USN/USMC Reserve F-4B/N

VMFA-112 Cowboys


    The Cowboys were introduced to the F-4N in 1976, when they transitioned from the F-8H and continued to operate that aircraft type until 1987, when they transitioned to the F-4S.  VMFA-112 was based at NAS Dallas, along with VF-201 and VF-202.  150466 and 15039 are shown in  the more colorful marking used until the mid 1980s.   The last photo shows 150466 in her final toned down scheme as seen at Ellington AFB in 1984.  It seems somehow appropiate that the weather matched the gray scheme.

VMFA-321 Hell's Angels


    Andrews AFB based VMFA-321 transitioned into the F-4B in 1973.  They made the change to the F-4N in 1976 and kept that aircraft until  1984.
151413 at El Paso in the summer of 1979.
151439 at AMARC in 1987.
152263, 152270 and 153036 all at El Paso during the early 1980s. 

VF-201 Hunters


    NAS Dallas based VF-201 gained the F-4N in 1976 when they transitioned out of the F-8H Crusader .  In 1984 they traded the F-4N for the F-4S.
151465 in the earlier F-4N scheme during 1978.
151465 in a newer scheme at an open house at NAS Dallas in May, 1981.

VF-202 Superheats


    VF-202 operated the F-4N during the same time frame as their NAS Dallas based sister squadron.
153056 and 151469, both photographed at El Paso during the early 1980s.  152212 at Navy Dallas in 1981.

VF-301 Devil's Disciples

    VF-301 changed from Crusaders to Phantoms when the started flying the F-4B in 1974.  They only kept the F-4B until 1975 when the traded it for the F-4N.  The Devil's Disciples  tenure with the F-4N was fairly short also, transitioning  to the F-4S in 1980.  Along with VF-302, the unit was based at NAS Mirimar.
151456, 150464, 150482 and 151461, all at El Paso in 1979.

VF-302 Stallions


      VF-302 exchanged their F-8Ks for F-4Bs in 1973.  In late 1975 they replaced the "B" with the "N" and  operated the F-4N  until 1981 when they were replaced with the F-4S.
153039, 152229 and 151475.

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