The screen open in darkness and we see that off in the distance something is starting to come closer…as it does we see scenes of the various feuds in the GTW…with Rooster Lou Allen looking to make his mark against Jack Frost, Dirty P and Dirty Jason warring over the name “Dirty” and Electrik and Soul Ken trying to kill one another…We see the brutality of the black death sleeper as Erebus almost kills Enrique DeMarco, and we see the unwanted come-ons by XXX to Nightshade…and we see the Impact Players make fun of every sports team outside Chicago while making a name for themselves in the Tag division…And we see Brian Blade in the center of it all, making fun of EVERYONE…but still holding onto the gold…all until we get to the thing in the distance…the letters “G, T, and W…” which are slowly consumed by the darkness…and replaced by blood red letters reading…


Grand Tour Wrestling proudly presents:
In association with: And You Thought You Were Crazy LTD…

***Fireworks explode in Oakland, CA as we are live for the first grand GTW PPV event!***

Brian Papa: Folks, welcome to Oakland as we are live for the next three hours of PPV! I am your host Brian Papa, and with me as always, is…

Tristan Crocker: No intro needed, no words can be said other than that I am the king…but truth be told I hate CA, and the reason why I’d rather not say, but lets just say that my girl spurned me here, but rather than be lame and drown my shallows in beer, I found a new girl that very same night, and let me just say that her…

Papa: Tristan!!!!

Tristan: Crocker…

Papa: Well, we got one hell of a card here tonight! We start with a newcomer, Justin Sane, taking on the Blue Monster…

Tristan: Yeah, and we’ll just see whether or not this Sane kid can stop the fury of the NEW HAIRCUTS!!!

Papa: Yes…And how about that Hardcore rumble?

Tristan: A lot of bad blood to be settled in that ring…look for a wild, wild, wild ride!!!

Papa: Let’s not overlook Nightshade and XXX…

Tristan: Yeah, XXX looking to get some while Nightshade just looking for another notch on her belt…

Papa: And Erebus and DeMarco look to end a violent feud in a VERY bloody match indeed!!!

Tristan: Yes…blood should flow freely with those Barb wire ropes…and it should flow often as well…

Papa: and the tag titles are on the line…Trevor looks to retain against the Impact Players!!!

Tristan: Yeah…and WHO is going to be that surprise partner???

Papa: But of course, we can’t forget our main event…Brian Blade looks to defend against Mad Dog!!!


Tristan: And speak of the devil…

***Brian Blade and company come out and the crowd in the Oakland Arena is deafening with boos. Red Rodney is carrying a stick with a Raiders jersey on it, and to futher piss off the crowd, Blade is wearing a Ravens jersey and carrying his trusty Super Soaker. The slide into the ring, and Blade gets a mic from Richmond.***

Blade: Excuse me while I laugh my ass off at the Raiders... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I couldn't belive that I could find a team worse than the Lost Boyz, then I saw the match against Baltimore today. Oh God, what a game that was... Now, I know I have to face that moron Mad Dog tonight for my GTW World Championship, but I've already made plans to have a victory party tonight, and any member of the Brian Blade Fan Club in the audience can come! So, Mad Dog, I want to show you why I'm the Game, and you're just a little Fifi.

***Blade points to the GTWaTron and a short video of Blade taking out opponents is shown. Among the victims are "Godly" Ken Davison, Captain T, Rufus Yoder, Union Ninja, XXX, Jack Ryder, and Mad Dog himself.***

Blade: So, you say that you are the one to make me feel Dry Hell... but like I said a few months ago, you don't have the brains to EVVVVVVER win against me. Remember 2+2? I've got a new question for you now... What do you get when you take a poodle and make him play the Game? I'll tell you what you get, and that is the poodle lying in blood while the Game plays on, looking for someone that he could give a damn about. Moral of the story? Just because you've hit me with my move doesn't mean jack shit because I'm going to prove tonight why Hell is just an expression, I AM REALITY!!!

***Blade starts to leave, but Jason stops him.***

Blade: You want to say something? Jason: Yeah... Well Oakland how did you like the game today as you can tell Brian picked the right team. And to show our apprecation to you fans, take a look at this.

***Red holds out the stick and Jason lights it on fire***

Jason: Get ready cause tonight you will see the best damn wrestler in this sport go toe to toe with 8 pussys of the GTW and then the real match comes with Red and Frost here. But to you Jack I just have 2 things to say. 1.Nothing personal but the ass whoppin you get tonight is strictly biz. 2. Remember the bigger they are the bigger they fall. Now lets talk about the other guys against me tonight. lets start with Electrik mouse f'n pika motha f***. Next is Soul Ken, which is more like Soul Barbie. Moving right on we've got "The Rooster" Louis Allen. I've got something to ask, who the hell are you? Anyway now to Dirty P, I've beat your ass and it isn't nothing new tonight when i hook the Dirty Drop on you. Then its Wildcat who has hurpies, then the breast Infection, the Masters of Darkness and Han ...something or another who all have goneria. Then that leaves you {looks at Red Rodney} Rodney. Well, we'll see who the better man really is, but i hope you well be alright with knowing its me.

Red: Wait! I've been a GTW Tag Champion before, what belts have you held?

Jason: One, and that's going to be the GTW Hardcore title when I beat you and those other pussies tonight!

Red: Wanna prove it?

Blade: Woah! Save it for the Rumble you two! I need you guys to be a team tonight and make sure no morons win the belt. In other words, either you two or Frost should in this match! Come on, let's go to the back and get ready to raise some "Dry Hell"…

***”I’m with Stupid” starts to play…and out comes the MIC, Richard Kirkland***

Kirkland: Nicely put Mr. Blade…but you will not be raising ANY hell tonight…and I’m going to see to it. First of all…if anyone here at ringside gets wet from THAT super-soaker tonight…then you will be fined 100,000 dollars…2nd, if you interfere in ANY matches tonight, then you will lose your belt, and Mad Dog will win automatically, and third…I will be the SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE TONIGHT!!!!

***The Crowd goes nuts as Blade scowls in the ring***

Kirkland: And your opponent has a comeback to you already, Mr. Blade…


***Break Stuff blasts over the PA and the fans are on their feet since they will see their soon to be champion before the main event... Mad Dog steps out from behind the curtain... looking tensly at the ground, he looks more prepared than ever... vains popping out of his neck... he just stands there motionless like one of those living statues, he is not even blinking.... he then begins to breath hard, getting faster and faster every breath... then he breaks into a sprint and slides into the ring, the fans cheering him on the whole time... he paces back and forth, and then he spits, and grabs a mic...***

Mad Dog:Brian Blade, tonight is the night that Mad Dog was born for, and tonight was the night that you will finally feel the extent of how dangerous the DRYNESS is when Mad Dog gets a title shot... and man, you better believe that tonight Mad Dog is taking that title!!! ***POP***

Mad Dog:You see, you play these mind games on Mad Dog. Well they dont work... for Mad Dog only has a one track mind, and that mind is on the world title only... which will finally be Mad Dog's tonight, but Mad Dog will not play any games on you Blade, for Mad Dog is not palying slash jokin around, tonight Mad Dog is ALL buisness, for tonight there will be a new dawning, the dawning of Annihillation... and Mad Dog will Annihilate everyone in his way, starting with you...

*** BIG POP!!!***

Mad Dog: And you will hear from Mad Dog again tonight, during the PPV, and Mad Dog will be serious again tonight....

*** Another Pop***

Mad Dog:Mad Dog will definately win tonight infact as a good friend of mine said last year the night of the WWF Royal Rumble The Rock said "I GARUNDAMNTEE THAT THE ROCK WILL WIN".. well Mad Dog GARUNDAMNTEES THAT MAD DOG WILL WIN THE GTW TITLE TONIGHT AT THE PPV... and that is a promise *** Somehow, yet another POP***

Mad Dog:WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Crowd:CAUSE ITS DRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Papa: MY GOD!!! Kirkland to officiate tonight…and Blade won’t be causing any trouble!!!

Tristan: This isn’t fair!!! Kirkland’s going to GIVE that belt to Mad Dog!!!

Papa: He just might…but folks, we’ll be right back!!!