It's been several weeks, and finally, the HiC cameras have caught up with a very reclusive individual.  That individual being one Jack Frost.  He's sitting around in a hotel in New York City, a small smile seen as the camera walks in the door.  His hotel room is rather messy, very strange for the usually clean and upkept giant.  He's lounging in one of the chairs in a short sleeved Oxford and a pair of black dress pants.

Frost: Ahh, it's good that you made it.  I suppose not even New York City traffic could stop the mighty High Impact Competition camera crews.  I apologize for the mess, but I have yet to clean up after a certain someone decided to get very angry when they found out they were not on the card for Resurrection next week.  Please, come closer, and watch out for the soda on the floor.

The camera does shake a little as the person holding the camera moves closer to Jack.

Frost: This week, speaking of Resurrection, I have been booked as the tag team partner to one Mr. Edward Starr... or more commonly known as just Mr. E.  To say the man is quite intimidating is a bit of an understatement.  It's very, very rare that I am in the ring with someone larger than me.  Then again, it's also going to be quite the interesting time teaming with him should we defeat our opponents this week.  Maybe it will be through him and Ms. Eve that finally my bottled up rage can be released from it's cage.  Perhaps then I can prove myself...  But, enough about myself, as the people want to hear about my opponents for Resurrection and how I feel about them.  Before we get to that though, I need to mention that both of these people are in The Final Chapter.  I find it strange to be fighting members of the same organization to tell the truth.  However, I accepted the invitation, and with it the stipulations involved.  Being that as it may, I don't expect to be able to fight at my absolute best.  My absolute best is given for enemies, not friends.  What I will give Timothy Murphy and Chris Chimara will hopefully be enough, combined with Mr. E, to obtain the HiC Tag Team Championship.

Frost slightly smiles at that perspective idea.

Frost: I've always been more of a tag team wrestler... All of the titles in wrestling that I have been fortunate enough to hold were tag team championships, and as such, I know best how to compete as a tag team wrestler.  The knowledge of being a good tag team wrestler is something that I may have more than any other wrestler among us... Except perhaps for Timothy Murphy.  Timothy is without a doubt one of the better friends I have here in High Impact Competition, always being there for me when I needed his help.  He was there for me when James Ultros commited his sins to Riona Langly, and was one of my allies as we headed into WarGames at Genesis VI.  He'll always be a good friend of mine, and it'll be an honor to be in the ring with you this week.  Regardless of that, I know that Mr. E will not show you the same kind of respect that I will.  He will be likely to treat you as his enemy... And that will be the turning point.  My agression has been reigned in and tamed.  I cannot seem to access the time kind of power and rage that I had when I would put people in the hospital.  He seems to not have that difficulty, and with the massive height of both of us, the odds are in our favor.  Unfortunately Timothy, that means that Mr. E will probably not hold back on you, and his rage will be the difference maker in this contest.  Do not worry though... I will pay for a round on the house at Callahan's Saloon to recoup your spirits.

Frost: Of a different feather is Chris Chimara... Someone that I dislike quite a bit.  His mouth and ego are so great, that even I am irritated by it, and after spending the majority of 2 years traveling with Brian Blade, this is quite the accomplishment.  He seems to not quite understand what he is dealing with here.  He is dealing with the two largest men in High Impact Competition.  He is dealing with one man that potentially could be fit for the insane asylum, and another that has sent men to the hospital for attacking friends.  And you have attacked my friends Chris Chimara... need I remind you that you were against me at Genesis VI inside the WarGames cage.  At Resurrection, I will show you that regardless of the fact that you are technically in The Final Chapter, I still regard you as a friend of Scott Nash-Strader and an arrogant little fool.  And as such, unlike with Timothy Murphy, I will not show you mercy or hold anything back.  You will fall to the Nuclear Winter, and I will not regret that I have proven you wrong.  Chris Chimara, you're young, and that combined with your brash mouth will be your downfall.  Just understand and learn the lesson that you do not anger men twice your size.

Frost: At Ressurection, Mr. E and myself will become the HiC Tag Team Champions.  At that point, I pray for the next team to face us, because that team will have to overcome incredible odds to pry these championships from us.  Now, if you don't mind, I must clean up a little...

Jack Frost stands up and begins to tidy the little hotel room up as we Fade... To... Black...