Papa: Well, time for our Hardcore Title Battle Royale, and this is going to be a doozy!

Tristan: I'm looking forward to this for one reason... watching Jack Frost, Soul Ken, and Poi tear the lightweights apart!

Papa: I really think this is going to be Trik's day, and his hardcore experience will come in handy against the heavy hitters of this rumble.

Tristan: Soul Ken, he's got the skills, size, and violent tendencies to easily win this rumble. But, look out for Frost and Allen because they want to tear each other apart in this match!

Papa: True... Looks like the first combatants are coming to the ring.

Ben Richmond: This is a Battle Royale for the GTW Hardcore Championship! Eliminations are by pinfall, submission, or by throwing opponents into a dumpster! Introducing first, Darkness and Blacklight, the Masters of Darkness!!!!

*** Boos as the pair of Undertaker wanna-bes walk to the ring. ***

Papa: Ehh... I think these two are the first to go...

Richmond: Next, hailing from the Middle East, HAZAVU!!!

*** More boos as the Arabian Jobber walks out, bringing an Islamic Cane. ***

Richmond: Next, hailing from Syracuse, New York, WILDCAT!!!

*** Thunderkiss 65 by White Zombie blares and out walks Wildcat, carring B2K as always. ***

Richmond: Next, from Damariscotta, Maine, Dirty P!!!

*** Cheers for the former Ken Davison cronie, mainly because he's fueding with a Blade cronie. ***

Tristan: It figures that it would take something like Brian Blade for people to cheer for Dirty P.

Richmond: Now, from well... parts Unknown, "The Prophet of Pain" SOUL KEN!!!

*** Violent Fetish by Disturbed starts and out walks the prophet, but he walks 2 feet out of the entrance way before stopping and grabbing a steel pipe, then he walks back into the ring. ***

Richmond: Introducing, Electrik and Infection, the LOST BOYZ!!!

*** Monster pop as Trik and Infection walk out. Trik's got a bag of weapons while Infection is carrying a sledgehammer. They walk down, slapping hands and getting the crowd riled up. ***

Richmond: Now, from Glen Falls, New York, "The Rooster" Louis Allen!!!

*** Cheers aplenty as "The Rooster" walks to the ring with a fire extinguisher.***

Richmond: Next, the group of Red Rodney, Dirty Jason, and Jack Frost!!!!


*** The Oakland Arena explodes with boos as Dirty Jason and Red Rodney strut out, with Jack Frost towering behind. The crowd boos even loader when they see Jason and Rodney wearing Trent Dilfer and Ray Lewis jerseys respectivly. Frost has got a pair of kendo sticks, Jason's got a cookie sheet, and Red has got a set of nunchucks. They walk to the ring, Red and Jason reveling in the amount of trash thrown with Frost not giving a damn. ***

Papa: 10 bucks on who gave them that idea...

Tristan: Well, it's nice of them to show who's the best in the AFC.

Richmond: Ahem... now, the GTW Hardcore Champion, from Kuwai, Hawaii, POI!!!

*** The fans boo, but mainly still throw trash at Blade's cronies standing outside the ring. Poi's looks miffed, but he continues on down to the ring, with a set of pineapples. ***


Papa: And this match is on the way!!! Jack Frost has started brawling with Dirty P on the outside, while Dirty Jason and Red Rodney start beating the hell out of the Masters of Darkness. Wildcat is duking it out with Infection, and OH!!! Soul Ken nails Wildcat with that pipe of his! Hazavu and Trik have teamed to take on Poi, but Poi nails the Arabian with a pineapple to the jaw, and Trik is hit from behind by Allen. This is chaotic!

Tristan: What did you expect, a nice game of chess?

Papa: Not really... Trik and Allen are fighting in the corner, and Allen got a kick right crotch. Trik's in alot of pain, but Allen can't continue the attack, because Dirty P just got tossed over the top and right onto him! Poi and Dirty Jason are now battling, and Poi just got wholluped by Jason's cookie sheet! He goes for a cover...

1... 2....

Papa: And Poi kicks out! Soul Ken is sneaking behind a still reeling Trik, and grabs him in a reverse DDT! Dirty P and Allen are fighting, and, OH!!! Frost grabs them both, and chokeslam!!! Dirty P and Allen got chokeslammed right to the ground below!!! Red Rodney and Wildcat look at each other, then at Infection who's been sprawled out after Wildcat nailed him with B2K, and MAKE A WISH!!!

Tristan: I wish for tons of girls!

Papa: I didn't mean you... Blacklight and Hazavu have gone to the outside, and Soul Ken grabs them, and tosses them into the dumpster!!!


Papa: And those two are out of here!!! Soul Ken looks at Electrik, who's waking up, then at Infection's sledgehammer, and... and... Poi hits him with a pineapple! Trik sees this, jumps on the top, and he puts both of them on the floor with a body press! Frost and Dirty Jason have teamed up on Dirty P... Double DDT!!! Jason goes for the cover...

1.... 2....

Papa: And Jason is hit by a flying Darkness!!! Oh, Frosty looks mad now... He picks up Darkness, and tosses the jobber right into the crowd!!!

Tristan: WHAT POWER!!!! Frost is my fav in this match!!!

Papa: He's a favorite indeed... Red Rodney and Wildcat have stopped thier allience, and now are battling on the top of the stage. Wildcat tries to throw him off the stage, and Red counters with a big knee to the gut! Allen has gotten back up, and is nailed by a dropkick, courtasy of one Infection. Frost and Jason are still beating up on Dirty P, and here comes Trik carrying B2K!!! Dirty Jason turns around, and gets nailed by the bat! Trik runs at Frost, but Soul Ken spears him from the side, and starts punching the life out of him!

Tristan: Where did he come from?

Papa: From parts unknown... Anyway, Frost and Dirty P are still beating the hell out of each other, and Darkness has gotten out of the crowd, to be the recipient of a clothesline by Poi!


Tristan: What?

Papa: Wildcat is on the floor, and Red Rodney is standing above him with a smirk big smile on his face!

Tristan: What the hell happened?

Papa: Rodney pushed him off the stage, then did a legdrop onto him and got the pin.


Papa: That's now two wins in Red Rodney's career... Poi has taken Hazavu's Arabian Pole, and now is going on a rampage with it. Trik and Dirty Jason are already down, and him and Soul Ken are duking it out in the middle of the ring! Infection and a returning Red Rodney and fighting it out, and Infection gets hammmered with a DDT into an unfolded chair! Red goes for the cover...


Papa: And Infection kicks out! Frost and Allen have finally gotten to each other, and are hammering each other blindly. Allen off the ropes, Frost ducks, Allen off the other rope... EL PUKEY!!! Frost goes for the cover...

1... 2...

Papa: And Allen kicks out. Trik has recovered from Poi's pole attack, and him and Infection are starting to take on Red Rodney and Dirty Jason. Infection sets a table up outside, and nails Dirty Jason with the fire extinguisher! He sets him up on the table, and Trik goes up top... and he's powerbombed off the top by Soul Ken and Frost!!! Allen runs to help Trik, but Frost nearly takes his head off by a boot to the head! Dirty Jason and Infection are fighting on the table... DIRTY DROP!!!

1.... 2..... 3!!!!


Tristan: And one of the Lost Boyz have well... lost!

Papa: Beautifully put Tristan... Red Rodney and Darkness are fighting it out... and Poi nails them with a sledgehammer! He goes for the cover on Darkness...

1.... 2...... 3!!!!


Papa: And there goes the last of the Masters of Darkness... Poi pins Rodney...

1... 2...

Papa: And Red kicks out! Dirty P sees this, and jumps off the top onto Poi and Rodney! Dirty Jason grabs another table and looks at Frost, then at Allen, and smirks! Frost picks Allen up, looks like he's going to Icepick him through the table!

Tristan: Hey... look at Trik!

Papa: Overload Swanton on Soul Ken! Trik goes for a cover...

1.... 2...

Papa: And Soul Ken makes the kickout! Dirty P and Dirty Jason are beating the hell out of each other on the outside! And Jason nails him with a cookie sheet in the face! Allen and Frost are fighting in the crowd... and Frost hits Allen in the face with a can of beer! ICEPICK!!!

1.... 2... NO!!!!


Papa: I don’t know!!! Frost is picking up the remains of Allen…and tosses him back over the railing towards the ring! Frost stops to watch Jason beating on Dirty P…wait! Allen is back up!

Tristan: HOW??? Shouldn’t he be dead by now?

Papa: I think so…but he’s up…he’s hitting the big man with some good strong blows…but he’s still kinda dazed…he’s grabbed the wrists of Frost with his crossed arms…AND OH MY GOD!!! He hit the COLD FUSION!!!

Tristan: Just like he said he would!!!

Papa: Frost is hung out over the ring rail…and Allen is hoisting him up…and over…and into the Dumpster!!!


Tristan: I can’t believe it!!! Frost is gone!!!

Papa: Yes…but Allen is still woozy…and here comes Dirty Jason…FROM BEHIND…and into the Dumpster goes Allen!!!


Papa: And there goes the Rooster...and Frost is getting up…and looks angry!!! Frost is getting his revenge! Here comes the refs…but Frost isn't letting up on the assult! Refs are everywhere... and Dirty P hits Jason with a chair! P with a cover!

1... 2...

Papa: And Jason makes a kickout! Meanwhile in the ring, all the heels have teamed up on Electrik! CONCHAIRTO!!! Trik is down! Dirty P and Jason have managed to make it back to ringside and Jason has got Dirty P to charge at him… Back body drop... and into the dumpster!


Papa: And Trik is left alone with 5 heels! Soul Ken and Poi have stopped their part of the alliance and beating the crap out of each other! Soul Ken's got the Hardcore title... and WHAM!!! Right into Poi's face! Ken picks up Poi, what strength! FATAL DESTINY!!!

1... 2... 3!!!!



Tristan: I'm impressed for once... I didn't think Kenny could pull that one off.

Papa: It seems that Soul Ken is having trouble getting up after hitting the Fatal Destiny on a massive man like Poi...

Tristan: Well Papa, I guess we'll definatly be seeing a new champion now...

Papa: And that person will deserve it after this match...Trik is trying to fight off both Red Rodney and Dirty Jason, and is having some trouble... Jason with a nightstick right to the face! Rodney grabs Trik... BOXDROP POWERBOMB!!!

1... 2...

Papa: AND HE KICKS OUT!!! Jason and Rod are stunned... but Jason shakes it off and holds onto Trik while Red Rodney takes B2K... and Trik moves out of the way, leaving Jason in it's path!!

Tristan: WHAT A MISCUE!!!

Papa: Indeed... Trik grabs onto Rodney, plants him with a DDT, and makes the cover on Jason.

1... 2... 3!!!


Papa: And there goes Dirty Jason! Trik and Red Rodney are trading blows... and Trik sends Red over the top! Soul Ken is now moving…but his enemy Trik is on top... OVERLOAD SWANTON BOMB!!!!

1... 2...

Papa: And Red makes the save! Trik looks at Rodney, and hits him with a body punch! Rodney reeling back, and Ken nearly takes Trik's head off with a kendo stick shot! Soul Ken rushes over to Red, and a yazuka kick to the back of the head!!! Wait! Ken isn't going for the cover! He's got Electrik! Chokeslam right into the pole! Elbow, elbow, elbow!! Red Rodney's laughing it up as he gets up…and Soul Ken takes the opportunity to pick Red up, and dump him in the dumpster!

Tristan: And there he goes! Wait... where's the bell?

Papa: Wait!!! Red is hanging on, he's lying on the top of the dumpster! Trying to be like Shawn Micheals!

Tristan: Who?

Papa: Nevermind... Soul Ken hasn't noticed, so he's back to beating up on Trik. He takes him by the back, and it's a pump handle slam!!!

1... 2...

Papa: And Trik kicks out!!! Red Rodney is getting off of the dumpster, and has got the fire extinguisher, and he sprays it all over the pair! Red goes in for a clothesline, and Soul Ken catches him!!! Into the steps he goes! Trik is lying out cold on the outside, and Ken doesn't really care. Ken picks up Red... and a low blow!!! Red with a cover...

1... 2...

Papa: Kick out!!! Trik is getting up, and he nails Ken in the back with a cookie sheet! Cover...


Papa: And Red stops the count! Rodney grabs a chair, and hits Trik's leg with it! Again! Again! Again! Ag... and Soul Ken hits him with a roundhouse in the head! Trik falls onto Red...

1... 2...

Papa: And a kick out by Rodney! Tristan: Who would have thought Red Rodney would have lasted this long!!!

Papa: Not I... Soul Ken and Red are now trading fists, and Trik takes them both out with a cookie sheet! He grabs Rodney... LiveWire!!!

1... 2... 3!!!!

Tristan: So much for Rodney...

Papa: And good riddence! Soul Ken and Trik are the final Surviors. Either one deserves the title at this point... Trik and Soul Ken leave the battered Rodney on the floor, and move into the ring. Soul Ken throws Trik into the ropes, and Trik ducks the clothesline, and answers with a flying lariet of his own!!! Off the ropes, and an elbow drop! Again off the ropes... and WHAT!!! Red Rodney blindly trips him while trying to pull himself up!! Trik turns around and looks down at him. Soul Ken from behind!!! FATAL DESTINY!!!!

1.... 2.... 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Papa: WOW!!!!


Tristan: That was nuts!!!

Papa: Yeah, and a slightly tainted victory by Soul Ken, but he earned it trust me.

Tristan: At least Sparky didn't win the belt...

Papa: He'll get his rematch, he deserves one after all the punishment he got.

*** The camera cuts to a black screen, that reads "The following message has been paid for by the Lost Boyz" It then fades to a picture of Mad Dog.... black and white.... he looks pissed, and more ready than ever...***

Mad Dog: Tonight Blade will meet his destiny, and his destiny is that of the Dry Well which is a one way ticket to the DRY HELL.... tonight the dryness will be in and out of this world running rampant, with no restraints... tonight Mad Dog will become the Grand Tour Wrestling Champion... and blade, just to let you know my father is not lame ass mcgruff, my father is Lee Roy Brown, baddest dude aroun'... but tonight that doesnt really matter because tonight is the night that Mad Dog will finally get what is his, GTW Gold.... and he will be untouched by the joker they call Brian Blade, and he will go off the edge.... speaking of edge, blade, how did you like the Cutting Edge mad Dog delivered to you on Devolution..... Mad Dog did that then, and might do it again, but that is questionable, just like your gender is questionable... but there are 4 facts that will happen tonight, 1. you will get your ass kicked all over....2. You will feel the Dry Well.....3.You will be pinned one two.......THREE, and 3 will be the last word you ever hear for then Mad Dog will inhale your soul with the DRYNESS and you will wake up in MY DRY HELL......and you might ask WHY?.....CAUSE ITS DRY!!!!!!!!! *** The screen then shows: "THE PRECEEDING MESSAGE HAS BEEN PAYED FOR BY THE LOST BOYZ"***

*** Cut to Blade in his locker room after watching Mad Dog's 'paid announcement'. ***

Blade: What a joke! Mad Dog doesn't even have the money to pay for an announcement like that. I mean, being the son of a crime dog doesn't pay too much. I guess you did some favors with your puppet of a commish. And really, I wouldn't talk about questioning gender because you need to take a look at yourself you pansey. I'm going to show you two things tonight Mad Dog. 1. I am the Game, and unless you're God almighty, it's GAME OVER! and 2. Dry Hell will flood, because you don't have the skills, brains, and downright luck to win against me. And just like Baltimore destroying the Raiders running game, I'm going to ground you back down to reality, and show you that HELL IS JUST AN EXPRESSION, I AM REALITY!!!