A small plane lands in Morrison, CO... The plane painted black, purple, and silver, and marked all over it with the logo of the Heartlands Championship Wrestling representative to this year's BRB, Brian Blade.  The engines turn off, and the door opens.  After a few moments, the stairs lower, and out steps the HCW's Sayvior himself.

Blade: HEY! Where's my adoring fans!  Where's the large banners and screaming women!

From behind Blade steps his personal assistant, a perk given to him by bLINd for graciously giving his support to bNN.  The assistant really isn't that large, and still seems awestuck to be in the presence of such a HUGE...WRASSLING...ICON like Blade.

Assistant: Mr. Blade...

Blade: What?

Assistant: Well, we have arrived a few minutes early.

Blade: That shouldn't matter!  I'm the greatest wrassler in all of wrassling!  People should be out here all night awaiting my presence.  I'm the Sayvior of wrassling after all...

Suddenly, a crowd of people passes by Blade's plane, cheering, and hollering...


Blade walks down the steps of his plane, his assistant not too far behind, and follows the screaming crowds.  The pair sees that the crowd has, well, crowded around a limo.  The door opens slightly, the crowd pushing back as well, and Blade catches a glimpse of the man inside.

Blade: Oh... it's him.  Lackey, get my briefcase, NOW.

The unnamed assistant runs back to Blade's plane to get his briefcase... Meanwhile, the door fully opens, and out steps one of Wrassling's greatest stars, the leader of the Army of Darkness and UCE Universal Carnage Champion, Holy Evil.  The crowd cheers, but quickly dies as Blade speaks up.

Blade: Hey!  Why are you cheering this dolt?!?  He's nothing compared to me!

Holy Evil: You... You are Brian Blade, are you not?

Blade: That's right... I'm Brian Blade.  The greatest wrassler to ever grace foot into a squared circle...

Holy Evil: You speak so highly of yourself.

Blade: If it's the truth, why bother hiding it?

Holy Evil: Brian Blade, there have been many that have come before me boasting that claim of yours.  And yet, all of them have fallen... What makes you so different?

Blade: What makes me so different?  Because I have your endorsement...

Holy Evil: What do you mean?

Blade's personal assistant returns, huffing and puffing from the run, with a custom black, purple, and silver Haliburton in his hand.  He hands the briefcase to Blade and proceeds to fall to the ground, huffing and puffing.  Blade opens the Haliburton, and pulls out a title belt.

Holy Evil: So, you have a championship.  That's nothing special, I have the UCE Universal Carnage Championship...

To prove that point, Holy Evil reaches into his limo, and pulls out the title, putting it on his shoulder.

Blade: Ahh... That's a nice, shiny belt you have there, I'll admit that.  But, see, this title on my shoulder isn't just any old championship.  This here is the Heartlands Championship Wrestling Yoshito Sanders Memorial World Championship.

Holy Evil: Oh yes, that championship.  That piece of scrap means nothing... As everyone can see, Yoshito Sanders is alive and well.

Blade: I would hope you're alive... If you were something like a zombie, I'd have to treat you with the respect I give your lackeys in the AoD.

Holy Evil: You don't give the AoD respect?

Blade: That group treats wrassling like a joke... I've worked too hard in this business to fight a chicken on national TV.

Holy Evil: Clucky was an amazing wrassler for being a chicken...

Blade: Don't even bother defending yourself and the all singing, all dancing crap of wrassling.  They don't deserve my respect, and the only respect I give you is that your death gave me a championship.

Holy Evil chuckles and removes his sunglasses...

Holy Evil: You're the first person in quite a while to disrespect me like you have...

Blade: It's what I do.  I piss people off, and then beat them.  Works every-time.

Holy Evil: Yes, I believe the last person to disrespect me like you have was Chavelier.  So, I should give to you the same agony that I gave him.

Blade: Hah!  Chavelier?  That no-talent hack?  Do you realize the ratings lost by that guy?

Holy Evil: Regardless of his status, I gave him much agony... And I will do the same to you tonight.  But, let's up the stakes of our little match.

Blade: Yeah?

Holy Evil: If I win, that belt with my name on it will belong to me.

Blade: Fair enough... And if I win, you'll have to give money to my favorite charity.

Holy Evil: I don't do charities... and especially one that's your favorite.

Blade: You want this title?  That's the only bet I'll agree on...

There's a few tense moments, and finally, Holy Evil puts his hand out...

Holy Evil: Very well... I agree to your terms of the bet.

Blade grabs his hand, and the two shake...

Blade: I agree as well... Get your checkbook ready.

Holy Evil: And you shine that title up as well... I don't want any of your grease on it when I defeat you.

Holy Evil tries to pull away from the handshake, but Blade grins evilly and kicks his leg out from under him.

Blade: Sucker...

Blade takes the UCE Title off the ground, and smashes it into HE's right knee.

Blade: See you tonight, Oh Evil One.

Holy Evil rolls on the ground, clutching his knee, as Blade spits on the UCE Universal Carnage Championship and throws it on the ground beside him.  Blade takes his Yoshito Sanders Memorial Championship, and walks back to his plane, with his wimpy assistant in tow.


The Red Rocks Ampetheatre is PACKED with fans of The Dead... Oh, there's a few wrassling fans, but since the BRB portion of the concert was under-promoted, many of the wrassling fans in the area weren't able to get tickets. The stage is normal for an Other Ones concert, except for the small wrassling ring at the back of the set. The 3 announcers, Jim Dale, Chip Young, and Grimm sit in a special section on top of the ampetheatre...

Jim: Well, this has to be one of the most unique ideas for a match I've ever seen in the BRB... and trust me, there's been some unique ones.

Grimm: Oh, stop making excuses, this match is gonna bomb! Holy Evil is so much more prestigous than Brian Blade, that when Blade loses, it'll just be Holy Evil holding down an up-and-coming superstar. Politics! This match is all politics!

Jim: Shut up! I heard your complaints the entire way here!

Grimm: Get used to it! I, Grimm, am going to be showing the injustice of a match like this all night!

Chip: Actually Grimm, if you don't mind me butting in...

Grimm: Well, since you already did shove your huge schnoz into this conversation, I might as well not stop you.

Chip: You're too kind... Anyway, Blade has more of a shot than you think Grimm. The object of this match is to get out of danger, and Brian Blade's always shown that he at least can handle that.

Grimm: Oh please... Blade's not going to win because Holy Evil is representing a national! The Nationals must always beat the Regionals, it's a law!

Jim: I read the rulebook, and that wasn't in there...

Grimm: It's an unwritten rule you blockhead.

Chip: What about Neoprene? He was representing AWA at the last BRB and he won it all!

Grimm: Chip! Don't confuse the situation with facts!

Jim: Grimm, just calm down already... We're on the air, and you're making us look like fools.

Chip: I just knew it was a bad idea giving him so much coffee before we came tonight.

Grimm: JAVA!

Jim: Ooook... Well, as the stage hands set up the, well, stage... Here's Chip Young with Young's Report of the Tape.

Chip: Thanks Jim... Now, despite everything else, both of these men are very similar in thier wrassling styles. They both are quick, atheletic veterans of the game. Expect, despite the environment they're in, many submission manuveurs. They both size up similarily, with Holy Evil holding a slight edge in height. However, the key factor in this match is Holy Evil's knee... Reportedly, in a pre-match showdown, Blade attacked Evil's right knee, and busted it up pretty good. While Holy Evil will still wrassle, it's going to be interesting to see how Blade'll take advantage of this situation. And there you have it... A unique match, with two very capable grapplers. Should be interesting to watch.

Grimm: BS! Holy Evil's going to crush Blade because Blade was told to lie down for the good of wrassling!

Chip: You don't know that!

Grimm: Yes I do! I read it this morning on Wrasslezone.com!

Jim: Grimm, please, don't say things like that!

Grimm: Screw kayfabe! I'm going to tell it like it is!

Chip: Even if it isn't?

Grimm: Shaddup!

Jim: Ignoring the comments from my collegues... It seems the ring has been set up, and the Other Ones are off getting madeup! We're ready to go!

The sound techies jack the speakers to max, and Blessed Sin by Renegade Saint plays... The hippies, hearing music that is not of the Dead's boo. The wrassling fans cheer, because he's Holy Evil! The Gentle Sinner slowly makes his way across the stage, carrying his UCE Universal Carnage Championship on his shoulder, and slides into the ring... On his right leg, the same one that Blade attacked, there's a red brace and tape...

Jim: And there it is... Holy Evil's knee just looks horrible.

Chip: Well, that busted up knee just screams out, "attack me!" to an advantage-taker like Brian Blade.

Grimm: You two act like Blade has a chance! WHEN Holy Evil wins, it'll make Blade look incredibly weak because he lost to, basically, a one-legged man!

Jim: People are not going to think Brian Blade is weak after this match... They'll think he's a coward, but not a weakling.

Interrupting the two announcers is Wisconsin Death Trip by Static-X. Unlike with Holy Evil, everyone boos HCW's Sayvior as he walks out, wearing the dark red variation of his wrassling outfit. He carries the HCW Yoshito Sanders Memorial World Title to the ring, and hands it to a stage hand for safe keeping. He leaps into the ring, and immediately, is attacked by Holy Evil...

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