Wrestler's Name: The Saxist
Allignment: Heel
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 224 lbs
Hometown: Pocono Point, PA
Entrance Music: "Sing, Sing, Sing"
Finisher: The Flip Folder
Description of Finisher: The Saxist whips his opponent to the turnbuckles and takes a running start before leaping off the bottom rope and flinging his body sideways, locking his opponent in a rolling head scissor, flipping his opponent onto his neck.
-The Ligature (Tajiri's Tarantula)
-The Symphony (Top Rope Hurricanrana)
-The Down Beat (Rock Bottom setup into a spinning neckbreaker)
-Figure-4 on the Post
-Spinning Heel Kick
-Spinning 450 Moonsault
Ring Style: Technical
Looks: The Saxist is a small, quick man. He has black hair and eyes and is rarely without his trademark sunglasses. He wears a long pair of black tights to the ring, a saxophone covering the right leg and "The Saxist" in red down the left leg. Outside the ring, he is usually dressed in black or red and dressed sharply, usually a suit and tie.
History: The Saxist debuted in the WWO on May 8th, 1998 on Opening Night. He went out with his saxophone and played "Oh, Canada" in front of the New York Crowd and got booed out of the building. He combined sarcasm, shock value, and wit as he climbed the ladder of the WWO. When WWO merged with WWCW, The Saxist began his climb again, perching himself in the main event with stars such as Stevie Graham, Brian Blade, XXX, and Boom. After a brief retirement, he returned in 2001 to win the UOWN Universal Title on its final card on 9/24/01. He then arrived in GTW still holding his beloved title.
Manager?: Yes
Manager's Description: Brian O'Banion, RTDF of the UOWN and the beautiful blonde fitness model, Nicole Wilson.