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In order to be able to produce at the most competitive prices, it is important that all the 5 Mís (Men, Materials, Machines, Maintenance and Management) are used optimally. Yet, in many manufacturing enterprises, such is not the case. Very often, Top Management fails to detect problems relating to the optimization of the 5 Mís or simply underestimate their influence on the production process. TECHNICAL AUDIT allows precise diagnosis of the problems, and can serve as valuable reference towards economic solutions.

Our Technical Audit Services can either address the broader areas of:
bulletCost savings
bulletLoss prevention


Or it can target specific areas of manufacturing and production, including:
bullet Production Audit
bullet Maintenance Audit
bullet Energy Audit
bullet General Safety Audit
bullet Skills and Multi-skills Audit
bullet Space utilization Audit
bullet Works Quality Audit
bullet Stock Control of Engineering Items
bullet Plant and Machines Condition Audit

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