Papa: Well, we have had one hell of a card here tonight…And quite a few surprises.

Tristan: Yes…and every belt has changed hands here so far…will Brian Blade’s World title be next?

Papa: We’ll find out soon enough…

Ben Richmond: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are at the GTW Main Event! This next match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the GTW World Championship title! Introducing at this time, the special guest referee, Richard Kirkland!!!

***The Man in Charge comes to the ring, wearing the ref’s uniform***

Papa: Well, he’s serious about this match-up…I can tell from his eyes…and he’s got a mic…

Kirkland: First, before we get too far into it…I’ve got some rules…1st, this is a hardcore, anything goes, street-fight to the finish! And 2nd, if ANYONE interferes in this match, and I see it, they will be fired!!!

Tristan: Damn! Kirkland is laying down everything needed for Mad Dog to win this match!

Ben Richmond: Introducing first, the challenger, from the Bronx in NYC, give it up for MAD DOG!!!!


***The fans erupt from their seats as Mad Dog comes down to the ring, and slides on in after running down the ramp***

Tristan: He better be careful that he doesn’t waste all his energy early on…

Ben Richmond: And his opponent, the current GTW heavyweight champion, from Denver, CO…BRIAN BLADE!!!!


***The GTW champ comes to the ring, acting very sour and reacting violently to the loud chorus of boo’s from the crowd***


Papa: And these two men are going to waste no time…Brian Blade rushing right in to take out Mad Dog with a clothesline, but Mad Dog ducks…And comes back up with jabs, knocking the champ into the corner! Mad Dog now sending Blade hard into the other corner…Blade flipping up and over the trunbuckle! He’s on the apron…and Mad Dog sends him to the floor with a dropkick!

Tristan: Mad Dog is just a house a fire in the early going here!!! He’s getting out of the ring!

Papa: That he is!! He’s picking Blade up by the scruff of his neck…and sends him into the steel post! Blade’s head just bounced off…and now he’s coming this way!

Tristan: I’m amazed he’s still standing! Oh no…here comes MD!

Papa: He sure does…Watch yourself as….OH! Blade’s head just bounced off of our table! And now Mad Dog sends Blade for another hard ride…up and over the guard rail!!!

Tristan: I’m appalled that Kirkland wanted the match like this! I think that Shadow should come down here and throw this match out!

Papa: Strange that Shadow hasn’t been here all night, and this is his PPV…

Tristan: Hmm, well he’s probably corrupt like Trevor Longly was…and is secretly running this fed into the ground with these terrible matches!

Papa: I doubt it…anything is better than Longly! Mad Dog is now perched on the Guard rail…waiting for Blade to stand…AND TAKE HIS HEAD OFF WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!! Blade is down! And Mad Dog is back up again! And the fans are loving it!!!

Tristan: I’m sure they would…these Oakland fans are plum loco!

Papa: Well, they do have some weird tastes, that for sure, but they love a hero like Mad Dog…Who is dragging Blade through the crowd, with Kirkland following right behind!

Tristan: Blade isn’t looking to sharp…he could have a concussion…Kirkland should stop this insanity!!

Papa: I think he would…if he wasn’t enjoying this ass beating on Blade so much! Mad Dog’s almost to the cheap seats…and now he’s sending Blade into the food vendor’s area!!! Mad Dog has beat down Blade…and now…he’s buying a beer???

Tristan: Some hero/role model…stopping in the middle of a match for an alcoholic beverage!!!

Papa: Ahh, preach somewhere else, as Mad Dog is taking a big swig from that cup…as Blade is getting to his feet…and OH!!! Mad Dog just spit all that beer into the eyes of Blade!!! Blade is wobbly…and gets SLAMMED down hard by Mad Dog onto the concrete floor! Mad Dog has the rest of that beer on the ground next to him…and he pours it on Blade!!!

Tristan: AHHH! Now he’s teaching kids to waste money!!!

Papa: Mad Dog is now looking for higher ground…as he’s going up top a vending cart…and off he goes…but his elbowdrop misses the mark!!! Mad Dog is down now…holding his elbow as Blade is stumbling to get back to his feet!!!

Tristan: Serves him right…his judgement was probably all off after drinking that beer…

Papa: Oh for…will you shut up about the beer? Blade is back up…and now he’s got Mad Dog…and he’s giving him some knee’s to the gut…sending Mad Dog back out among the crowd again…wait…Blade is eyeing the stairs…he’s looking at Mad Dog…no…he wouldn’t…Mad Dog back up…inches from the stairs…Blade leaps up…STANDING DROPKICK…AND MAD DOG GOES ROLLING DOWN THE STAIRS!!!!

Tristan: Apparently, he would!!!

Papa: Mad Dog just rolled down a set of bleacher like stairs all the way down to the floor…and he looks hurt! Kirkland is running down to check on Mad Dog…and Blade is just laughing!!! Now he’s making his way down…but he’s just sick!

Tristan: Well, Kirkland and Mad Dog wanted this match, and now they have to deal with it!

Papa: I guess you are right…Blade now down with Mad Dog…and is picking him up against the orders of Kirkland…and sending him up and over the guardrail!!! Mad Dog is obviously very hurt…holding his right arm and shoulder…

Tristan: Good…Now maybe Blade knows where the weak spot is to target!!!

Papa: It would seem so…as Blade is now rolling Mad Dog back into the ring…and he’s going to work at once on that weak arm! He’s hitting it with stomps…and now, going to drilling his knee and fist into it…Mad Dog is reeling in pain…and now Blade is going for that reverse armbar!!! And Mad Dog is in an incredible amount of pain!!!

Tristan: Good! Maybe he’ll give in…or better yet, he’ll have a career ending injury!

Papa: Somehow…I doubt it. I don’t see either happening…Mad Dog will never give up…not to Brian Blade! In fact, Mad Dog has made it to the ropes…and Kirkland is forcing Blade to let go of the hold!

Tristan: I don’t get it…why is there rope-break in a no holds barred matchup?

Papa: I don’t know…but if Kirkland says there is, there is! Even though it looks like Blade wants to dispute it…I think he knows better! Instead, Blade is heading out of the ring…and is getting a chair from ringside!

Tristan: If ya can’t beat um, nail them with a couple of good chairshots!

Papa: And as Blade slides back in…that exactly what he’s going to do! Slamming that chair into the arm of Mad Dog…and Kirkland has to let it go! Mad Dog is downed…and Blade goes for a cover!



Papa: No it wasn’t! It was a normal count!

Tristan: No way Mad Dog would kick out of that! No way!

Papa: Well he did…and now Blade is laying into that arm again…but he’s looking frustrated…and now one more knee drop for good measure…and Blade is headed back outside!

Tristan: Hopefully for something good…

Papa: He’s reaching under the ring…for some leftover goodies from the hardcore rumble, methinks….wait….no…he’s got a pair of handcuffs!!!

Tristan: Where did those come from???

Papa: I don’t know??? But Blade is sliding back into the ring with them…and Kirkland is trying to stop Blade from using them! Blade and Kirkland are fighting…and BLADE JUST DECKED KIRKLAND!!!!!! The Man in Charge is down…and might be busted open!!!

Tristan: Serves him right…this is ANYTHING GOES….remember?

Papa: Yeah…within reason!!! Blade has those handcuffs on Mad Dog…and now he’s kicking Mad Dog out of the ring…and Blade is getting that chair from before…oh god…it’s a replay of the Mankind/Rock I quit match all over again…I don’t believe it…

Tristan: Yes!!! Blade is going to end that idiot’s career like Triple H did to Mick Foley!!!

Papa: He may just be trying to…Mad Dog is stumbling to his feet…Blade has the chair up…he’s waiting for Mad Dog to turn around…Wait…there is some commotion in the crowd…it’s LOUIS ALLEN!!! He’s jumping the rail…Blade swings…misses…and GETS A BOOT TO THE FACE FROM ALLEN!!!! Allen now picking up the prone Blade….OH SWEET JESUS!!! BLADE JUST HUNG OUT TO DRY ON THE GUARD RAIL BY ALLEN’S SLINGBLADE MANUVER!!!

Tristan: That man should be fired!!! Why isn’t Kirkland sending him home???

Papa: Because Kirkland ISN’T AWAKE TO SEE IT!!! Kirkland is stirring though…and Allen is making a hasty retreat…Kirkland going down…and fishing the keys away from Blade…and Mad Dog is free!!!

Tristan: Oh good lord…

Papa: And he doesn’t look happy!!! Mad Dog going under the ring…and grabbing a table!!! He’s sliding it and Blade into the ring…and setting it up…he’s got the crowd chanting his name…

*** Crowd chanting "MAD DOG! MAD DOG! MAD DOG!" VERY VERY loudly ***

Papa: Now he’s got Blade on his shoulders…and he’s signaling to the table…

Mad Dog: WHY?????

Crowd: CAUSE IT’S DRY!!!



Papa: Kirkland just stopped counting!!!!

Tristan: WHY????

Papa: Mad Dog’s trying to figure that out too! Kirkland with a smile on his face…and Mad Dog can’t believe it!!! He’s standing there looking at Kirkland with prying eyes…he’s stunned!!!

Tristan: Blade’s starting to move!!!

Papa: And so is Mad Dog…grabbing Kirkland…But Blade grabs Mad Dog…Schoolboy….


Papa: FAST COUNT!!!!!


Ben Richmond: The winner of the match, and STILL GTW World Champion…Brian Blade!!!


Tristan: And Blade and Kirkland are celebrating as they head up the ramp…but WHY??? Why did Kirkland join up with Blade???

Papa: I don’t know…we’ll find out on Devolution…cause we’re out of time!!!

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