*** Yelling and screaming for the next match!! ***


Ben Richmond: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for ONE FALL, and is for the Grand Tour Wrestling Showcase Championship! Introducing first!

*** The crowd is on their feet in cheers as a slot machine appears on the GTWtron! The first slot spins "COME," then the second, "GET" and then the third and final one, "SOME!" The crowd burst into shouts of YAHOO's as the sound of Vane Halins "Human Beings" blasts through the speakers! ***

Papa: Oh boy, oh boy!

Richmond: Being accompanied to the ring by Candy Sweet... weighting in at 268 pounds, and hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada... he is the challenger... give it up for "The Luckiest Man Alive"...... JACK RYDER!!!

*** EXPLOSIVE EAR DEAFENING CHEERS as Jack Ryder, followed by Candy Sweet, make their way down the ramp and into the ring. ***

Crocker: OH MAN! THAT is a NICE piece of candy! HEY! I WANNA TASTE!

Papa: TRISTAN! Keep quite! If Ryder hears you he'll kick your ass for sure!

Crocker: I don't care.

Richmond: Making his way to the ring now...

*** Just then "The Zoo" by the Scorpions bursts into the house speakers, followed by the house screaming for someone else! ***

Papa: Listen to these people Tristan! They hate this man!

Richmond: .....weighting in at 295 pounds, and hailing from Chicago, Illionios... he is the GTW Showcase Champion, and the epitome of Excellence... WILL LAVIN!

*** BOO'S ring out in force as this man that loves to be hated flaunts down the ramp, belt over his shoulder, cursing at the fans as he comes to the ring! ***


Crocker: Is he crazy? Lavin is gonna kill him!

Papa: Maybe, but keep in mind that Ryder is a good foot taller then the champion.

Crocker: So? Your point is?

Papa: Oh nevermind! Lavin and Ryder, exchanging rights and lefts, Lavin letting that belt fall to the floor! The ref is trying to get this one under control, but to no avail!

Crocker: You can't stop Lavin when he wants to do something! If Lavin doesn't want in the ring, he won't go there! Just like if he doesn't feel like lossing the title tonight, he WON'T!

Papa: Prehaps, and in the chance that he does indeed KEEP his title, he'll have Ice to contend with at Slam!

Crocker: Ice is nothing! He's just a WHINER, a CRYBABY, a POUTER, a...

Papa: OK! We get the point! Ice hasn't been very Ice-like in the past few weeks, but that's expected with all the crap that CE has put him through!

Crocker: He just can't take the heat anymore!

Papa: OH! Lavin with a knee to Ryders gut, knocking the air clean out of him! And now... BANG! An irish whip into the steel steps puts Ryder on the ground!

Crocker: Ryder isn't looking very lucky right now, is he?

Papa: And Lavin throws Ryder into the ring! FINALLY this match is underway!


Papa: And Ryder is up, BAM! He just kicked Lavin in the head as he was crawling under the ropes!

Crocker: Cheater!

Papa: Hardly, Crock. Ryder now, has Lavin up, sends him for the ride, OH! What a clothesline from Ryder!


Papa: It's too early! The ref doesn't even get to two! Lavin is back up, as he and Ryder are going toe to toe right now with right hands! Candy Sweet is rooting her man on, HOPING that it'll bring him the Showcase title!

*** Cheers ***

Crocker: I'm not going for the title Brian!

Papa: Not you! Ryder!

*** Tristan smirks ***

Papa: OH! Lavin with a kick to the gut of Ryder! Now Lavin has Ryder set up for what appears to be a suplex... and BAM! Down goes Ryder! Lavin now, beating the hell out of Ryders head with closed fists! Now THAT is cheating!

Crocker: Is not!

Papa: And Ryder just rolled Lavin off of him, both men now in a standing position... charging each other... OH! Ryder ducks the clothesline attemp, off the ropes he goes, coming back, BAM! Shoulder block to Lavin! Ryder now, running off the ropes again, jumps over the downed Lavin.... Lavin is up, Ryder coming back..... BAM! It's the Lavin Spinbuster! Ryder is down!


Papa: NO! Ryder kicks out!

*** POP ***

Crocker: Is that even possible?

Papa: You saw it didn't you? Lavin has Ryder up, and throws him into the corner! The champ charging in, NO! Ryder moves and Lavin crashes into the turnbuckle! Ryder now, grabbing Lavin by the back of the head.... BAM! He just slammed Lavins head off that top turnbuckle! And AGAIN! Another! And.. NO! Lavin with an elbow to the gut of Ryder, causing the Lucky One to let go the hold on Lavins hair! Lavin spinning around, BAM! And Lavin just leveled Ryder with a punch straight to the jaw!

Crocker: It's the Power Of The Punch!

*** BOOS ***

Papa: Hardly. Ryder is back up, and boy he looks pissed!

Crocker: He can't be up! That punch could've leveled a Mac Truck!

Papa: HA! Lavin charges Ryder, but Ryder side steps! Lavin turning back around, he goes for another charge..... NO! Ryder uses Lavins momentum to send the champ crashing to the arena floor!

Crocker: Stupid! How can someone fall for that?

Papa: Like Lavin did. Ryder, getting out of the ring, going up to Lavin, BAM! Big right hand! Lavin staggering back, Ryder running in, BAM! Ryder shoves Lavin back overtop the ring steps, and Lavin falls on his back again! Ryder now, going after him, gets Lavin up, there's the whip, and Lavin crashes into the barrier next to our table!

Crocker: Must EVERY match involve our table? It's ridiculous!

Papa: Tell me about it. Ryder has Lavin up, they're in front of our table.... OH! Lavin blocks the head smash attemp, and delivers one of his own! And again! Another! And another! Ryder now, looking a little dazed, is thrown back into the ring. Lavin, he's getting a chair!

Crocker: It's about time! This match is BORING!

Papa: Lavin is in the ring with that chair, but the ref is blocking his way! Lavin, he's looking mad, as he raises that chair high above his head... but look! On the apron it's Candy, and she's yanked that chair from Lavin!

*** Screams of excitement!! ***

Crocker: Damn bimbo.

Papa: Tristan! I thought you liked her!

Crocker: Not if she's gonna screw with this match.

Papa: Whatever. Anyway, Lavin is yelling at her, unaware that Ryder is back up! Lavin turning back around....... ONLY TO BE MET WITH THE LUCKY STRIKE! LAVIN IS DOWN! LAVIN IS DOWN! The cover!


Papa: NO! Lavin got his foot on the bottom rope, causing the ref to stop the count! Ryder is fuming!

Crocker: Because he knows he can't beat Lavin. After all, he IS TRUE EXCELLENCE.

Papa: Yeah right. Ryder picks Lavin up, sends him to the corner.... BAM! Ryder with a chop! Another one! And another! Now Ryder is setting Lavin on the top turnbuckle, apparently wanting to get in a superplex..... but TE just smacked Ryder in the face, causing Jack to lose his balance and fall off the ropes! Lavin now, OH! Crossbody on Ryder! Into the cover!


Crocker: Dangit!

Papa: Ryder kicks out of that one, as Lavin hits the mat in frustration! Lavin now, has Ryder up, sends him for the ride.... back again, BAM! Lavin with a powerslam, into yet another cover!

Crocker: This one's it!


Papa: And Ryder gets the shoulder up once again! Lavin is livid! Ryder is up on is feet, Lavin running off the ropes, coming back, OH! And Ryder delivers a drop toe hold on the champion! Lavin is back up in a hurry though, but Ryder is on him quick! Ryder, lying in those right hands, but Lavin blocks after two! Lavin throwing some punches of his own.. but Ryder ducks... Lavin turns.... LUCKY STRI... NO! Lavin moves...... AND COUNTERS IT WITH THE EXCELLERATOR!! LAVIN JUST HIT THE EXCELLERATOR ON RYDER!! IT'S GONNA BE CLOSE!



*** HUGE Crowd Pop!! ***


Papa: AND LAVIN HAS DONE IT! Lavin has successfully defended his Showcase Championship, and CLEANLY I might add! Ice will have a hard task at Slam, guaranteed!

Crocker: Ice will be MELTED at Slam! Ryder was nothing, and ICE is NOTHING! Lavin rocks!

Papa: We'll see at Slam whether or not this was a fluke or not, but until then, folks, we have PLENTY more GTW action coming your way, LIVE on Pay-Per-View!! Don't go away!