***The camera turns the corner of some vacated hallway. There are some brown cardboard boxes. The ceiling is covered with pipes and electrical cables. The hallway seems to be very dusty and discarded. The walls are a very dirty white, and the floors appear to be brown. Setting is a corner on the floor with his knees curled up is "The Rooster." He has a roll of tape in his left hand and he is taping up his right hand. He looks up at the camera and gives a halfhearted smile.***

Rooster: Well it's the eleventh hour before the my first GTW pay per view. To say I'm not up for it would be an understatement. I'm fighting off the flu, and I'm down right sick of being made to look like Brian Blade's bitch boy. Now people ask me what I think about getting a shoit in this hardcore battle royal. I'm going to tell you now what I told yoiu weeks ago. I don't want the damn hardcore title. I can't stand battle royals. I've been there and done that. My life was one long hardcore match. And I gave up gang warfare a long time ago. So why do I get in the ring with eleven other guys, because it's my job. Poi, you have nothing to worry about from me, cause I don't want your gold. On the other hand getting in that ring means I get to shatter the Glass Menagerie. Red Rodney, Dirty Jason, and oh yes Jack Frost. Frost I finally understand why you took that name, cause your slippery as ice. I've come out here week after week, saying I'm going to get you. Every single time you've fell through the cracks. Not tonite, tonight you are gonna experience Cold Fusion from yours truely.

***Rooster breaks off the tape and starts taping up his left hand.***

Rooster: Now Brian Blade. Don't think that because your not in the same match this week I'm going to let up on you. I plan on making you my bitch boy tonite. Plain and simple I'm going to do whatever I can to hand that title over to Mad Dog. Why, not because I think he deserves it, but because you deserve it LESS. I'm sick of being the punchline to the joke that is your career the past few weeks. It Ends tonight. Just like now, where I am in the bowels of the arena where the PPV is happening. You won't know where I'm coming from, and you won't stop me. Well it's time I get things set up.

***Rooster stands up and pie-faces the camera. which falls back and goes black.***

Papa: Strong words from the “Rooster” Louis Allen…

Tristan: Yes…but will those words serve him well in the Hardcore Rumble tonight?

Papa: Well, we shall see…but I’m not going to focus on that now…cause we have a match to call! Here comes BX!!!

Ben Richmond: This match is set for one fall and has a 10 minute time limit! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by the Lightning 1-2-3 Syxx-Pac Kid, From Blueville, The Blue Monster!!!

***The BX theme plays as the two jobbers comes to the ring***

Ben Richmond: And his opponent, from Philadelphia, PA, Justin Sane!!!

***The Fans cheer loud for the newcomer, Justin Sane***

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Papa: And these two are off…Blue Monster charges right on in…and gets a right from Sane, flooring him! Sane goes right to work, hopping on the prone Monster and punching his lights out…it’s crazy!!!

Tristan: Some may even say insane…

Papa: Very funny…Sane now has Monster back on his feet…swings him to the rope…HUGE Powerslam by Sane! Sane is going for a cover…

1…2…NO! Monster kicks out!

Tristan: Apparently these new haircuts aren’t winning matches…

Papa: No…and I guess Monster wants a few minutes to get it together…Sane being held back by the ref…wait! The Kid sneaking into the ring…and hitting Sane with a flurry of kicks!!

Tristan: YES! I knew getting rid of some that hair would help them!

Papa: This is…Come on ref! Look at what is going on!!! Kid slides out as Monster slides in, and Monster going to work on Sane with a headlock!

Tristan: Sucking the life right out of Sane…Sane took a few of the Kid’s blows right to the head!

Papa: Yes…but it’ll take more than that to stop Justin Sane…I knew Sane from other feds…and I know he won’t give up that easy! Monster is getting restless…and OH! Now he’s getting extra leverage from the ropes while Kid distracts the ref…

Tristan: Classic double teaming by these two! Sane doesn’t stand a chance!

Papa: I doubt that…Sane is fading though…the ref is over to check…holding up the arm…1 count…Sane not looking so hot…2 count…c’mon Sane…YES! He’s got the arm up! He’s fighting back to his feet…now he’s elbowed Sane off of his back…and going to the ropes…but he’s tripped up by the Kid!!!

Tristan: YES! Two heads ARE better than one!

Papa: Monster picks up Sane…and swings him into the corner…OH! Sane landing hard into the turnbuckles…now sitting in that corner…Monster is talking with the ref…while the Kid slides back in again!

Tristan: This is will be the end of Sane right here…he’s getting set up for the BLUE BALLS!

Papa: Yes…the rather…silly name for the Kid’s Bronco Buster…and here he goes…AND SANE GETS A LEG INTO THE KID’S CROTCH!!! The Kid is down…and Sane is back up!!! Sane throwing the Kid from the ring! Monster now focusing back on what is happening…But Sane is charging in…OH!! DDT BY SANE!!!

Tristan: DAMN!!! Sane nearly broke the ring with that DDT and Blue Monster’s head!!!

Papa: He almost did! Sane now picking up Blue Monster…and throws him out of the ring! The Kid is helping Monster up…and now Sane bouncing off the ropes…AND LEAPING OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO BOTH OF THEM!!! JUSTIN SANE IS JUST INSANE!!!!

Tristan: How did I know he was going to say that…

Papa: Sane now rolling The Blue Monster back into the ring…he’s got him up…And slowly gets the big man on his shoulders…OH!!! ACID!!! Blue Monster is out…and Sane makes the pin!


Papa: And Sane has won it!!! But wait! He’s sliding out of the ring!

Tristan: He’s got the Kid by the hair! Not the Haircut!!!

Papa: Sane’s got The Kid on his Shoulders…ACID to the kid as well! Sane covers the kid…and the ref counts!


Tristan: My god…he beat both of them!!!

Papa: That he did…and folks, we got one hell of a cleanup to do after that! We’ll be back!