*** Backstage, in the locker room of Lavin and Nightcrawler... ***

Lavin: HA HA!!! Did you see that! I beat them women, and good!

Nightcrawler: You know, I have this feeling that you are going to get in some serious trouble doing that...

Lavin: Look, never you be minding that...you need to get your head into this next match...I dumped one partner cause he failed me...and Iíll do the same to you if you mess up!

Nightcrawler: Sure, whatever you say...

Lavin: Look, this is the GTW bud, not the UOWN, not the XTremists or whatever crap those guys always tried to force on me, forcing me to be Bad Boy Bill, or The Fallen...No, here I am TRUE EXCELLENCE, Nightcrawler...and Iíll be damned if some jobbers from the GTW are going to show us up! So get it together man...WE ARE IMPACT PLAYERS...SO LETS GO MAKE AN IMPACT!!!

*** Lavin storms out as Nightcarwler still looks sort of unimpressed... ***

*** Cutting away now to a scene in an airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico...as Eric Bialas comes on screen with a text box that reads, earlier today... ***

Bialas: Why in the Blue Hell did I end up here??? I mean, I told the top brass that if the PPV is in Boston, we donít need to be adverstising in in NEW MEXICO...But no....I get sent here anyway...idiots. I wouldnít be surprised if Herr Whatshisface has a hand in this...(Sees that line is to him) AH! Yes, I have a reservation on the flight to Boston...I am here to pick up my tickets.

Flight attendant: Name sir?

Bialas: Should be under GTW, miss.

FA: One second...(she types in some stuff) Hmm...No, no sir, there is no record of that in my computer.

Bialas: WHAT??? Let me see that...(Looks over counter at computer) Well, this MUST be a mistake! I assure you, I was told that...

FA: I am sorry sir, but there is nothing I can do. That flight is booked solid, and your reservation doesnít exist.

Bialas: Why that...ahh...Look, do you have another flight to Boston today?

FA: No...We donít have another one until tomorrow morning.

Bialas: DAMN! OK...What have you got that goes anywhere near there?

FA: Hmm...Well, there is one going to Buffalo, NY that leaves in 10 minutes...I could book you for that...

Bialas: YES! YES! Book that...and how much is that going to cost?

FA: For the two of you...thatíll be about...$1100.

Bialas: WHAT??? Thatís highway robbery!!!

FA: You want it or not?

Bialas: I donít have that kind of money...my check from the GTW hasnít come in yet...damn...(looks at Cameraguy) Hey...you have a Visa, right?

Cameraguy: Uh...yeah...


*** Camera fades to static as the cameraguy goes for his wallet... ***

Crocker: HAHAHAHA!!! Bialas stranded in New Mexico with a camera guy...I love it!!!

Papa: Folks, Bialas sent to New Mexico for some autograph signings by Herr Commish earlier this week...and now, Bialas has been having a hard time getting to the arena...we were just sent that footage via an e-mail, saying that Bialas is on his way from Buffalo to Boston now...but I donít know if heíll make it!

Crocker: Brilliant!

Papa: Yes...much like Lavinís cowardly attack of the women a few minutes ago...which led us to watch a sickening display of Maddie, as he decimated Catzy and the Bluemen...poor Red Rodney breaking his arm again on the way to the ring...I guess he wasnít quite at 100%...and then the dramatic re-enterance of Erebus, as he put down Maddie...but not without a hell of a fight!

Crocker: Yeah, Maddie just laughed while Erebus held him in the Black Death Sleeper!!!

Papa: I had never seen that...all this, after seeing Shadow return to the ring...folks, what is next???

Crocker: Well, we got Lavin and Nightcrawler vs. Hazavu and Blacklight...

Papa: I donít see how that could top what we have seen already...but...here we go!!!

Ben Richmond: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is set for one fall, and is for the No.1 contendership to the GTW TAG TEAM TITLES!!!! Introducing first, at a combined wieght of 407lbs, the team of Blacklight and Hazavu!!!

*** Fans are literally dead as the two jobbers make their way to the ring, Blacklight pointing to himself and Hazavu holding up his trademark signs... ***

Richmond: And, their opponents, at a combined wieght of 540lbs, the team of "True Excellence" William Lavin and Nightcrawler...THE NEW IMPACT PLAYERS!!!

*** Fans boo as Lavin and Nightcrawler make their way to the ring... ***


Papa: Well, looks like itís Lavin and Blacklight to start here...both men locking up...and WHOA!!! Lavin just shoving Blacklight to the ground...and Blacklight is back up quickly...but BAM!!! Runs right into the fist of Lavin!

Crocker: Well, Lavin certainly looks to be on top of his game!

Papa: It would seem so...Blacklightís world rocked by that massive shot...as he falls back against the ropes...Lavin sends him in with the Irish Whip...BAM!!! Blacklight hits hard in the corner and OH!!! Lavin SMASHES him with a huge splash!!! Blacklight slowly stumbling out of the corner...and BAM!!! Lavin takes him to the ground with a Belly to Belly!!!

Crocker: Lavin really throwing his weight around...get it?

Papa: That was sad, Crock...really sad.

Crocker: Sorry.

Papa: Lavin now tagging in Nightcrawler...Crawler going to the ropes...climbs up...comes off....OH!!! He gets a boot in the face by the downed Blacklight!!!

Crocker: Too much time wasted!!! Should of come right in and gone for a submission hold to wear the man down!!!

Papa: Hmm, sound strategy, but I think Nightcrawler was going for the win early...Blacklight tags in Hazavu...who goes to for the Springboard...Nightcrawler still in dreams street after getting that boot to the face...Here he goes...SPRINGBOARD HURICANRA...NO!!! Nightcrawler reverses...and BAM!!! PLANTS Hazavu with a Powerbomb!!!

Crocker: Hazavu should of known better...Nightcrawler was playing possum so he could work on the smaller man!!!

Papa: Well, at 5í2", 170 lbs, Hazavu may well be the smallest man in the fed...but donít count him out! He is a former Tag champ and Hardcore champ as well!

Crocker: Yeah...but so is Nightcrawler...and Nightcrawler has also held the Showcase championship!

Papa: True, true...and now...BAM!!! Hazavu powerslammed to the mat by Nightcrawler...Nightcrawler just throwing the smaller man around...there is a cover...1...2....NO! Kickout by Hazavu! Nightcrawler now up...OH! Slaps the taste out of Blacklightís Mouth!!! Blacklight rushing in the ring...

Crocker: Which causes the ref to try to get him out of the ring...giving Lavin and Nightcrawler time to doubleteam...with a NICE Suplex by Lavin...

Papa: and NIghtcrawler comes off the second turnbuckle with a Legdrop!!! BAM!!! Hazavu looks to be out...but here comes Lavin in with the tag!!! Lavin gets up Hazavu...WHOO!!! Massive chop by Lavin!!!

Crocker: Damn...that left a mark on Hazavuís chest!!!

Papa: Sure did...as now, Lavin sends Hazavu to the ropes...he comes back...AND OH MY!!!! SPINEBUSTER!!!!

Crocker: Best damn one the world!!!! Nobody does it better than TRUE EXCELLENCE!!!

Papa: You may just be right! Lavin going for a pin...heís got this one in the bag...


Papa: Blacklight making the save...but here comes Nightcrawler!!! BAM!!! Blacklight and Nightcrawler go out of the ring on a clothesline...leaving Lavin in the ring with Hazavu...the ref is looking to the floor...Lavin now picking up Hazavu...and...oh god, here we go...

Crocker: YES!!! The Excellerator!!!! Weíre finally going to witness the most devistating move in the history of Pro Wrestling!!!

Papa: Yes...as soon as Lavin decides what it is...

Crocker: Well, heís got Hazavu up...

Papa: Yes, and heís trying to make up his mind what to do with him...wait...someone coming from the back...OH MY GOD!!! ITíS...ITíS...

Crocker: DR. SATANICO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Papa: Satanico Perched on the top rope...and BAM!!! He comes off with a HUGE SPEAR!!!! Lavin knocked to the ground...and Satanico is just WAILING away at Lavin!!!

Crocker: I donít get it!!! WHY????

Papa: I DONíT KNOW!!! Satanico now getting up...waiting for Lavin to do the same...and BAM!!! Satanico nails Lavin with a Superkick!!! Satanico goes up top...OH MY GOD!!!! HELL PLUNGE!!!! HELL PLUNGE!!!! Satanico rolls out of the ring...Hazavu slowly climbs on top of Lavin!!!!

Crocker: NO!!!! WHY????

Papa: Ref turns around....counts the cover!!!!



Ben Richmond: Your winners of the match, the team of Blacklight and Hazavu!!!

Crocker: HOW???? WHY????

Papa: Folks...Blacklight and Hazavu getting a HUGE assist from the returning Dr. Satanico....but why did Satanico help out Blacklight and Hazavu??? Why did he attack Lavin with the force he did??? Weíll find out hopefully after this break!!!!