1) Upon filling out an application to the GTW you WILL be expected to Role Play at least once a week.  This means, to write up some kind of wrestling promo for your wrestler slamming your opponent for the week or telling us why your wrestler will win.  If you don't Role-Play (or "Flash" as we call it)  your wrestler will either lose every match or you'll be "fired". Role Plays don't have to be extremely long, but try and do more then a sentence. At least a paragraph if you can. Try your best is all we ask...and if you need examples, we will be more than happy to provide you with some.

2) NO negative racial comments at all! Not even joking. It will NOT be tolerated. If you do you'll be fired. This includes comments about race, religion, and sexual preference. They will not be tolerated.

3) NO extreme cursing. Meaning, no using the F word. If you feel you must use it, censor it, example: f**k or f*ck or or , you get the picture. Same goes for the other word for poop. Use sh*t or s**t or something of that sort. You may use the other word for butt, you know the A word. (this is Angelfire and I don't want to get in trouble writing down a whole bunch of curse words) Censor all references to private body parts below the waist, but try not to use them anyway if you can, cause I can guarantee referencing them won't win you many matches.

4) If you don't like the way a match ended, PLEASE don't be an idiot and complain to the Prez. If you do you'll look stupid, BUT if you must complain do it in your Role Plays, but I'm telling you now, if you make it a habit of complaining your going to have a hard time being successful. If you have a problem contact the Prez via email and work it out. He'll listen most of the time.  And he likes getting E-mail.

5) NO sex in your Role Playing. You can suggest it, but don't give us a detailed view. Example: 'And then as he leaned over to put his hand on her leg and slowly moved it up we faded to black.'  That's usually more than enough for everyone in this audience to get the picture...

6)Have Fun!  That's the whole point behind the fed!

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