We open with a now familiar sight; and a recent place of congregation for the stars of High Impact Competition; the bed of injured HiC Superstar and former Phoenix Rising Champion, Ai Mei Montrose.  Her hands and feet are wrapped in bandages due to the cruxifixion match between her and Jacob Seldon at AoWF Final Notice, and she is obviously in a coma.  This much we have seen many times over the last week... Who we haven't seen is HiC Superstar Jack Frost, who is standing above her, his face filled with sorrow for what has happened to Ai Mei.

Frost: Miss Montrose, if you can hear this, understand that I'm not here to cause you harm, even though there is animosity between Miss Langly and Miss Lorenzo.  Neither I or she would attack someone in a condition like yours.  No, I am here because I felt it was proper to visit you and wish you a speedy recovery.  It is the least I can do for Mr. Murphy, since he assisted me in my time of need last week.  I assure you, that when she recovers, Riona will punish Protean for his actions towards you.

Frost leans down and gives a small kiss to Ai's forehead before leaving the room, a small pink carnation left by her bedside with the many flowers and 'Get Well' cards.  We fade out on the still Ai, and then return with Frost sitting in the waiting room...  The other waiting patrons, as is usual around the large man, are keeping thier distance from the giant.  In said giant's right hand, is what can be assumed as a plane ticket.

Frost: It is difficult to be here right now.  I wish I were at Miss Langly's bedside, hoping for her recovery, but she has been sent home to Buffalo to medical officials that she trusts.  I wish I was in the ring, at this very moment, punishing James Ultros and Bruno Krong for thier heinous actions towards my client, and more importantly, my friend.  But, I am a man of honor, and felt it in my heart to be here to watch Miss Montrose while Mr. Murphy and Nightmare were away fighting The Deadpool on Tempest.  However, James Ultros and Bruno Krong, rest assured that when they return, I will be returning to active competiton, and I will punish you for your attack on Riona.

A small frown forms on Frost's face as he recalls the attack on Riona Langly this past Thursday on Twister.  The repeated golf club shots... The chair shots...The chokeslam through a sunroof... The questioning... The blood streaming down Riona's face, and the smile on Jimmy's.

Frost: James Ultros, I pity you dearly.  Your lack of honor has awakened in me a great anger, one that I have never felt before.  This feeling of rage, bottled up deep within my soul, is unlike the anger I felt towards my former co-workers when I was a lawyer.  No, that was an anger that I used in a positive manner, using it to work harder than all others to gain approval from my superiors.  This anger, however, cannot, and will not be used positively...

Frost gives the camera a cold hard stare, one that causes the cameraman to shiver, shaking the camera.

Frost: This anger... no, anger is not a strong enough word for what I feel right now.  No James Ultros, I feel... hatred.  It is a feeling that until this moment, I could not fathom.  I always imagined it, and could see it in Miss Langly towards many people.  But, I have never felt hatred... until now.  James Ultros, this hatred burning within me towards you will not settle with an apology.  I do not want, nor do I expect an apology from you.  What I desire, is to see you recieving all of your reprehensible actions towards Miss Langly returned to you 100 fold.  And, that is what you should expect very soon.  While I have been away from High Impact Competition, either here at Miss Montrose's bedside or at Miss Langly's, I have heard a number of people calling to pledge thier support towards a campaign to punish you.  Timothy Murphy, Nightmare, and even Lisa Lorenzo, despite her issues with Miss Langly, have all said that you will be punished.  They will have thier share of punishing you, but James Ultros, remember this: The person you should fear the most is in a bed, back in Buffalo.  She will want your blood, and you will pay for the blood on your hands.

Jack looks at the ticket in his hands, and then back up at the camera.

Frost: Knowing the damage I would have done to you the first chance I got, High Impact Competition took me off of the house show circuit for a week.  However, that week is quickly ending, and I will be reinstated on Thursday.  In my hands is a ticket to Twister this week, and I know you will be there James Ultros.  I will be there, and when the show is over, whether or not High Impact Competition sanctions it or not, I will go into the back, and drag you to the ring.  At that point, you will experience nothing but a taste of the fury that Miss Langly will administer to you.  And this taste of vengeance will be something in which even the coldest human being will not be able to watch.  I will not kill you... I am not a murderer, nor do I plan to become one.  Nor will this assult leave you out of action for a long period of time.  That, after all, would be denying Miss Langly her retribution.  No, this assult will be enough to send a message... This message being that after Riona is through with you James Ultros, your assets will not be enough to repair your injured body.

Suddenly, the doors slam open, and a patient is wheeled through, with doctors rushing beside the stretcher, shouting orders to each other as they rush to save him.  Frost watches this with a seasoned, and concerned, eye, and then turns back to the camera.

Frost: An image of the past, and the future just appeared before us.  That was the scene last Thursday, and that will be the scene in the near future.  Both past and present have a trait in common, and that trait is that the people hired to protect the patient could do nothing to stop the patient from being in that condition.  Yes, Bruno Krong, I am referring to you.  I do know that next week, on Tempest, I have been signed to face you in a one-on-one affair.  And while I have a deep hatred for your client for his actions towards Riona, do not think that I have no rage towards you.  You participated in  the assult Miss Langly, and you will need to be sentenced for your crimes against her.  I spoke recently about your intelligence, and how it will be your downfall.  That arguement still holds weight... We will battle, and to the fans, it will be an impressible display of power.  But, as I mentioned, your lack of any discernable intelligence outside of your ability to hurt people will be your downfall.  You act predictable in the ring, and when we fight this Monday, I will be the victor.  It may be warming up around the country, but for 3 seconds, you will feel a Nuclear Winter.

His words are accompioned by yet another cold stare, something that really should not be on Frost's face, for it could put the fear of God into someone.

Frost: However, I know James Ultros, despite any injuries he may recieve at my hands, will be at ringside for this match.  And, while I am a great wrestler, I am still only human, and cannot defeat two people at once.  So, I am asking one of my allies--Nightmare, Timothy Murphy, or any of the HiC competitors that do not like James Ultros--if they will be in my corner during this contest.  That will nuetralize Ultros' involvement in the match, and allow me to place all my focus and anger right on the large chest of Bruno Krong.  And after he is disposed of, there will be nothing in Miss Langly's way when she faces, and ultimately defeats, James Ultros...

Jack Frost finally stands and walks back to check on Ai Mei, as we Fade To Black...