Won Mar-05-02 by "True Excellence" Bill Lavin(Defeated Brian Blade)

Won Jan-08-02 by Brian Blade (Defeated Enrique DeMarco in an I Quit match)

Won Oct-28-01 by Enrique DeMarco (Defeated Nightcrawler and Alex Arrogance in a three way dance)

Won Oct-5-01 by Nightcrawler (Defeated Thomas Stonfan)

Won 26-Aug-2001 by Thomas Stonfan (Beat "True Excllence" William Lavin for vacant title)

GTW FOLDS 24-JAN-2001 to 17-AUG-2001

Won 15-Jan-2001 by Erebus (Defeated Enrique DeMarco)

Won 27-Dec-2000 by Enrique DeMarco (Defeated Nightshade)

Won 11-Oct-2000 by Nightshade (Defeated Iceman)

Won 19-Sept-2000 by Iceman (defeated Poi)

Won 08-Sept-2000 by Poi (defeated Jade Viper in a tag match where the title was on the line)

Won 01-Sept-2000 by Jade Viper (defeated D'Vora)

Won 16-Jul-2000 by D'Vora (defeated Union Ninja & Pot Pie for vacant title)