about 1980, before the introduction of the gawdaful Euro 1 scheme.  (CB)

69-0292 at Amigo in the late 80s.  (CB)

69-7201 on short final at George AFB.  There was a spot outside the perimeter fence on the North side of the base that was great for photographing aircraft.  I can only imagine how it must have been when Huns and F-104s were based at George.  (CB)

69-7207 at Carswell AFB early 80s.  (CB)

69-7235 at Nellis.  (CB)

69-7561 ast the 561st's CO's bird at Bergstrom AFB, 1985.  Horrible camo scheme.  (CB)

52nd TFW


69-0242 at AMARC in the early 90s.  (CB)

57th FWW


69-7235 at NAS Mirimar.

69-7295 is storage at AMARC, mid 90s.  (CB)

190th TFS Idaho ANG


The final unit to fly the Wild Weasel in the combat role was the Idaho ANG.

69-0243, again at the Amigo Airshow sometime around 1988.  Note the tail of a QF-106 in the background.  A few years later the F-4 would take over that duty.  (CB)

69-7202 at Holloman AFB.  (CB)


69-7290 at Amigo.  This was shortly after the unit received the aircraft and before adopting the WW tailcodes. (CB)

69-7297 also at Amigo with a more subdued tail marking.  (CB)

53rd WEG


    The 53rd WEG oversees the QF-4 program.  The unit is based at Tyndall AFB, with a detachment at Holloman.  The wing code is TD, with HD being the code for the Holloman detachment.

QF-4G 69-7209 at the Holloman open house in 2000.  (CB)

QF-4G 69-7214 at the September, 2002 Holloman open house.  (CB)

The 53rd Wing patch carried on the right side of the unit's QF-4s.  (CB)

   Most QF-4s are rather plain.  69-0250 and a well worn 69-0273 at Holloman AFB in October, 2003.  (CB)

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