***"The Zoo" blares over the speakers as a focused Bad Boy Bill and Justin Storm come out. They seem ready for the challenge. They enter the ring to an array of boos. They pace around the ring as the music slowly fades out. Storm grabs a mic and starts to speak***

Storm: Tonight we finally get what we want and that is the shot at the Tag Team Titles. So all you fans out there better get ready to see new Tag Team Champs.

***The fans start an asshole chant***

Storm: So why don't all of you take a seat and shut the %$^& up and watch us get those titles. We've gone through all the jabronis here go get up here, and face that old fart Trevor Longly. Give us a break. One man holds the titles? The damn guy can't find a tag team partner even. Speaking of his tag team partner what kind of joke is that. We both know who it is. Sweet Dreams could only mean one person, and give me a break, we'll squash him too. Can we get some real opponents for once? So come on out here so we can take what is ours!

***Storm hands the mic to Bill as he takes the mic and walks back and forth***

BBB: Oakland, California....Shadow of Annihilation.....tonight the BEST damn tag team in the world gets what is rightfully theirs. The Tag Team titles. Anyway Oakland is full of losers anyway. Don't worry, those Oakland Raiders made the playoffs by pure luck. They couldn't win on earlier, because they are certainly not good enough to beat the big bad Baltimore Ravens. Come on Oakland? When was the last time this team was good? If the great Marcus Allen were here I would beat his ass in five seconds.

***Chorus of boos erupt through the arena***

BBB: And please those Oakland A's have not had a good team since the bash brothers of whom are both on different teams now. The A's are almost as good as the Raiders and we know the Chicago White Sox could squash those A's anyday. (boos get louder) That's just what we're going to do tonight so come on out and give us those titles because tonight we are walking out of Oakland new Tag team champions.

***"The Zoo" plays again as the Impact Players leave the ring***

Papa: God…I hope the left Lavin at home…I don’t want to deal with him tonight…

Tristan: I don’t see what your beef with him is…Lavin is a great announcer! Is it any wonder that the Impact Players want him to call his matches? It’s like when Austin wanted JR to call his match at Wrestlemania!

Papa: JR is great…but Lavin is a hack…and biased too much towards the players!!! I could go on and on about his other habits…but we got a match to call!


Ben Richmond: Ladies and gentlemen... this next match is scheduled for one fall, with a fifteen minute time limit... introducing first, making his way to the ring from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... X-Citing Xian Xavier... X X X!!!

*** The crowd is polite as the cocky X-man makes his way out to the ring. A light applause is heard, a few boos, but nothing to shatter the decible meter. ***

Papa: Well, in recent week's we've seen a bit of resurgance from the X-man... he's a very talented individual, with a lot of in-ring ability and a hell of an entertaining shtick... but since he's come to the GTW, he could be seen as a bit of an underachiever. He's a former world champion, and came to the GTW with high hopes... but suffered a major loss at our last Pay Per View, Rung by Damn Rung... where he teamed with another veteran, Jack Ryder against then up-and-coming Brian Blade and Jack Frost, and, in what some said was an upset, lost the match. He's since resurfaced... but lately, he seems to be more interested in getting a date with Nightshade then winning matches!

Tristan: Hey... can you blame the guy Papa? Nightshade is a total babe! I'd like to roll around with her for a bit too!

Papa: Well, that's probably how Xavier sees this match being... but the fact is, Nightshade didn't join the GTW to make a love connection, no, she joined to kick some ass... and she could very well do so tonight!

Richmond: And his opponent... *** "Labrinth" by Juno Reactor starts to a great pop ***

Richmond: She hails from New York City... weighing in at 125 lbs... NIGHTSHADE!!!

*** Nightshade walks out onto the entrance ramp, wearing a pair of black jeans and a red tube top. Her long red hair is pulled back in a ponytail... and she looks PISSED. A close-up shot of Xavier reveals a sudden smile... ***


Papa: And here we go!!!! Nightshade is charging into the ring.. Xavier is just standing there smiling... OH!!! NIGHTSHADE WITH A SPEAR!!!

Tristan: She really wants a piece!!!

Papa: The only piece Nightshade wants is a fight, Tristan!!! She's on top of Xavier now... hammering away at him... Xavier has his arms up, blocking some of the punches... Nightshade now grabbing ahold of his head... WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!!! She's slamming it to the mat!

Tristan: Ha! XXX is loving this!

Papa: It looks like it... as Nightshade lets up... Xavier is on his hands and knees... laughing! OH!!! NIGHTSHADE NAILS HIM WITH A KICK TO THE RIBS!!! That knocked the smile off of his face! Nightshade now kicking Xavier while he's down... she finally pulls him up to his feet... OH!!! Sends him into the turnbuckles!!! She charges in... BAM!!! Elbow to the face!!! And now... she's hammering away at Xavier again!

Tristan: Now Xavier is getting his butt kicked!

Papa: The smile has disapeared from the X-Man's face, and has turned into a grimace of pain... Nightshade with a headlock in the corner... she raises her arm, trying to hype up the crowd..

***Crowd pops... they really love Nightshade! ***

Papa: Look out... BULLDOG!!! And Xaiver is down!!! Nightshade with the cover!!!

1... 2...

Papa: Kickout!!! Nightshade pulls Xavier back up... another headlock... signals for another bulldog!!! She charges and... WAIT A SECOND!!! Xavier had Nightshade in a waistlock the whole time!!! He pulls her into the air... BAM!!! Belly-to-back suplex!!!

Tristan: Hey!

*** The crowd boos, as Xavier sits up to shake out the cobwebs. ***

Papa: Well the crowd certainly didn't like that move... and although hitting a woman may not be popular... this is a wrestling match, so Nightshade knows what she's gotten herself into... in fact, as we all know, she IS a former Showcase champion... and that's a title she held for a LONG time!! In any event though... Xavier looks a bit angry now... he pulls Nightshade to her feet... sends her into the ropes... BAM!!! Clothesline!!!

Tristan: Well... at least Xavier is going to teach this girl a lesson!! A woman's place is in the home!

Papa: Come on now Tristan... we know Nightshade isn't your average woman... but now, she looks helpless, trapped in a sleeperhold!!! They are both standing... Nightshade could be going out... OH!!! She kicks her leg back!! LOWBLOW!!! Xavier lets go... doubled over... Nightshade off the ropes, flips over his back, and pulls him down in a sunset flip!!!

1... 2...

Papa: KICKOUT!!! Xavier able to kick out of that one... Nightshade climbs the ropes quickly, as Xavier slowly gets to his feet.. look out below... BAM!!! MISSILE DROPKICK!!!

Tristan: Dammit!!! Come on XXX!!

Papa: Xavier is down... as Nightshade waits for him to get up... KICK TO THE GUT!!! DDT!!! Xavier's down.. and Nightshade is signaling... she's going to the top rope!!!

Tristan: D'oh!! Why doesn't she just get naked!?

Papa: Nightshade up top... Xavier's down... she turns her back... looking towards the crowd... PICTURE-PERFECT MOONSAU--- NO!!! Xavier rolls out of the way!!! Nightshade goes chest-first to the mat!!

Tristan: Well then at least she had some cushioning!!!

Papa: Xavier using the ropes to pull himself to his feet... Nightshade up... BAM!!! SUPERKICK BY THE X-MAN!!!

Tristan: HA!! He almost knocked her head off!!!

Papa: Yes, it was almost sickening, the way Nightshade's neck snapped back... as Xavier now signals... he's ready to finish this one off!!! He heads up top... sizes up Nightshade down below... ready to drop his world-famous elbowdrop... THE X-CUTIONER'S AX--- NO!!! Nighthshade lifts a boot!!! Xavier gets nailed in the face!!! He falls towards the ropes... Nightshade springs to her feet!!! She charges Xavier... bounces off the ropes... SPRINGBOARD DDT!!! She rolls with it for the Vampiric strangulation... but keeps rolling and is on top for a pin!!!

1... 2... 3!!!


Richmond: The winner of this match... NIGHTSHADE!!!

Papa: Nightshade scores with the victory!!

Tristan: What!?! I can't believe XXX lost!!! He lost... TO A GIRL!! I mean, I know she beat Iceman a hundred times... but XXX??? He's a living legend!!!

Papa: And another impressive win for Nightshade... she's beaten Eric Bialas... XXX... the list keeps on growing... and she won't stop... until she's GTW champion!!!

Tristan: Ha!! A FEMALE GTW champion??? Don't make me laugh Papa!!!

Papa: Tristan... it may be coming sooner then you think...