Wrestler's Name: Jason "Crowbar" Lockheart
Allignment: Neutral
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 165
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Entrance Music: "Ready to Die" by Andrew W.K.
Finisher: Broken Safe
Description of Finisher: Tornado DDT off the ropes, with an added harsh punch
at the end.
- Axe Kick
- Swinging Neckbraker
- Hurricarana
- Snap DDT
- Crowbar Choke-Hold (Camel Clutch with a Crowbar... Hardcore matches ONLY!!!)
Ring Style: Agile, Technical
Looks: A bit scruffy looking at the least. Long brown hair, blue eyes, typically seen wearing a sleaveless t-shirt that says "Die." and some slit indigo jeans. In other words, not one for fancy costumes.
History: Before the GTW, Jason Lockheart made his appearance in the WWO, which later formed to become to UOWN. From there, he managed to snag almost all of the titles at one time or another, with the Tag Team Belts (w/ Lavin) and Universal Belts being his major accomplishments. Quick-tempered, but precise in his movements... That is what makes so little of a guy to overcome some of the obstacles in his way.
Manager?: No
Manager's Description: N/A