Papa: Well folks, we have recieved word from the backstage area that Will Lavin and Satanico had to be FORCIBLY removed from one another...and both men are being detained...but my god! We have seen some incredible things tonight already!!!

Crocker: That we have...Erebus returned and attacked Maddie the clown, Shadow returned and nearly won a Battle Royale, Satanico returned and attacked Lavin for Shadow, Mad Dog destroyed the tag champs, then gave away his title, and Eric Bialas is having travel trouble!!! This is one crazy night!!!

Papa: That and the PPV was a week late...

Crocker: SHUSH!!! Donít mention it, and theyíll never know...

Papa: Right...But speaking of Bialasís travel problems...his match is he even here yet???

Crocker: I donít think so...I mean, not that I have heard...

Papa: Well what is going to happen???

Crocker: Richmond is in the ring...I guess weíll find out now!!!!

Ben Richmond: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is schedualed for one fall! Introducing first, from Dresden, Germany, he is the GTW Commissioner...Herr Doctor Commissioner Professor Konrad von Spassverderber!!!!

Papa: That is such a mouthful.

*** The Imperial March starts, with the Commish, decked out in his ring gear, comes to the ring, pausing to wave to the GTW fans at ringside... ***

Richmond: And, his opponent, Eric Bialas!!!!

***The fans cheer as Bialasís music plays...but Bialas doesnít appear to be here!!! ***

Richmond: His Opponent, Eric Bialas!!!!

*** Once again, music Bialas. ***

Papa: Oh come on...

Richmond: Once again, Eric...

Herr Commish: Zere is no need to continue, Mr. Richmond. It is obvious zat Mr. Bialas fears me so much zat he has chickened out, so, ve vill simply count him out.

Papa: WHAT????

Crocker: Hey, it makes sense! If Bialas canít be here on time, he must be counted out, the match ruled in the favor of Herr Commish!

Papa: Oh for crying out loud!!! If it wasnít for Herr Commish, Bialas would be here in the first place!!! This is sick...The referee being forced to make a count...oh for...







Papa: Oh this is...



*** Bialasís music hits one more time... ***

Papa: WAIT!!! Here he comes!!!!

*** Eric "Ironfists" Bialas rushes down to the ring, and slides in, ready to kick some ass!!! Herr Commish can hardly believe it!!! ***

Papa: YES!!!! Bialas is here, and weíve got a match!!!

Crocker: But...but...Bialas is dressed in his street clothes!!!

Papa: I donít think he cares!!! I think he wants a piece of Herr Commish something fierce!!! And here comes the Commish!!! And Bialas ducks!!! BAM BAM BAM!!! And the Nazi-wannabe is having his world rocked by the Ironfists of Eric Bialas!!!

Crocker: Those things should be checked as illegal weapons, Papa! Thatís probably why he was late, they had to check them on the plane!!!

Papa: Well, Iíll bet Herr Commish probably feels that was the case heís sent for a ride...No, reversal!!! Bialas sent to the ropes...Herr Commish ducks down for the Back Body Drop...NO!!! He telegraphed it...and Bialas just smashed the face of the Commish right into his knee on the way back!!! Shades of Triple H!!!!

Crocker: GAA!!! Thatís not right!!!

Papa: And now, Herr Commish sliding out of the ring...The referee holding back Bialas...and what the heck??? Herr Commish is heading backstage!!!

Crocker: Well, obviously, heís had enough, this match is a mockery! I mean, Bialas isnít even dressed for the fight!!!

Papa: And Herr Commish being counted out as he walks away from the ring...but he doesnít seem to care!!! And...WAIT!!! Here comes Bialas!!! BAM!!! Nailing Herr Commish in the back!!!

Crocker: Damn...doesnít anyone attack from the front these days???

Papa: Herr Commish...Whipped into the steel guardrail!!! And BAM!!! Face full of steel as the two head back towards the ring!!! Bialas rolling Herr Commish back into the ring...Bialas now getting up on the apron...OH!!! Herr Commish up enough to throw a shoulder in desperation into the gut of Bialas...and another!!! Now Herr Commish with a straight right to the face...And OH! What power by the Commish as he lifts Bialas up into a Suplex!!!

Crocker: Hmm, see? This was all part of Herr Commishís strategy, what to get Bialas to chase after him and waste all of his energy so that when they got back to the ring, the Commish would be right where he wanted to be...

Papa: I think itís more of a case of getting lucky...but OH MY!!! What a release on that vertical suplex!!! Might of been a Brainbuster!!! But anyway you want to look at it, Herr Commish with a cover!!!


Papa: So Close!!!

Crocker: And good move by the Commish to hold him up, let all of the blood rush to the head, and then BAM!!! Land him right on his head, really confusing Bialas and knocking him for a loop...instinct alone allowed Bialas to get the shoulders up!

Papa: Hmm, astute comment Crock...As now Herr Commish has Bialas back up and in the corner...and OH! Herr Commish just planting his shoulder into the gut of Bialas...BAM! BAM!! BAM!!! Bialas really being knocked for a loop with those blows!!! Bialas now slowly stumbling forward...and OH!!! Planted face first into the mat with a Reverse Russian Leg Sweep!!! And Bialas maybe out as Herr Commish goes for a cover!!!


Papa: SO CLOSE!!!

Crocker: Yes...Herr Commish canít believe it!!! He thinks that maybe the ref is giving him a slow count!!!

Papa: Why would he do that??? Herr Commish would fine his ass for sure if he was...

Crocker: Yes, and I think he just might anyway!!!

Papa: Not surprising...Bialas managing to get back to his feet somewhile Konrad argues with the ref... and BAM!!! Oh Herr Commish walking right into a Eric Bialas Iron Fist!!! BAM!!! And another!!! And OH!!! Herr Commish out of desperation with an eye rake...grabs the head of Bialas...JAWBREAKER!!! Bialas goes down...and OH!!! Herr Commish locks on the Figure Four!!!!

Crocker: Hmmm...We could see the end of the match right here!!!

Papa: Yes we could...Bialasís shoulder are on the mat!!!


Papa: Bialas, in loads of pain...not only in his legs, but jaw and eyes as well, managing to get the shoulder up...but damned if he wasnít making a comeback until that eye rake!! Bialas however in trouble here...he needs to get to the ropes!!!

Crocker: Yeah, but heís nowhere near them!!! Herr Commish is actually nearer the ropes than he is!!!

Papa: So he is...and OH COME ON!!! Now the Commish is using the ropes for leverage when the ref isnít looking!!! This is ridiculous!!! Open your eyes ref!!!

Crocker: Hey, itís all legal if the ref donít see it!!!

Papa: Thatís not Herr Commish once again using the ropes to add leverage to the move...and Bialas could tap at any second!!!

Crocker: That he could!!! I told you Herr Commish had this won one with this move!!!

Papa: The Commish going to the ropes again...and this time the ref catches him!!! The Commish denying that he was doing it...but the ref forcing him to break the hold!!! The Commish is not he stomps away at Bialas while arguing!!!

Crocker: Well, itís always good to argue for every inch...but also good to remain focused!!!

Papa: I hardly doubt this is the kind of focus the Commish should be preaching...but now it would appear that Herr Commish is going up top!!!

Crocker: Looks like he might be going for that Blitzkreig Moonsault to set up for the Rhineland Smash!!!!

Papa: It would appear so...Herr Commish slow going though...arguing with the ref the whole way...and OH!!! Herr Commish makes it to the top...only to have lost his footing when Bialas shook the rope on his own way up!!!!

Crocker: What??? Why is Bialas going up???

Papa: Heís got the Commish...and OH!!! He hits the Ironmanís DDT!!! Herr Commish is out...but Bialas isnít done yet!!! Heís going to the top...

Crocker: Can his injured knees from the Figure Four even pull this off???

Papa: OH MY!!! IRONMANíS SPLASH!!! And that should answer your question he goes for the cover!!!



Ben Richmond: Your winner of the match...Eric "Ironfists" Bialas!!!!

Papa: And the fans are loving it!!! Bialas has won the match...but wait!!! Herr Commish appears to be bleeding from the lip...heís going to Richmond and the ref...heís saying something...

Crocker: He might need an EMT or some emergency medical services...get some help out here!!!

Papa: NO, I donít think thatís it...I...

Ben Richmond: Ladies and Gentlemen, due to the fact that Eric Bialas was wearing a non-apporved outfit during his match, and that the outfit caused injury to the commisioner during the course of the match, this match has been thrown out by the GTW officals!!!

Papa: What???

*** Crowd booís loud as Bialas stops on his way back to the locker room, in shock. ***

Crocker: I told you that he wasnít wearing ring wear!!! I told you!!!

Papa: Oh...this is ludicrous!!!

Crocker: Huh? The rapper?

Papa: NO! This decision!!! I bet if Herr Commish had won it, that the decision wouldnít of been thrown out!

Crocker: Now Papa, just because youíre biased...

Papa: Bialas was robbed folks...and weíve been surpsied yet again!!! What could be next????