Wrestler's Name: Tony Rayn
Allignment: Face
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 270 lbs
Hometown: Providence, RI
Entrance Music: "You Spin Me" by Dope
Finisher: Rayn Storm
Description of Finisher: He picks his opponent up in a brainbuster/suplex position and holds them there for a second before dropping them down into a powerbomb like landing with a cover.
- Exodus w/ J.D. Lightning (Tony holds the opponent up in a face first Razor's Edge like position on his shoulders and lifts them up high as he sits out and JD jumps off the ropes and hits the equivalent of a stunner with the opponent's chin hitting his shoulder as all three men hit the canvas.)
- Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker
- Superkick
- Gorilla Press Bodyslam
- Wheelbarrow Suplex
- Torture Rack
- Powerslam
- Michinoku Driver
- Fujiwara Armbar
- Thunder Fire Powerbomb
Ring Style: Technical/Martial Artist
Looks: Tony Rayn has long black hair and brown eyes with no facial hair. He's a big solid guy who is pretty agile for his size. He wears black pant tights with the word "Rayn" on them in purple lettering as well as the purple elbow pads, knee pads and white wrestling boots that J.D. Lightning also wears to the ring.
History: Tony Rayn graduated from high school and was a football player in college when he saw ads for The Monster Factory wrestling school. He enrolled a little before the man who would become his tag team partner and the two men met and found that they had great chemistry together. Rayn graduated in 2000 and has been travelling the east coast indy circuit in search of experience and fame for the tag team known as The Dominators.
Manager?: No
Manager's Description: N/A