It's a dark and rainy day in Philidelphia, Pennslyvania. Many people are seemingly avoiding the rain, because the streets are nearly empty. Some people could be taking the day off from work, or staying indoors for thier food instead of going out to McDonald's across the street. To one person though, the rain is welcome. It serves 2 purposes; to cool her down after an intense workout, and to serve as the perfect scene for a promo video...

This person is standing on top of a building, an umbrella in her hands but not being used. The building is a small building, very ragged looking compared with other buildings right next to it. But, that is all in the eyes of the beholder. That building, to the girl on the roof, has just as much importance as the Liberty Bell or Congressional Hall. She stands on the edge of the roof, looking down at the empty streets...

Person: Destiny. It's an ideal that can bring a human being to his knees. The sheer thought that your life has a purpose that you may or may not like is staggering. Some people run from that thought, other people ignore it. I'm of a different breed... Destiny is something that I've been chasing for 3 years. And every time it's been close to my fingertips, it's been snatched away from me. I've been told to give up and go with the flow so many times now. Well, Riona Langly was not, is not, and never will be about going with the flow.

The person turns to look at the camera, and we get our first look at Riona. Her hair is raven black, but the rain could be the cause of that for the moment. She's wearing a black jacket overtop a black zipper shirt, and a pair of normal blue jeans. She raises her eyebrow at the camera as she adjusts her jacket a little.

Riona: Jack, I trust you that you're not trying to peek a glance at my chest, right? After all, it seems all the rage over the last few days...

The voice that replies is very articulate and well-mannered, almost British sounding.

Cameraman: Miss Langly, you know that I would never do such a deplorable act such as that.

Riona: Damn straight you wouldn't...

The rain beats down a bit, and Riona's thought process returns to her.

Riona: I've told my life story before... I've said it around the country, in every bingo hall, bar, and small arena I could get booked for. In ESW, I said it to make sure people knew I was serious about changing opinions... in CCW, I did it to make a statement and challenge for the World's Heavyweight Championship. Here, in HiC, I'm going to tell it for a simple reason... because everything I've worked up to, everything that I've done in this business... has been stolen from me.

A bit of lightning flashes, and Riona tilts her head, looking out at the rain...

Riona: I'm here, where it all began for me... In Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, I started to live my life's dream, and become a professional wrestler. 3 years of my life were spent in these halls below me, constantly going home with bruises, cuts, scars, and fustration. They wouldn't let me train with the big boys... They wanted me to give up, go home, try sleeping my way into this business. Well, I said it early... That's not how Riona Langly does things! No, I trained... and trained... and pushed myself to the limit, until they had no choice to treat me as a wrestler, and not as a piece of tits that's out there to amuse them.

Cameraman: Miss Langly! Such language... Please, it's our first time here in High Impact Competition, and you don't want to make the network angry already.

Riona: Jack... I've said this to you before, and don't take me literally... but Shut Up, Do Your Job, and hold that camera straight or else I won't buy you the complete Lord of the Rings Extended Edition DVD and Ultimate Novel collection I've got on pre-order.

Cameraman: Riona...

Riona: Jack, what did I just tell you?

The man behind the camera wisely doesn't respond to that statement...

Riona: Network censors can blow me, because they've never wanted me on thier TVs in the first place... No, I was a threat. I was a threat because they were afraid that if I suceeded in my DESTINY, I'd kill thier audience. That if a woman become a REAL wrestler, that men would turn thier heads, feeling that thier sanctuary for manliness had been compromised. So, I lingered and languished on the indies for months, wrestling in bingo halls and fields... But, like any good thing, my name spread.

Cameraman: Though, I believe your association with me did help things a bit...

Riona, not happy with her cameraman's thought, gives him a one fingered salute.

Riona: Jack, please, take a long walk off a short pier if you're going to keep ruining my flow like that. This is MY TIME now, you can have your time when we make our debut.

The Cameraman seems pleased, and Riona continues.

Riona: Now, no more interruptions, got that?

Seemingly satisfied with the non-verbal responce, Riona seems to move back into her rant mode, with the rain starting to pound on her.

Riona: As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, I was starting to be sought out; people were starting to notice, and I started to enjoy myself. But, euphoria only lasts one second...

Riona snaps her fingers.

Riona: And then, you're sent crashing back to Earth. I started to be ribbed and tormented because I was outstaging 'the boys.' I got sent from one place to another, feeling as though maybe I couldn't do it. That, I couldn't break the ceiling... And then, I met him for the first time.

Riona turns a full circle, pointing to the building below her...

Riona: This man, no... I can't call him that. This ICON, built this hall below me. He christened it the Cutting Edge Wrestling Academy, and it was good. I finally met this ICON in Boston for a show I was booked on, and told me that I did well. That I did well enough that I, in his own words, "opened my fucking eyes and got me to look past the chest to see a brilliant wrestler." And, then it hit me... DESTINY.

Riona: DESTINY can come at the best, or worst of times... For me, it came right when I needed it. Because, through Brian Blade, I found out what my purpose was... I was going to take the fan's attention, kicking and screaming if I must, and show them that the gender boundries in wrestling are bullshit. That any great woman can be just as great a wrestler as a guy... And at that moment, I was reborn.

Riona steps to the edge of the roof and spreads her arms out, as if she's daring the wind to knock her off.

Riona: Gone was the Riona Langly who needed the masses to bring her to wrestle... Gone was the sad little girl who couldn't get her head straight during the ever-present chant of 'Puppies.' In her place, stands the Prodigy you see now. A wrestler who couldn't care if you're going out to get nachos, because while you're out getting those chips that fuel your barrier of absurd prejudice, there are 3 more being shown the light. I had a DESTINY to destroy your assumption that all women wrestlers amount to is a cover shoot in Playboy. Unfortunately, my DESTINY walks away from me every time I hold it's hand.

Riona drops her arms, and walks over to a bag nearby the entrance to the roof. She opens it, and pulls out a replica of the ESW Women's World Championship, putting it on her shoulder.

Riona: I once told people it was my DESTINY to hold this belt, and drag it out of the firey pits that were brought upon it by sluts that slept thier way to it. Unfortunately, as I got my shot... Extremely Suicidal Wrestling shut it's doors, and I was kept from fufillment.

While keeping the belt on her right shoulder, Riona reaches into her bag and pulls out another belt, putting it on her left shoulder. This belt being the CCW World's Heavyweight Championship.

Riona: I soon found myself in Capitol Carnage Wrestling, and found my DESTINY to be different. Now, I needed to take the chance of my lifetime... No gender barriers, a chance to Rise to Glory and accept what I deserve after 5 years of this shit. But, alas, CCW also found itself dead and buried soon enough. And, I thought it was over, that I would have no more chances... Until I saw this.

Riona pulls out a video tape from the bag, and glares at it.

Riona: On this tape, is possibly the greatest achievement ever by a female wrestler. On this tape, is DESTINY... But, it is not MINE. No, on this tape, is the current High Impact Competition World's Heavyweight Champion, Lisa Lorenzo winning that title. And in 3 seconds, it was OVER.

A small tear falls from her right eye, almost un-noticed in the rain, as she falls to one knee...

Riona: All my hard work... My blood, sweat, tears... 100 chairshots, 10 crashes through tables, 2 concussions... All that pain and agony that I went through. And, it became worthless in 3 seconds. Because, in 3 seconds, Lisa Lorenzo stole from me what was rightfully MINE! It was my dreams, my visions, and my DESTINY that she stole from me in those 3 seconds. There's no gender barrier, no discrimination against women in wrestling, nothing, all because of those 3 seconds.

Riona pulls out a picture of Lisa Lorenzo holding the HiC World's Championship, and a lighter.

Riona: Well, I have a new DESTINY... That's right Lisa, I have a new purpose in my life, and that is to see your blood on my fingertips as I face you for the first time. We've had our issues in the past, but as soon as those 3 seconds were counted, our past history was forgotten in history, only to make room for the tale of violence and betrayal I am about to weave on you Lisa Lorenzo. 3 seconds... That's all it takes, and then, your dreams will be like mine... STOLEN.

Riona flicks the lighter on and starts to burn the picture of Lisa. She places it on a dry spot, and picks up the duffel bag. The camera is left on the roof, revealing a small glimpse of a very large figure walking next to Riona. The photo of Lisa is left to burn as we Fade... to... Black.