As the IXWF King Of The Ring Preview cuts off...D-X's music burst throughout the arena and out walk Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley. Triple H takes a sip of his water and spits it out...then He and steph begin making their way to the ring. They enter the ring and Triple H grabs a mic and begins speaking

[::Triple H::]

Well Well Well. Kane. You are one lucky son of a bitch. You see You are lucky becasue I was destracted the night of the match...I had my mind on other things. But thats ok becasue you can bet your ass I will be back for my belt! But the harcore or world title is not what I am out here to talk about. You see I have a ladder match on RAW IS WAR against the olympic crybaby...Kurt Angel. And his precious medals will be hanging above the ring. You see Kurt it was Stephanie's idea all along to take your medals and it was a damn good idea at that. Then when you had the SMALL BALLS to take my tag team title belts....I had to come up with a way to keep your fake ass medals and get my damn titles back and i did. And your dumb ass fell for it. You are not that bright kurt you see...the you know...the medals you got were choclate....So enjoy them becasue I have the real ones in a safe place untill the lader match. And not even then will you get your medals becasue I will beat the hell out of you over and over and over again then I will climb the ladder and grab the dumb ass medals. You see kurt I know you are wondering why I would take the medals if I think they are so dumb. WEll Kurt...Making you mad and seeing you cry is a whole nother show in itself and thats what all the olympic crybabys fans come to see. See you begging and pleading for your medals and getting your ass kicked in the process of trying to get them back. You see Kurt I myself cannot wait for RAW becasue I am eager to get into the ring and beat the crap out of your sorry olympic medalless ass! And thats just what I am gonna do. you better prepare for a beating becasue as bad as I have beaten you before...This time will be ten times worse and you will think twice before messing with the game EVER again. You see Kurt I quiet frankly am tired of dealing with your sorry ass in and out of the ring. All your crying and whinning. Well fianlly someone will shut you up come raw and unfortunatley for you that certain someone is me. And you see Kurt when you step into the ring with the never WALK out. You are either carried out...or rolled out upon a stretcher. And thats exactly what your gonna be doing...beging carried out or rolled out on a stretcher. Then while you are sitting at home recovering from the massive beating I am prepared to give will see my face on T.V with your medals in my hand and you will realize that you tryed to play the game and you got game over. You will NEVER see your preciuous medals again...unless I decide to be so kind as to take pictures of them and send them to you...but done count on it Kurt. you see after I delive the beating of your like time...I am gonna take these metals...tie them to a brick and TOSS THEM INTO SOME RIVER FAR away. Then kurt maybey we will get rid of you for a while while you are out scubba diving for your medals. But Kurt please stay gone becasue its bad enough being around when no one wants you..but to make everyone in the back and specificly DX and myself listen to you whine and complain all day...We get sick and tired of it and someone has to put a stop to it and that someone is me! The Game...Triple H! And you can bet your ass that that is exactly what I am gonna do. Put a stop to all the whinning and moaning and crying. Becasue the IXWF is a place for champions...and you just dont belong here! Kurt when you step into the ring come RAW and the bell rings to start the match..THERE IS NO WAY OUt. Becasue I wont let you. you can Run but you cant hide. I will find you and beat the living crap out of you. Then Kurt I will take your medals and AWAY down the river they go. Or maybey...maybey just maybey I will keep them and hang them on my wall is for championships and winnings...and your gold medals are the farthest place from are you. You are nothing but a crybaby and no one likes you. Not me...Not DX...not stephanie...and basicly thats everyone becasue DX is the best damn stable here and no one can tell us otherwise. You see kurt you dont belong in the IXWF. But the other day I was reading a magazine and I read a WANTED article for a jackass for a circle. I hope you dont mind kurt I went ahead and sent in a resume for you. So if you get the job kurt be happy becasue that is the only thing you will ever be good at...being yourself...a TOTAL JACKAss. When you step into the ring with me you will be foreced to play the game...a game witch CANNOT be you or any other person here...You will be foreced to loose. And GAME OVER you will see. Kurt you are out here week after week  telling everyone over and over and over again that you won the olympics with...and I quote "a broken freakin neck". Kurt NO ONE CARES that was how many years ago? Kurt that was then and this is now. I am your next obsticle and if I LET YOU SURVIVE you will be lucky. Kurt its almost time for you to play the game...and once you do....


Triple H drops the mic as he and Stephanie walk backstage and the IXWF cuts to comercial break.