Buffalo, New York.  Home of the Buffalo Bills, the Buffalo Sabers, and the Buffalo Wing.  Unfortunately, the person we're visiting today doesn't care too much about any of the above.  Though, he has been known to enjoy some buffalo wings every once in a while.  In fact, that is what Jack Frost is eating at this very moment.  And beside him, is not exactly somebody one would expect to be with Frost while he is in this city.

Frost: So you are telling me that you heard about Miss Langly's injuries three weeks ago, and yet it has taken you this long to make it here?

The person he's sitting next to grins as he eats another wing.  This particular individual is wearing a black leather jacket, a purple and black jockey jersey, and a pair of black jeans.

???: Hey, I'm a busy guy, what can I say?  Between trying to run this wrestling federation I've inherited from my uncle, to trying to find the PERFECT ring, to having to make publicity appearances, I just don't have the time.  I did send her some flowers though.

Frost: That is all well and good Mr. Blade, but still, she was your prize student.  If it had been my best protégé, I would have spared no expense to see her.

Brian Blade, holder of 5 different World-Level Championships, 6 different UOWN Championships, only man to ever hold the gTw and UOWN Championships at the same time, and all around egomaniacal wrestler, along with being Jack Frost's former "employer," continues to grin.

Blade: I'm sorry for having a life Jacko... anyway, how did you find out I was here anyway?  I thought my agent told you I was in Portland for a press conference.

Frost: Riona tipped me off on it.  She told me that you had come in wondering how long it takes for someone to recover from a beating like that... I believe your words were, "I took beatings like that for breakfast!"  Now, I do recall someone being out for 2 months with a broken ankle.  Care to elaborate on that?

Blade: No fair bringing that up... I was using my ankle injury to keep me from having to face Mad Dog 3 times that month.  Remember how much I hated wrestling him even once?  That guy made me look bad each time we fought... Why?  Because he sucked, that's why.  I hated him and all his "DRY" comments.  What the hell was that supposed to mean anyway?  I mean, dry usually means that he's sober... but Mad Dog was NEVER sober!  He was drunk when we wrestled, he was drunk in the back, he was drunk on the buses, he was drunk on the planes, he was drunk on the ship we took to wrestle in the Bahamas, and he was drunk when he was going to get even more drunk!

Frost facepalms as Blade finally finishes his rant about Mad Dog, who he had a 7 month rivalry with that never really ended properly.  Mad Dog was fired before they could blow the feud off for being, guess what... Drunk.

Frost: Brian... That is improper grammar and you know it.  Some people just never learn...

Blade: Yeah, like you Frost.  For example, look at yourself.  You haven't changed ONE bit from the last time we worked together.  I mean, you're still too nice for your own good.  You don't seem to care one bit that that your partner, and more importantly, your friend, was beaten as badly as she was.  You go on and on about your the extent of your revenge, and yet, you've done nothing about it!  Timmy, or whatever the hell his name is, is still living the high life in his mansion, while you're going around trying to make him intimidated of you.  Listen up, it ain't gonna happen like you are now!  You need to drop trying to look like a good guy and pound him flat.  That dumb brute that thinks he's a bodyguard can't stop you, you already proved that...

Blade's words sink deeply into Frost, as his expressions change from one of easy goings to one of regret.  Of course, Blade doesn't stop there.

Blade: And to top it all off, you've had several chances in the ring to hurt him, and yet you've done nothing!  Your friends and allies have done more to this assclown than you have.  You had him in the parking lot a few weeks ago, and you let some joker who goes around pretending to be a soldier stop you.  Then you had him after you fought that Ash Harris wanna-be, and you got distracted by the 10,000 people that ran in on that match.  You had him on April Fool's Day, and yet you the only fool was you!  I mean, you HAD him there.  The surprise, the weaponry, the fact that Grogg was out like a light... and what did you do?  You stopped!  You let him not only go on to Genesis, but go on to the Main Event of that very night as well!

Frost: Brian, please stop... you're making a commotion.

Indeed he is... many of the patrons of the Hooters they are eating in (which, by the way, Frost does not want to be), are looking at the table with the two former gTw superstars in alarm.

Blade: A commotion?  Of course I'm making a commotion... and that's what you SHOULD be doing Jack.  I mean, where the hell did those brains of your go?  You're not supposed to be letting Zippy think that he can get away with what he's done...

Frost: I have not done such a thing!

Blade: Sure Jacko, you've told him that you were going to, and I QUOTE you on this... "Unleash a taste of vengeance which will be something in which even the coldest human being will not be able to watch."  This so-called vengeance is nothing more than idle threats it seems...  I mean, you even had this guy in a steel cage, and yet not only did you not defeat and punish him, but you allowed him to eliminate you from the match!  You know what that showed me?  That showed me that you are nothing but a pile of empty threats and broken promises.  You promised to make this snobby bitch feel your wrath, and you've done nothing of the sort!  You promised to make him feel Riona's pain, and all he's felt is the equivalent of a bee sting of vengeance.

The truth slowly begins to seep into Jack, as already he's stopped eating his wings, and now, he's hung his head a little in shame.

Blade: You think feeling sorry for yourself will do anything right now?  No, it won't... what will do something is if you reach deep inside and find the Jack Frost that I know.  The man that helped me send 5 different wrestlers to the retirement home.  The Jack Frost who chokeslammed a man through two tables off of Hell in a Cell.  The Jack Frost that showed no mercy or compassion for those that he hated.  That's the Jack Frost that needs to be out defending Riona, not the scholarly Jack Frost that reads the Wall Street Journal and listens to Beethoven for fun.  Until that Jack Frost returns, then Ultimos has free reign to ridicule you.

Blade calls over a waitress to get more wings as Frost sighs and looks at the camera...

Frost: He's right... For every stinging accusation of my cowardliness, he does have a point.

Blade: Of course I have a point!

Frost: It is time to stop the games James Ultros.  It is time to stop speaking of what I am going to do to you and actually go through with my claims.  Unfortunately, you have seemed to disappeared, your ego not allowing you to accept defeat in the WarGames cage by Ledge.  That is all right I suppose, for when you return, I will be waiting for you.  I will be there to show you what kind of person a man becomes when they lose their inner peace.  Until this time, I had not truly lost it.  Though my words may have said differently, I think that I was content in allowing Riona to punish you.  That time is ended James Ultros.  When you return, you will fear me...

Blade nonchalantly decides to conveniently head to the bathroom in the middle of Frost's speech...

Frost: Mr. Blade was correct in one other thing as well.  I've done nothing to show you why you should be afraid of me.  I mean, despite my stature and definition, you have no basis to fathom the kind of injury I can deal out.  Your ignorance of this fact will be erased by the time you get back.  For, while you are gone, I am going to take care of another annoyance in my life.  That man being Eric Hartman.

Frost: Eric, as you may have heard on High Impact Radio, I have no respect for you personally or professionally.  Your actions at Genesis VI did nothing to help those beliefs.  Your cowardliness in fact only strengthened my stance on you.  For weeks, you've aided James Ultros without reason.  In fact, I believe your actions to be puzzling to your own partner Scott Nash-Stader, since he aided me in the WarGames cage.  Regardless of those actions by your partner, we still have issues to finish.  And with James Ultros out of the picture for the time being, now would be a perfect time to finish them... if you are not afraid of facing me.  You seem as though you are though... You ran from WarGames, only to attack Nightmare and Ledge from behind.  You are a disgrace to the uniform you so proudly display each week.  Not only would a true member of the Marines never attack a man from behind, but a true member of the United States Marine Corps, retired or active, would never claim a back injury in the face of a War.  He would go out and fight for his honor, regardless of how much pain he might suffer.  A true Marine fights for his honor, and the honor of his country.  You have no honor Eric Hartman, and I do not expect you to fight for anything.  Anything but your pride.

Blade silently returns, but Frost doesn't notice him carrying another plate of wings.

Frost: Pride... it's an interesting ideal.  It is one that can lead to a man's rise to glory, and his decent into defeat.  In this case Eric, it will lead to your downfall.  I know you are facing the Fruit of the Loom in a week for the HiC Tag Team Championship.  I know that you will have Chris Chimera or Peyton Strader in your corner, so I will be there to equalize them.  You will not be able to cheat to defeat my friends Eric Hartman, I will make sure of that.  And I will be watching you... I will be watching your every move in that match, finding a weakness.  I will know how you set up to every move, and then, I will know how to defeat you Eric.  I will know how to defeat you, and to send a message to James Ultros.  That message being that you cannot forget me any longer... You cannot overlook me.  You cannot escape me.  Your judgment cometh nigh.

A small clapping is heard, and who else is it but Brian Blade...

Blade: Great words Frost... but remember, they're just words.  You had some great words for Ziggy, but that's all they were...  Now you need to back them up.  And that's something that my Jack Frost could always do.  Can you?

Blade sits back and munches on a wing as Frost ponders the question, and we Fade... To.... Black.