Wrestler's Name: J.D. Lightning
Allignment: Face
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 215 lbs
Hometown: Providence, RI
Entrance Music: "You Spin Me" by Dope
Finisher: Lightning Strike
Description of Finisher: The opponent is dazed in the middle of the ring facing J.D when J.D slides back and runs off the ropes to the ropes behind his opponent and springboards off the second rope into a moonsault during which he'll catch his opponent's head on the way back and drop into a DDT.
- Exodus w/ Tony Rayn (Tony holds the opponent up in a face first Razor's Edge like position on his shoulders and lifts them up high as he sits out and JD jumps off the ropes and hits the equivalent of a stunner with the opponent's chin hitting his shoulder as all three men hit the canvas.)
- Missle Dropkick
- Springboard Moonsault
- La Majistral Cradle
- Japanese Armdrag
- Tornado DDT
- Topei Suicida (Suicide Dive)
- Dragon Screw Leg Whip
- Reverse Figure 4 Leglock
- Muta Lock
Ring Style: Cruiserweight/Martial Artist
Looks: J.D is an average build cruiserweight with blonde hair and blue eyes. His ring outfit consists of white lace up wrestling boots, black half pants with a purple lightning bolt as well as purple elbow and knee pads.
History: J.D moved away from Kentucky after graduating high school and came to the East Coast where he enrolled in The Monster Factory. He met the man who would become Tony Rayn there. The two men had a lot of chemistry and graduated from the school together in 2000. Since then, J.D has been travelling the east coast independents and building the name of The Dominators tag team with some limited experience in singles matches.
Manager?: No
Manager's Description: N/A