*** In the backstage area... specifically, the UOWN locker room... tempers are running RAMPANT. ***


*** The Saxist throws a trashcan across the room, while O'Banion has a steak pressed to his eye... Cornell and XXX sit on a bench, Xavier obviously nervous, looking at his title belt and fidgeting. ***

O'Banion: Steve... relax...

Saxist: RELAX??? RELAX??? Brian... YOU FUCKED THAT UP!!! We all knew he was an idiot... a no-good, stinking idiot!!! And to top that... we couldn't trust him!!! Look what happened!!! And now... Xian is going in there against SoulKen alone??? He's going to get KILLED out there!!! The UOWN... we could be FINISHED.

O'Banion (throwing the steak down and getting in Saxist's face): DAMMIT STEVE BE QUIET. Now... you listen to me... it took me WAY to much work to let the UOWN just ROT AND DIE... and I'll be DAMNED if we are going to lose two titles in one night. So you all just calm down... and listen to me... I have a plan... *** Back at Ringside... ***

Ben Richmond: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next contest is a three way dance for the GTW Hardcore Championship! Introducing the first challenger, weighing in at 188 lbs and hailing from Denver, Colorado, Here is ERIC "IRONFISTS" BIALAS!!!!!

*** "The Whole World" by Outkast starts up and the crowd pops as Eric "Ironfists" Bialas steps out onto the rampway wearing his blue bandanna, black tanktop and Adidas pants. The former hardcore champion then makes his way out to the ring, looking very serious tonight. ***

Richmond: His opponent, weighing in at 245 pounds and hailing from New York City, He is NIGHTCRAWLER!!!!!

*** "43" by Mushroomhead roars to life over the PA system and you here a mixed spattering of boos and cheers as Nightcrawler comes out with his greasy black hair and piercings clad in a tight red shirt and black jeans. He makes his way down to the ring never taking his eyes off of Bialas. ***

Richmond: And their opponent, being accompanied to the ring tonight by Keragan, He is the current GTW Hardcore Champion and a member of Evil Inc., weighing in at 205 lbs and hailing from Amityville, Here is MADDIE THE HOMICIDAL CLOWN!!!!!

*** "No Beat" off of the Trigun soundtrack starts up and the crowd boos as Maddie walks out with his green hair and clown suit being accompanied by the devious Keragan holding the hardcore title in the air as he heads towards the ring. ***

Crocker: This one is gonna get brutal, Papa!

Papa: We're just about ready to get underway here at GTW Raided with this hardcore title mat..

*** Brian Papa cuts off as the introduction to "WOO-HAH (Got You All In Check)" by Busta Rhymes comes on. All three men in the ring look towards the rampway and the crowd is quiet as the German lightning rod Brion Mace steps out and walks down to ringside and sits down next to Tristan at the commentary table. ***

Papa: This wasn't on the schedule for tonight, Tristan, Don't you ever know what's going on in your company? Apparently we're being joined by Brion Mace on commentary.

Brion Mace: Yes, Brian Papa, I am gracing your presences tonight for this hardcore match.

Crocker: Let me be the first to say welcome back, Brion.

Brion: I am here to see what you Americans define to be Hardcore.

Papa: The bell has rang and all three men have put their focuses back on each other and here we go!


Papa: Bialas locks up with Nightcrawler and gets shoved backwards as Maddie watches and laughs.

Brion: It's so sad that a clown would be what represents hardcore here in GTW.

Crocker: A clown without a contract nevertheless!

Papa: Nightcrawler gets in Maddie's face and is talking trash to the clown. WHACK! Maddie with a slap to the face of Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler takes a swing at Maddie who ducks and Nightcrawler spins around RIGHT INTO A DROPKICK by Eric Bialas.

Crocker: Quick Cover!!


Brion: That was pathetic, I could fell a tree with one of my dropkicks.

Papa: Maddie has gone outside of the ring and is looking under the ring for weapons as Nightcrawler gets up and walks into a right hand by Ironfists. Bialas is teeing off on Nightcrawler and Maddie finds a trashcan.

Crocker: Let's see Celebrity Boxing top this!

Papa: BAM! BAM! BAM! Nightcrawler is being dazed as Maddie launches the trash can in the ring..BAM!! into the back of Eric Bialas's head. Bialas is down in the ring as Maddie finds a frying pan and slides back into the ring.

Brion: One shot from a trash can and he's down. This is pathetic.

Papa: Pathetic or not, Maddie whacks Nightcrawler in the head with a frying pan shot! Nightcrawler is still up though as Maddie comes off the ropes and WALKS RIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER!!!

Crocker: Beat the Clown! That's It!!

Papa: I think Keragan just shot you a dirty look, Crock. Bialas is up and has that trash can! WHAM!! A shot to Nightcrawler's head! WHAM!! Another one that has Nightcrawler down to his knees.

Crocker: Evil Inc is helping with this PPV, Papa. Brion could have taken those shots, couldn't you?

Brion: With ease, Germans are built much better then this pierced girlyman.

Papa: Bialas is climbing to the top rope! MISSILE DROPKICK TO THE TRASHCAN!! Nightcrawler gets rolled right outside the ring as Maddie grabs the frying pan and hits Bialas in the face with it. Maddie picks up Bialas and tosses him over the top rope right near Nightcrawler. Tristan: This doesn't look good for someone, Papa.

Papa: Maddie's climbing up to the top rope with his back away from the two men. Nightcrawler is staggering to his feet and so is Bialas. Maddie's gonna fly. CORKSCREW MOONSAULT ONTO BOTH MEN!!!!

Brion: This clown still hasn't impressed me and neither has this so called "Ironfists." Tristan: Bialas is someone I just can never get rid of here.

Papa: Keragan's looking pleased and now, he's going under the ring for something. Maddie's manager is setting up a table on the outside of the ring. Maddie gets up and takes Nightcrawler with him. He throws Nightcrawler into the steel ring post! Tristan: Nightcrawler bouncing off the post like a Lakers shot!

Papa: Maddie throws Nightcrawler onto the table. Eric Bialas has gotten up and gotten back in the ring as Maddie climbs onto the apron. Bialas intercepts him and throws a left. BAM! Another left..BAM!! BAM!! A right. Maddie's staggering and holding onto the ropes. Bialas climbs the turnbuckle...HURANCANRANA ON MADDIE!! The clown flies off the apron and CRASH!! through Nightcrawler and the table!!

Brion: This Nightcrawler looks like a big slow ox who can't move. I would have been off that table in no time.

Papa: Jesse Owens, you're not, Brion Mace.

Crocker: What's that supposed to mean, Papa?

Papa: If you have to ask, Crock. Eric Bialas is looking around for a weapon, once again, under the ring


Papa: Bialas has found THE MALLET FROM HELL!! The barbed wire covered sledgehammer! He's going for Maddie's head! NO!!! Maddie moved or we would have had a Gallagher episode here!!

Brion: Are you kidding? My grandmother could have swung harder then that!

Papa: Bialas drops the mallet from the reverb and his hands are stinging as Maddie grabs him and wrenches the arm and a hook kick!! Bialas is down on the outside as Maddie stands over him. Nightcrawler's slowly making his way to his feet after going through that table.

Crocker: This is looking like my house after some of those parties

Papa: This is no time for partying, Crock!

Crocker: Spoilsport!

Papa: Maddie sits down on Bialas's chest and starts punching him. Keragan comes over and hands Maddie a pie! WHACK!! Bialas gets a pie in the face as Nightcrawler grabs Maddie by his green hair. Nightcrawler's got Maddie up for a suplex...and DRAPES HIM OVER THE RAIL!!! He takes a few steps back away...and AXE KICK ON Maddie!!!

Crocker: He goes for the cover..


Brion: I've seen more hardcore things in a German sandbox then in this match today.

Papa: Bialas is up and is letting his temper get to him. He grabs the Mallet from hell with two hands and WHAMMM!!! He nails Nightcrawler straight in the forehead with it. Nightcrawler crumples in a heap as Bialas digs the barbed wire into Maddie's back. Keragan is taunting Bialas.

Crocker: Smart strategy! That's how Maddie wins everything these days.

Papa: Bialas is chasing the head of Evil Inc around the ring giving Maddie time to recover. Maddie picks up a piece of the broken table and is laying in wait. Bialas around again with the Mallet. Maddie flies up..BAM!! Bialas gets a piece of table to the head!! He drops the mallet and Maddie starts digging that table into Bialas's forehead.

Crocker: Blood, I see blood..get it away!

Brion: You call that blood? That's a trickle. I've seen more blood then that when a child falls off a bicycle.

Papa: Nightcrawler's staggering up to his feet and he's been busted open by that shot from the Mallet From Hell. Keragan telling Maddie to turn around and BAM!! Chair shot to the skull!! Maddie goes down and hard. Nightcrawler picks up Bialas and gets him in a Suplex position! You've got to be kidding me..outside on the floor?

Crocker: BRAINBUSTER to Eric Bialas!!!

Papa: Nightcrawler with a cover.


Papa: Maddie makes the save for his Hardcore title! The champ still looking a little worse for wear here. All three men are down and the crowd is enjoying this one, folks.

Brion: If a German had done that move, this match would be over without a doubt! This pansy Nightcrawler just can't get it done.

Papa: Keragan goes under the ring and pulls out one of those balloon animals from SLAM! He's helping Maddie up. Maddie picks Bialas up and is signaling for a DDT onto the Balloon animal.

Crocker: Wait a second! Yeah, hit the clown!

Papa: Bialas blocks the DDT!! He wraps his arms around Maddie and spins around...NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!! THE BALLOON POPS and Maddie's back is punctured by thumbtacks!! COVER!!


Crocker: Dammit No! Nightcrawler had to save him!

Papa: Nightcrawler throws Bialas in the ring and he throws Maddie in the ring as well! Nightcrawler grabs the chair and tosses that into the ring. He grabs the trash can from earlier and into the ring it goes! Bialas is getting up and putting Maddie on the rope as Nightcrawler tosses a stop sign in there for good measure.

Brion: I think these men are doing a pathetic job of showing what hardcore could be.

Papa: Bialas is signalling for a superplex. Nightcrawler slides in the ring and gets under Bialas. Bialas is on Nightcrawler's shoulders..and he lifts Maddie up. Nightcrawler falls backwards...Bialas has him over...SUPER SUPERPLEX!!!! Maddie lands on the Stop sign!!

Crocker: This is more vicious then that Bachelor competition!!

Papa: Once again, all three men are down and Nightcrawler's the first to get to his feet! Nightcrawler is picking up Bialas and is going for LIGHTS OUT! Bialas COUNTERS with a hurancanrana that sends Nightcrawler to the outside!! Bialas is hyped and runs to the other ropes. He's cartwheeling..there's a flip and another to the outside!


Brion: Karl Gotch would have caught him and broken his spine!

Papa: Nightcrawler is down on the outside as Bialas hops back in the ring and grabs the Hardcore champion. He slams Maddie onto the stop sign again and is climbing to the top rope! The crowd is going crazy here as Bialas calls for the end.

Crocker: This is devestating! Bialas might be able to unify those belts if he hits everyone with this

Papa: IRONMAN SPLASH onto MADDIE!!! There's a cover...


Papa: Nightcrawler pulls Bialas off of Maddie The Homicidal Clown! Bialas is unhappy and hits Nightcrawler with a forearm. BAM! There's another. BAM! BAM! BAM! Nightcrawler is staggering and Bialas is attempting a Fisherman's suplex. Nightcrawler blocks it and counters with a Swinging neckbreaker!

Crocker: What would you have done there Brion?

Brion: I would have grabbed that Bialas goof and hit him with an Iron Pike proving to the world a sense of German superiority!

Papa: Maddie's up on his feet finally with holes in his suit from the thumbtacks. He's got the steel chair and he goes for a swing at Nightcrawler!! Nightcrawler moves out of the way and kicks Maddie in the ribs.

Crocker: Why can't he just stay down? No one wants to see him here!

Papa: Nightcrawler's got him in a powerbomb setup, he lifts Maddie up, full extension and there's the switch into a diamond cutter on the chair!!! LIGHTS OUT ON MADDIE!!!!

Crocker: Wait a second, Bialas is up and sneaking behind Nightcrawler.

Papa: SMALL PACKAGE by Eric Bialas!!!


Crocker: The ref's counting for Nightcrawler

1...................2.............ANOTHER REVERSAL!!

Papa: Eric Bialas is in control again.

1.............2.........KICKOUT by Nightcrawler!!

Brion: Pathetic...no one can get it done tonight like I could.

Papa: Keragan's in the ring and grabs the steel chair as both men get up. Maddie's still down. Keragan's got the Steel chair!!! He swings for Nightcrawler! Nightcrawler DUCKS!!! Eric Bialas gets a SHOT TO THE SKULL.

Crocker: Nightcrawler tosses Keragan out of there and covers Bialas!!



Papa: We've got a new Hardcore champion!!!!

Richmond: The winner of this match and your NEW GTW HARDCORE CHAMPION, NIGHTCRAWLERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

*** The crowd pops at the end of the match as Maddie rolls out of the ring and Bialas is still down. ***

Crocker: What's Brion doing??

Papa: Brion Mace has gotten out of his chair and slides into the ring. Mace took the title and BLINDSIDES the new champion with it. Nightcrawler's already a bloody mess and he just got nailed with the title belt!! Mace is picking up Nightcrawler onto his shoulders and is moving towards the stop sign!


Papa: Brion Mace has attacked the new champion in a cowardly way after a hard fought win. Mace is walking up the ramp as the crowd boos tremendously!!

Crocker: You just can't argue with that German superiority, Papa.