Hollywood, California.  Home of most TV, movie, and music studios.  Often times, these studios will have a glamour event to try and make itself look very good and pristine in the public's eye.  The gala we're seeing is not one of a studio, but instead, of one Jonathon Wehali, more commonly known as the HiC Twister Champion Nightmare.  While the other participants in the event are mingling and hobnobbing it with the crowds of celebrities that are spread about, one person in this event is not interacting very much.

That man, leaning against the far left wall of the Grand Hall, next to a 1930's looking mural, is the 7'1", 391 pound superstar of HiC, Jack Frost.  He's wearing a very traditional looking tuxedo, with a long black jacket, white tuxedo shirt, ice blue vest and tie, black tuxedo pants and a pair of very large, and shiny black shoes.  He looks somewhat uncomfortable in this environment.

Frost: It's been such a long time since I've been to an event such as this.  However, the celebration parties thrown by Brian Blade were quite different than this.  His events were, as one might describe it, a "wild, rampant display of childishness and fun."  In fact, I believe that is my quote that's been dragged and twisted throughout the years.  Brian's celebration events were indeed quite entertaining, but he could never quite reach the level of class and sophistication that I have seen this evening.  Jonothan does know how to throw an event to bring the stars in, and despite my lack of comfort in such a place, I applaud him for that.

Frost sighs as he looks around the event, seeing the various members of the new Obituary hobnob with each other.

Frost: Yes, if you missed the announcement earlier, I have become a "card carrying member" of the Obituary.  I'm sure many people are wondering why I've done this.  After all, many people see me as a lone wolf or an outcast in a large group.  And that much is true.  As you can tell, these large parties are not my cup of tea so to say.  However, how could I possibly pass up a chance to become affiliated with people that have supported me and that I have supported over the last two months?  It's a show of honor, and that is something that this stable has much of to spare.  For example, we have Nightmare, a person who has shown me not only greater ability than I when it comes to being a pure wrestler, but a man that knows the line between right and wrong and is willing to uphold that line at any cost.  Then there is Timothy Murphy, who quickly rushed to my aid those many months ago to help me save Miss Riona from further damage at the hands of James Ultros.  Ledge and the Kumkquat Kid, who despite thier images of being clowns and hooligans, know when to prove themselves in and outside of the ring.  Mr. E and Eve are a pair that while I am not quite familiar with personally, I have seen thier abilities and know that they are a fine addition to our motley crew.  Finally, there are the legends Tommy Riley and Trey.  Both men are greater than me in the techinal aspect of wrestling and both are rising quite admirably from past troubles.

As Frost ran down each new member of the Obituary, the smile on his face grew slightly.  He stroked his increasing in length beard as he realized something.

Frost: There is one thing that holds all the new members of the Obituary together, and that is respect.  Without respect, a man is nothing but a shell of hatred and paranoia, ready to explode at any moment.  I believe this case is perfect to describe you James Ultros.  This Saturday Night, at the special Night of Champions, we finally meet one on one in the middle of the ring, surrounded by my familiar fans in the Chicago area.  Yes, this match for me will almost be a homecoming of sorts for me, as I first was seen on national television a few blocks away at the Odin Arena.  This little tidbit of information should not worry you any more than you seem to be.

Frost: I have heard you describe our meeting on Saturday as the Final Chapter in our fued.  I cannot disagree with that statement.  This match will decide definitively who is the better between the two of us.  I cannot tell you the amount of time I have spent thinking of the various methods of pain that one can introduce legally into a match such as this.  It has kept me going through these times, the thought of you finally receiving your just desserts for your hideous actions towards Miss Riona on March 4th.  And now, I will be able to act upon these thoughts in my head.  You have heard me on High Impact Radio, talking about what I wish to do to you.  Those actions cannot be done in the confines of a match, but I do know of something that will torture you as much as driving a stake through your black heart.  And that is taking the Champion's Choice Championship, which I refuse to refer to by the name you have given it.

Frost: To be quite honest, the Champion's Choice Title means very little to me.  It would be quite an honor to be on a list with such people as Jacob Seldon, Ai Mei Montrose, and Ledge, but in actuality, the title means very little in this match for me.  I know that for you, that championship that you are burying with it's presence on your shoulder means everything to you.  It shows your supposed intelligence for defeating Ledge dishonorably, and it shows your cowardism in that this is your first defence of the championship since you stole it.  That title that reeks with your odors is your soul James Ultros, and nothing would satisfy me more than to pin you cleanly in the middle of the ring and snatch away your love just like that.

The more Frost speaks of Ultros and the
Schadenfreude Championship, a thought seems to grow in his head.  His face scrunches a little as he recollects these events.

Frost: Actually James, this little story between you and I is very similar to some events that took place in Grand Tour Wrestling.  The story begins with our, at the time, Showcase Heavyweight Champion, Enrique DeMarco.  He had gone about proclaiming himself as the "King of Fighters," and proved that in very sadistic and brutal ways.  He would employ the Fujiawa Armbar on an opponent until thier arm had been broken, regardless of the finish of the match.  Now, this DeMarco character, in one of his usual fits, had snapped the arm of a female member of our roster.  This action, to say the least, pissed off Brian's girlfriend Dana Davis, and she rushed in to challenge DeMarco.  Unfortunately, she was unable to hold her own so to say, and her arm was completely wrenched out of the socket.

The thoughts of what happened to Dana Davis still causes Frost to shiver, despite the actions being some two and a half years ago.  The shuddering subsiding, Frost continues his tale.

Frost: Now, this did many things to Enrique DeMarco.  It made him, for a short while, the most hated man in gTw.  It solidified his status as a completely souless, compassionless monster.  However, the most prevalent of responces to this tale comes from Brian Blade, who immediately set aside his ambitions for the gTw World Championship to gain his retribution against the "King of Fighters."  Blade pursued his adversary for weeks, until it came time for our PPV event, Icestorm, and with it, an I Quit match for Enrique's Showcase Championship..  In it, despite the Showcase Heavyweight Championship being prestigous, the title meant little for Brian Blade.  This match was about vengeance, and Brian Blade got his bloody satisfaction.  The championship meant little to him at the time, and to this date, his reign was only a footnote in history as he was side-tracked with arrival of an old enemy.

Once again, and what is becoming an occurance for Jack, his expression changes to one of remembering, as he recollects the brief fued with Louis Allen, and his sudden departure from gTw.  His expression soon changes back to his "serious look."

Frost: Now, what does that tale have to do you with James?  Simple.  That tale of bloody revenge is eerily similar to the situation between us as we speak.  You have gained a championship, and will defend it against me where the title is almost important.  You attacked the object of protection in an inhumane way, much like DeMarco did.  You verbally decimated a person, this person being Ai Mei Montrose, until the female protagonist could not stand to see these actions continue.  It does sound like the tale I described earlier, does it not?  And, this Saturday at the Night of Champions, that ending will remain the same.  You will lose cleanly, fairly, and I will take a part of your soul with me as I face Subtrafuge later in the night.  James, this is the final chapter, and I know that it will be a very happy ending to our two-month story of revenge and vengeance.  Happy for myself that is.

Finally, Jack Frost leaves the confines of his wall and begins to walk among the guest at this gala event.

Frost: It is very fitting I am here in Hollywood, is it not?  Being here, I am able to research people that wear masks.  In Hollywood, everyone is wearing a mask.  Ne it a literal mask, a metaphoric mask to hide thier emotions, or a mask to hide thier identity.  You Subtragufe, I will is the last of the examples I just provided.  You hide yourself from the crowds for what reason?  Glory, revenge, schemes?  It does not matter to me.  All that matters is that after I defeat James Ultros once and for all, I will be facing you Subtrafuge.

Jack takes a sip of the punch as a bellboy runs to fix a problem with the parking out back.

Frost: I look forward to both my matches on Saturday night.  I look forward to humilating James Ultros, and I look forward to facing a woman such as Subtrfuge in honorable combat.  A match filled with hate is quite different than one of respect.  In a respect match, it can be assured that there will be no interference on the behalf of your oppoenent, while one can expect interference to the nines in an hate filled match.  I know you are much smaller than me Subtrafuge, and you might not have half my strength.  However, I can say that I am treating this potential match with as much gusto as I would for an ordinary match against a 6'5" person.  I want this evening to be special for all involved, and I will do what it takes to see every audience member leave with a smile on thier face.  I will not take you lightly Subtrfuge.  I have seen images and raw video of Riona Langly in Japan and England.  I know that what we believe a woman can do is not all she can do.  I have seen your Tai Chi in action, and wish that this Saturday, you bring all that you can to the table "as they say."

Frost takes another sip, and smiles.

Frost:  James Ultros and Subtrafuge.  Opposites in too many ways to describe them all here.  However, there will be one similarity after Saturday.  This similarity being that you will have lost to me.

Frost takes another sip, but before he can speak some more and cause eardrums to split, Ledge drags him away almost embarrassingly to meet with a Hollywood Bigwig as we Fade To Black...