Partly cloudy, with highs in the mid 50's. That's what the weatherman had predicted this morning... Unfortunately, for two individuals in New Jersey, this was HARDLY the case, as it was cold, rainy, and overall, just a nasty day. So, rather then enjoy the sights of New York like they do each time they come to the city, HiC superstars Riona Langly and Jack Frost instead are enjoying drinks in the hotel bar. People, because of Jack's enormous size, are not exactly acting friendly and outgoing. Of course, this is sometimes the example in New Jersey, but in this case, their motivation to be jerks is fear, not a general dislike of humanity they all seem to share most of the time.

Riona: Jack, you really must learn some people skills. I mean, honestly, you have a law degree and yet you cannot get people to trust you?

Frost: Miss Langly, must you ask that question? It is the very profession that I used to practice that gives the average American the image of me being an incredibly tall, lying, cheating, stealing devil in a black suit. Nothing I say or do can change that perception of me...

Riona: Then Frosty, we need to find a way to change that... After all, perception is something that can haunt you for ages.  It's haunted me since I first stepped into a ring... It's haunting me as we speak, because as we speak, there's probably someone out there looking at me wrestle on Monday and believing that I cannot "hang with the Big Boys."

Frost: Yes, but it also is account of you being a woman... Miss Langly, this Monday, you were beaten horribly.  I mean look at your face...

Riona turns to the camera, and we get our first opportunity to see her... Around her forehead is a bandage, obviously there to stop the bleeding after Protean's attack on Tempest.

Riona: What do you mean, "Look at my face?"  SO WHAT, I was attacked by a sore loser, and he managed to bloody me up.  I don't consider my looks to be THAT important, remember that Jacko.  While it takes some other divas I've met longer to do their make-up than to wrestle, I just don't give a crap.

Frost: Riona, you must really start to act like a lady. It's important for someone such as yourself to look good as well as talk well, otherwise, people will dismiss you as just another woman.  You need to go out and grab their attention through your beauty, because they just do not care about you as a wrestler, I'm sorry to say.

Turning towards Frost, and away from her drink, and stares coldly at him.

Riona: That's exactly the kind of thinking that someday I plan to change, and you know that... That's DESTINY.  I've been dancing around, and twisting the concept into knots since arriving in HiC, but at it's core, DESTINY is about me going out there and wrestling to the point where people open their eyes and accept me as more than just a diva, but as a wrestler.  It's my purpose.  Lisa Lorenzo?  She's just a tool towards DESTINY... Defeating her, while it would feel damn good personally to knock her off, is more showing to the common fan that I'm just as good as any wrestler here in HiC.  Lisa Lorenzo is a means to an end... one that has does have personal glory involved as well.  Lisa's been the person in my way for a while now, and eventually, I'll remove that roadblock.  However, she's not in my mind Jack... I think you know who is, right?

Frost: Would that person be Jacob Seldon?  After all, he did brutally attack you after your victory on Monday.

Riona: No, he's not the first person on my mind.  I know Protean's going to be facing Lisa at the Rumble, so he's got other things to think about.  Far be it for me to add to his troubles... But, I will say this about Protean.  I did defeat you on Monday, but, I have to concur that my win was not what I wanted.  Oh, trust me, I wanted to win... But, it was how I won that bothers me.  See, winning with a roll up does jack shit for my reputation.  It doesn't make me out to be a technical genius or a determined warrior.  No, that win makes me out to look like a fluke.  It makes me look like I only beat you because of luck...  And I cannot afford to look weak in front of the people whose eyes I wish to open.  Protean, we will meet again, and it'll be much like when we met on Monday.  It'll be entertaining, it'll be impressive, and you'll still be lying on the ground counted 1... 2... 3.  Only this time, it won't be because of a roll up... No, this time, you'll have lost so badly there will be no question on who was the better wrestler that evening.

Riona takes another sip of her drink, while Frost looks very puzzled at his partner/employer.

Frost: Then, if it not Protean who has taken a foothold in you, then might I inquire upon who it is?

Shaking her head in obvious disgust, Riona takes another sip before beginning this .response

Riona: Come on Jack, you have a degree in Law, and yet you can't figure out who I've got my focus towards?  What did they teach you there anyway?  It couldn't have been something like common sense, right?

Frost: Miss Langly, that was quite rude of you to make those remarks...

Riona: Well, you know, I've got a bit of a news flash for yah... I'm not very nice.  People seem to have it in their head recently that I'm sort of heroic figure... I'm not.  I'm not out there, trying to destroy the gender barriers for some noble cause, like helping those that follow in my footsteps.  No, I'm in this for myself... The ridicule, the embarrassment, the ribs in the back... All of that is something that I look back on now and realize that it was in my best interest that it happened.  The people behind the crap I dealt with must have thought that it was in my best interest to leave wrestling to the 'boys.'  Well, all their pranks and taunts did one thing to me... It made me work harder.  Those people around me became more than just instigators, they became the reason I would go out and wrestle 45 minutes a night, for 5 days a week.

Frost: Yes, I remember those days Riona... I was very concerned that your body would not be able to hold out under such extreme circumstances.  The normal human body is not meant to need so much endurance.

Riona: But, I did it, right?  I still was able to keep up, and in fact, eventually, I started to gather a fan base...

Frost: If I remember correctly, that is the reason you were run out of quite a few federations... I believe their reasoning was that you were causing too many people in the back to lose their "heat."

Riona: Jealously... That's what nearly every male wrestler I've ever ran into seems to have towards me.  They feel slighted that because I've worked my ass off more than they have, people respect that.  Jimmy Ultros, you seem to share this problem...

Frost: Ahh, that is who were referring to earlier.

Riona: Yes Jack, I was talking about Ultros... See, he wants to talk about me being jealous of him?  Hardly.  Jealousy wasn't even a reason I attacked you last week on Tempest.  I made my attack on you because you saw fit to verbally set back the female sex 20 years with your comments towards Ai Mei.  Like I said, you're just another in a long line of people who have set a fire in me.  This fire, Jimmy Ultros, is always welcome in my heart, mind, and soul.  This fire allowed me to fight in Alcatraz and take a 25 foot fall through 2 tables, and still win.  This fire allowed me to survive Stairway to Hell with 25 total stitches around my body...

Frost, remembering that particular incident, cringes from the thought of Riona drenched in blood like she was that evening...

Frost: Must you bring that up?  That scene still causes me to fell ill...

Riona: Yes, I will bring it up as many times as I please, because I have a right to.  I have a right to brag about 60 minute matches in Mexico and bloodbaths in Japan because the same thing happened in every one of them.

Frost: You were victorious...

Riona: That's right Jack, I was victorious, but not in the way people out there are thinking.  I didn't win every match during the IWL World Tour... In fact, I lost quite a few of them.  But, across the world, there was something in common.  At the end of every match, I received a standing applause... Though, I don't quite personally remember a few of them due to blood loss and exhaustion, I do remember hearing about them.  And, like I said, that is DESTINY in a nutshell.  It's not about defeating you, but it's about humiliating you when the person you've tried to bury is given respect from the people.  Jimmy, you think that when I reach the top, HiC fans will turn off?  Well, I'm realistic... There may be a few that do turn off.  But, y'know what, these are the same fans that share your viewpoints.  These are the same fans not watching right now because a woman is champion.  They're not going to come back until Lisa is dethroned by 'one of the boys.'  Well, you know what?  SCREW THEM, AND SCREW YOU JIMMY ULTROS!  Lisa doesn't need the shit coming out of your mouth to ruin her reign, because she can do that on her own if she put her mind to it.  Ai doesn't need the toxic waste from your brain seeping out and poisoning her title... And worst of all, I don't need you and your stupid followers trying to push me back to the Leave it Beaver years.

Riona, breathing a bit heavily and her face a bit red, goes back to her drink to try and settle down and collect her thoughts.

Frost: Are you alright Miss Langly?

Riona: I'm fine... I just need some time to relax a little... Frosty, Bruno said some nasty words about you, why don't you comment on them while I get another drink...

Riona stands up and walks off to get another drink for herself and Jack, while the large man turns to the camera.

Frost: Very well, I will comment on Bruno and his inane comments towards myself and my person.  Bruno, I understand why you could feel very angry at my actions towards you.  It's understandable, because I feel very similarly towards Jacob and his female companion right now.  However, you must understand something... I did what I did to you to protect Miss Langly.  If I had left you alone during her assault of Jimmy Ultros, and in essence, his ideals towards women, then you would have stepped in to cause great harm towards Miss Langly.  As her tag team partner, her bodyguard, and most importantly, her friend, I could not allow that to happen.  So, I had to remove you from the equation...

Frost looks over to Riona, and seeing that she is still working on getting additional drinks, he continues with his assessment of the situation between himself and Bruno.

Frost: I know that you wish now to face me in the ring and injure me, but, I feel that you will not be able to accomplish what you desire.  A fight is much more than having the most strength, but it is also about how to anticipate and read the actions of your opponents, and make quick decisions based on what you find.  In layman's terms, a fight is 50% power and 50% intelligence.  Seeing you, I do know that you may be an equal in power, and I relish the opportunity to face you in a battle of physical prowess.  The struggle between Titans has always been something of a wonder to many people, and I feel as though a match between us would be no different.

Frost: However, like I had previously mentioned, any fight is also mental, and in the mental arena is where I feel your greatest weakness is.  If I were to make a mistake, perhaps it may go unnoticed.  If you were to make a mistake, however, I would capitalize on such an egregious error and it would cause your downfall.  I do know that my words will go unheeded, and you will indeed continue to threaten and insult my mental and physical abilities until we meet in the ring.  That much does not take a PHD to understand.  I just know that you will not defeat me Bruno, and all I will be able to say to you is that I had warned you about the consequences of battling me...

At this point, Jack notices Riona standing behind him.

Frost: Miss Langly, how much of my retort did you hear?

Riona: Enough to know that you made an utter and absolute fool of yourself on the mic again... Take your drink, and do what you do best, which is sit there and look imposing, please?

Frost: Very well... Though, I have improved in my ability to cut a good promo... At least, that is what Mr. Blade told me a few weeks ago at the yearly gTw Reunion Show.

Riona: And that goes to show you why Blade's becoming a wuss... The old Brian Blade would have made you verbal mincemeat for cutting a promo like that, but, I guess trying to get the nerve to pop the question has caused him to go soft on his verbal incite.

Frost: Brian wasn't the only one to compliment me... Mr. Ice gave me praise for my improvement as well.

Riona: Ice said you're improving?  Must have take 20 minutes for him to do that... I swear, the guy's a great wrestler, but damn does he talk too much...  Did anyone else I know compliment you on your verbal abilities?

Frost: Well, Will did tell me I did a good job...

Riona: And why are you listening to Will?  He was the worst drawing champion in gTw history... in fact, he reminds me of Jimmy in a way.  Will was a guy who went out and tried to embarass women every week, trying to show that men were the superior sex.  Remember what happened to him?

Frost: He was sent through a table by 3 women, and that was it for his hatred of women...

Riona smiles as she remembers the footage... and we cut to another scene from the gTw archives, this time of a large man fighting off 3 women in front of a VERY large steel structure surrounding the ring.  He dominates them for a short time, even hitting a VERY nasty looking spinebuster to a blonde haired girl.  However, while he gloated about it, the other two grabbed a pair of steel chairs and got ready.  What happened afterward was brutal, as Will Lavin was pounded on by the fat woman and the tall redhead, ending with Will being powerbombed through a table, and sat on by the fat one.

Riona: I wish I had been there for that... but alas, I was stuck in gyms and auto garages back then.  Jimmy Ultros, the geniuses in the HiC production truck probably just showed a little clip for you.  I'm not going to repeat what happened in it, but I will tell you what led up to this... For weeks, Will had been tormenting women around him with weaponry, thinking that because he was a man, he could do that.  He would pound on them until he felt happy with the devistation he left behind... Eventually, as you saw, he was beaten at his own game.  Well, guess what Jimmy... That's what's going to happen to you.  You're going to torment me, and try and make me give up, and then, when you least expect it... BAM.  The tables will have turned, and you will be the one battered, bruised, and left to wallow in your filth.

Riona: Last time I heard you, you talked about not wanting to wrestle me, but just to beat me into submission.  You know what Jimmy, you're right... I would not be able to defeat you in a fight.  I know my limitations... I may be able to swing a chair well enough, and to hit someone with a sledgehammer in just the right spot, but in a straight fist fight, I cannot win.  It's not something I'm proud of, but it's true.  That's alright though, because if you get me in a match organized by High Impact Competition, it isn't going to be a fight.  No no no no, it's going to be in a pure wrestling match.  No punches, no weapons, no bullshit interference...  Just you and me in front of the people, and then, you're going to see DESTINY in action.

Riona begins to tap her fingers on the bar, as Jack takes a sip of his drink.

Riona: Because of your actions and your words the last 2 weeks, it's time for you to face DESTINY... and when I'm through with you, you'll be another one of the people I've, as someone very dear to me would put it, Sayved.

Riona grins and takes another sip of her drink, as we Fade... To... Black.