It’s very late at a gym in Saint Louis, Missouri, the home of the famous PWA Dome, and High Impact Competition's Genesis VI.  With a Main Event of Lisa Lorenzo vs. Thunderwolf, and an undercard featuring Corey Lazarus, Nightmare, and Nemesis, the show is shaping to be one of the best in HiC history.  Also on the card is a WarGames match, and one of the men competing in that match is the man in front of us, Jack Frost.  The other patrons of the gym are giving him a weary eye as he continues to bench press the high amount of weights on him.

Frost: So, it seems as though you've managed to find me... You'll have to excuse my silence over the last few weeks because I asked our new President Mr. Keldman for the roaming cameras to not try and find me.  I've been in a period of deep thought and training for Genesis VI and the WarGames match. 

Frost stops his bench press and slides up.  A few small beads of sweat are dripping down his forehead, but it only seems as though he is warming up.

Frost: I suppose I should give an update towards Miss Riona's condition... She's up and moving around quite well from what she told me on the phone.  In between her swears directed at the medical staff of Boston General Hospital, she managed to tell me that her broken rib should be healed in about 2 weeks.  At that point, she will be cleared to return to the ring... Or so she hopes.  I believe that it may be a bit longer until Miss Langly is back in action here in High Impact Competition.  For that, I am quite sure that James Ultros is very happy.

In a surprising action, Frost chuckles a bit.

Frost: James, you honestly do not understand the type of pain that you will experience soon enough.  The type and amount of redemption Miss Langly is planning for you is something that I would not wish on any man.  But, you are no man.  A true man does not brutalize a woman in the way you did some time ago.  No, you are a beast James Ultros.  A thinking, intelligent, horribly evil beast, but you are a beast nonetheless.  You remind me of another man I once had the displeasure of working with... His name was William Lavin.  Perhaps you've heard Miss Langly mention his name once or twice.  He had a belief that women were meant to be objects, and it all crashed down on him.  In fact, the last time he insulted a woman, he ended up going through a flaming table thanks to one of the women he insulted.  I doubt Riona's or my punishment towards you will involve such a violent image, but the story stands.  There is only so much a gender can take before they seek thier redemption.  I am quite surprised that Miss Lorenzo has not decided to tear you apart as of yet.  The issues between her and Dustin must be too great...

Frost: James Ultros is not without his allies, if one can call them that.  I would perceve it more to be that several of his goals intertwine with a few of his.  The Deadpool and the Cowboys from Hell I will comment on later, but I must mention this about Ultros' one true ally, Bruno Krong.  Several weeks ago the pair of us did battle on Tempest, and it was without a doubt a great match. However, there was NO question on who the better of us titans was that evening. Going into tommorow night's WarGames match, I want you to remember that. I want you to remember how it felt to be on the brink of a Nuclear Winter. I want you to know that you cannot stop me from destroying James Ultros, as much as you would like to try. It is impossible... You do not have the mental capacity to do so.

With such an important match coming up, it would be logical to make peace with your teammates, would it not James? Then again, you are not exactly the most logical of individuals.  You’ve managed to invoke the wrath of many of your teammates… The Deadpool has been silent, obviously not wishing to have any part of you, and the Cowboys from Hell have ridiculed you.  Speaking of the Cowboys, part of me is glad about Eric Hartman’s injury.  He was a man dishonoring the great name of the US Marines by his actions.  However, it is still a shame to see someone retire in such a dubious manner.  Outside of the ring, I wish him at the least a happy life.  For someone like him, not being able to wrestle is much more punishment than I am able to do.


Jack Frost looks a little despondent on the outcome of Sergeant Gunnery Hartman, but not very much.


Frost: Still, that leaves the matter of Scott Nash Strader.  A man that, regrettably, that I do not know much about.  I know that it seemed for a short while that he was going to be on our side.  I was looking forward to being able to team with such a great man as him.  But, that was not to be… In fact, he now stands against me in WarGames.  It is very simple what will happen to him… If he, or anyone else in that cage, decides to intervene in my chance to injure James Ultros, he will face me.  Ask Bruno Krong, and he’ll tell you, if he has the intelligence to remember, that size does not matter when facing me.  I will defeat you…


Frost is almost startled as his cell-phone rings…  He pulls it out of his pocket and listens.


Frost: Ahh, Nicolas... What posessed you to call me at such a late hour?

Ledge: I've been having trouble sleeping lately. I've been thinking a lot about.....someone. Um...the reason I actually called was to thank you for what you said, you know, at the hospital. You really helped me get things into focus.

Frost: Do not concern yourself Nicolas... It was my pleasure to help you out in your time of need. Remember that you will have a chance at vengeance in a few short days.

Ledge: All the same, you did help. I can't believe I blamed myself for what happened to Jenny. Those piles of slime will get whats coming to them though at Genesis. I don't know, you've heard what I think about those Deadfools, but you've been kinda reclusive lately, haven't heard from you since we talked on Twister. Can you believe the shit eli's been spewing?

Frost: No, I cannot believe it... But, I am also assured that Mr. Wrath will deal with him appropiately… And do not think that I will not wish to cause a small amount of injury towards Mr. Williams and Mr. Frost... Deacon Frost, he just gives the name Frost a stain...


Ledge: Yeah, I fought Wrath in IWZ, and he aint no joke, that's for sure. And those two other jackasses, Bronx and Deacon. They seem to think they actually still mean something in wrestling. But don't worry Jack, we'll make good the name of Frost once again.

Frost: That's good... People are starting to compare the two of us, and I do not wish to have that comparison...

Ledge: Yeah, I don't blame you for wanting to avoid that. But hey, I think everyone knows that you are an intelligent, sophisticated man, as opposed to Deacon, who is a sluggish oaf.

Frost: Of course... Say, you've heard about Eric Hartman, correct?

Ledge: Yeah, I heard about that whole retirement spiel. to me it was all just a gimmick, trying to get out of the match. It's a good thing he changed his mind, or I might have had to come after him and test his back out for him

Frost: Oh, so he decided to appear in the WarGames cage after all? That's good... I almost felt sorry for him...

Ledge: Heh, if I didn't know him better, I would have too. Although it would have been sad to see him go before I had a chance at my tag rematch.

Frost: Yes... Now I will be able to take some agression out on him... He disgraces the Marines every time he appears... My father hates him for that, and in fact, called me recently to ask that I give him a boot to the head from him...

Ledge: My dads a military man himself, spent a good 14 years in the navy. I shudder to think what he'd say if he saw what Hartman did to the good name of the American military.

Frost: Ahh, the Navy... Excellent people. Though, thier children tended to be a little high and mighty... Not including you Nicolas, obviously.

Ledge: Hahaha, yeah, yeah. Say what you will, but you have to admit that I do back up what I say in the ring.

Frost: Indeed you do... And I hope that you bring your best to WarGames. That's why I've been rather silent in fact... If I have not been required to appear at a show, I've been physically and mentally preparing myself for such a horrendous and brutal match as WarGames.


Ledge’s voice quickly shifted to a more nervous tone.

Ledge: Speaking of preparing mentally and has Riona been doing? I know she should be up and about now.

Frost: It is funny that you should mention her... She is doing much better. Well, physically at least. She's still quite angry about not being able to return to the ring...

Ledge: I can only imagine what that must be like. Any indication as to when she may be able to make a return?

Frost: Her doctors say sometime within two weeks or so she will be cleared to return... I would give it 3 weeks.

Ledge: That's good to hear. Any chance of her making it to Genesis?

Frost: I have heard nothing about her coming... In fact, I believe she will be making an appearance in New York City for autographs. That is what her agent revealed to me...

Ledge: That's too bad, I kinda wanted to talk to her about something...

Frost: So, you are indeed following up on that visit you made to her...

The sound of Ledge clearing his thought could be heard very clearly over the phone.


Ledge: Um...yeah, I had kinda hoped to.

Frost: I must tell you, others have tried in the past... I remember one such individual that became so stuck with her that I had to take care of him... He had begun to stalk her...

Ledge: Haha, well, you don't have to worry about that happening with me. I'm not the type to do that, you'd have more reason to fear me breaking her heart. That seems to be all I'm good for in my love life, but I've been trying to change that.

Frost: If you were to break Miss Langly's heart, I would be forced to commit atrosities on you only reserved for James Ultros and Adolph Hitler.


Although Frost’s words were quite serious, his tone suggested that he was not going to commit so many injuries towards his friend.

Ledge: Which is exactly why you need not worry about that happening. Trust me, I'd never want to be on your bad side.

Frost: That's a very good thing Nicolas...

Ledge:, between me and you.... what do you think my chances are with her?

Frost: At this point, I would say non-existent... But, you must understand that she barely knows you...

Ledge: Yeah, I guess. I may just have to remedy that.....oh hey, did she get the flowers I sent?

Frost: I am not too sure... She has gotten quite a few flowers from people... And a case of beer from Timothy Murphy.


Both men get a good chuckle out of that revelation.

Ledge: Heh, that sounds like Tim. I should have known she'd be getting a lot of stuff lately though. Jack, you probably know her better than anyone. You gotta help me out here. What's the best way to win her over?

Frost: Honestly, I would just tell you to be yourself... She really does dislike people who try to be something they are not. I hear it from her each time I go back to visit that I should not be in front of a camera speaking...

Ledge: That seems like pretty sound advice. I'm just glad I can be myself and be happy with what I see in the mirror. You probably don't know what I was like in the IWZ, but it was horrible. The way I treated people, especially women, it makes me shudder when I think about it.

Frost: Whatever you did in the past is unimportant... What is important is how you recover...

Ledge: You're right. I can put all of the Chris Chimaira shit behind... all of the Heaven & Hell Connection... all that self-righteous, womanizing bullshit. That's the past. I think it's time I become more confident in just who I am.

Frost: Exactly... I’ve done some horrible, horrible things in my career to people that didn’t deserve it… But, I think that now that I’m where I am, my sins have been forgiven.

Ledge: You know Jack, you're just a well of good advice.

Frost: I try to be... Anyway, I feel as though you should be getting some sleep soon.

Ledge: Yeah, you're right. Hey, why don't you come by the hotel after Genesis. I'm throwing a celebration party. It's a bit hastey, but, you know....

Frost: Well, I am not quite the type to go to such gala events... However, I suppose I can make an exception...

Ledge: You don't have to stay long, just come out and see the team. Holy Hell, look at the time. You were right man. I need some sleep if I'm gonna be ready for War Games. Later man... and say hi to Riona for me....

Frost: If I speak to her, I will...

Ledge: Thanks. Bye, Jack.


Frost smiles as he puts his cell phone away… The owner of the gym, afraid of Frost’s size and the cameras, rushes over and whispers something in his ear before running back off…

Frost: Oh dear… it seems that my time as run out.  However, I know I am ready for this match.  I have been training for weeks just to get this opportunity to wrap my hands around the neck of James Ultros and his allies.  This is my chance, and I will not let it slip by me again.


Grabbing his jacket off the bench next to him, Frost leaves the gym as we FADE… TO… BLACK.