Wrestler's Name: SoulKen
Allignment: Neutral
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 325 lbs
Hometown: Currently resides in Philadelphia, PA
Entrance Music: "Violence Fetish" by Disturbed
Finisher: Fatal Destiny
Description of Finisher: Pumphandle pickup into a Sitout Piledriver
- Fall of the Empire (Muscle Buster)
- Apocalypse Driver (Spinning Tiger Driver 85)
- The Vortex (Giant Swing)
- Judgement Day (Asiatic Spike)
- Big Boot
- Vertical Suplex
- Running Clothesline
- Swinging neckbreaker
- Fisherman's Buster
- Spinebuster
- Ocean Cyclone Suplex
- Dragon Suplex
- Bow and Arrow Submission Hold
- Top Rope Senton Backsplash
- Vader Bomb
- Double Underhook Backbreaker
- Inverted Atomic Drop
- Two Handed Sitout Chokeslam
- Half Nelson Suplex
- Superplex
Ring Style: High Impact/Power Moves
Looks: He is tall with a decent build, brown regular length hair and piercing green eyes. He has a tongue and labret piercing and his arms have a few tattoos on each of them. He comes out to the ring wearing a long reverend's coat and discards it after his entrance to reveal his ring attire of black tights with his logo on them and a sleeveless yellow fishnet shirt and black boots with the initials "SK" on them in yellow gothic text.
History: The Prophet of Pain's professional beginnings are rooted in Jim Kettner's ECWA promotion. He traveled all over the east coast competing in various indies for three or four years before journeying to Japan and becoming well versed in the puroresu and hardcore styles. The big man built his reputation in the hardcore division but has since moved on into the bigger ranks of being a main eventer since returning from Japan. He still competes in the hardcore style but no longer limits himself only to pleasing his sadomasochistic urges. He's been the leader of many different stables and always tends to lead or be a lone wolf type.
Manager?: No
Manager's Description: N/A